UET 6/2, 395 (Ningišzida)

SEAL no. 1522

  • U. 16889  (CDLI P346438)U. 16889 (CDLI P346438)
  • U. 16889 obv. (British Museum)U. 16889 obv. (British Museum)
  • U. 16889 rev. (British Museum)U. 16889 rev. (British Museum)
  • U. 16889 left edge 1 (British Museum)U. 16889 left edge 1 (British Museum)
  • U. 16889 left edge 2 (British Museum)U. 16889 left edge 2 (British Museum)
  • Gadd/Kramer 1966, 395 obv.Gadd/Kramer 1966, 395 obv.
  • Gadd/Kramer 1966, 395 rev.Gadd/Kramer 1966, 395 rev.
Copy / Photo
Tablet Siglum
U. 16889
14.6 x 8.5 x 3.5
British Museum, London
Genre / Classification

CDLI No. P346438.



1       [a-b]u-bi-iš ba-lu k[i-ib?-ra?-tim? (x x)]

2       ⌈du-um-ma-šu-mabi?-it-ki? a⌉ x [x x (x)]

3       a-na dNin-giš-zi-da šu-ku-und[i?-im?-ta?-am?]

4       du-ma-šu-um-ma bi-it-ki a lu x [x x (x)]

5       ⌈ul-li-iš ḫa-ṭi-im šu-pi-im šar-[r]u-[um ša a-ga-i]

6       ⌈ša-gi-iš la ga-ma-al ú-bi-il-[ka]

7       ⌈dNin-giš-zi-da šar-ru-um ša a-ga-i

8       š[a-g]i-iš la ga-ma-al ú-bi-il-k[a]

9       a-ša-ar lai-pa-du ma-am-ma-an

10      ⌈ra-bu-tum i-lu ša-qú-mi-iš wa-aš-bu-ú

11      dA-nun-na DINGIRlu ma-tim šar-ru šu-ut a-ga-i ib-ba-lu i-né-ep-ri

12      UD-mu-um le-em-nu-um ga-lu-um ši-pi-ir Èr-ra

13      i-na ma-aḫ-ri-šu i-za-az-ma i-sà-qá-ar-šu-um

14      ⌈ta-la-akit-ti-ni a-na ma-ḫa-ar e-ri-iš dEreš-ki-gal

15      [ša?-ap-ra?]-⌈a-nu a-na ka-ši-im iš-tu Ir-ka-al

16      i-x [x (x)] x ga-al-la-šu zi-ik-ir? (sup. ras.?) ta? ka!? uz? x tim?

17      a-na g[a-li-im] i-qá-bi pi-di-a-an-ni ṣíl-lí šu-u[l-li?-im?]

18      ⌈a-bi [x x x l]i i-pe-te um-mi tu-x [x x (x x)]

19      bi-ki [x] x x [x x (x)] ⌈e-eṭ-lu-ti-šu a-x [x x (x x)]

20      e-eṭ-l[u-t]i-šu x [x x x-l]i-ti-šu i-pu-[ul?x x (x x)]

20a    x [...]

21      la i-še-me-ma? (x) [...]

22      la i-ma-ḫa-arù [...]

23      x [x (x)] x x x [...]


(break of 6-8 lines, including:)

Le. Ed.     [(x x x) x] mi iš ka ú? l[i]? x x i?/mi? ⌈te?⌉ x mi nu

Le. Ed.     [(x x x)] x bi/ga-bu Ir-ka-al ta-la-ku i[t-t]i-ni



0'       x [...]

1'       a-wi-i[l?...]

2'       wa-aš-ba-a-tu[m?...]

3'       šu-nu la ga-m[i-lu...]

4'       i-la-ni NIM i[r...]

4'a     [...]

5'       ša?-aš le-e-im [...]

6'       ú-la e-eš-bé-e⌉ x x x x [x x x x x]

7'       ki-ma e-eṭ-lu-t[i]m i-na sú-qí-imú⌉-[x x (x)] ú-la a-mu?⌉-ur-šu-ma ka?-ba-a-t[i? x x (x)]

8'       x x [x x]-ni ša-aš ki-ma ki-pa-tu ⌈la?⌉-x[x x] tu-uš-tu-li-ma l[i] a x na ri [x x]

9'       ta-aš-ku-nu šu-da-a-tim i-na ú-zi-ki i-[x (x)]

10'     tu-uš-te-e-EB-ri [š]a-aš di-ma-ti i-na i-⌈ni-ki⌉ x x

11'     ši-i te-eš-me-e-mé mar?-ḫi-sú ta-ba-ki-šum

12'     dNin-sískur-ra i-ša-pu ki-ma ar-ḫi-im

13'     pa-a-ša i-pu-ša-am i-qá-bi-i

14'     dNin-giri16-du ga-la-i-iš-šu

15'     ta-sà-qar-šum lu-šu-ur kaspam(KÙ.BABBAR)-am mi-li-it la-ni-šu

16'     lu-dinin-ma ke-ed-ri-a-am wu-ti-a na-ap-ša-sú


17'     i-pa-al ru!?-am la--šu li-ba!-ša! ú-na-a-aḫ

18'     sí-iq-ra-am ša né-e-eḫ-tim i-sà-qar-šum

19'     su-qú-ur-ši-im-ma š[u]m-ka i-na pî(KA) qí-bi-ši-im


Le. Ed.     at-ma-ki-im ka-qá-ra-am ša-ma-a-i

Le. Ed.     dEreš-ki-gal šar-ra-at er-ṣe-tim i ni-is-qú-ur-ki-im ([…]?)

19'a   dEreš-ki-gal li-da-at-ka e tu-uq-da-le-el

20'     ši-i la ik-la i-ta-di-in ma-ra-ša

21'     iš-ta-pu ki-ma li-it-tim i-na wa-ar-ki-i-šu

22'     i-la-ak dNin-giš-zi-da it-ti tik-li-š[u]

23'     ki-ma ṣe-er-pi-im i-ṣa-ri-ip di-ma-ti-[?/ša?]



1       Like(?) a flood, without … [..].

2       Lament for him, weep for […]

3       Set up a [lament(?)] for Ningišzida,

4       Lament for him, weep for … […]  

5       Before the shining scepter, the [crowned] king,

6       The merciless destroyer brought [you].

7       Oh Ningišzida! The crowned king,

8–9    The merciless destroyer brought you (to) where no one is spared,

10      (where) the great gods are sitting in silence,

11      The Anuna, the gods of the Land, the crowned kings, are spread with dust.

12–13An evil spirit, a gallû-demon, messenger of Erra, stands before him and speaks to him:

14      “You will go with us before the queen Ereškigal!

15      We are [sent(?)] to you from Irkal (= the netherworld).

16      … his gallû-demon …

17      He says to the g[allû-demon]: “Spare me, en[sure](?) my protection!

18      “My father … will open my […]! My mother will […]!”

19      Weep … […] his young ones … […]

20      His young men … his […] he answer[red…]

20a    … […]

21      He/she does not hear .. […]

22      He/she does not receive […]

23      … […] ..


rest broken (ca. 6 lines), including:

Le. Ed.     […] ……….

Le. Ed.     […] … Irkal, you will go with us.



0'       … […]

1'       The ma[n …]

2'       Seated … […]

3'       They are meci[less …]

4'       They go up(?) […]

5'       He is eating(?) […]

6'       I was not sated … […]

7'       Like young men in the street … […] I did not see him, my mind(?) […]

8'       … for him like the circle of … […]

9'       (which) you have established. In your rage … […]

10'     You(f.) continuously (shed) tears from your(f.) eyes for him…

11'     She heard (it). His spouse is weeping for him.

12'     Ninsiskura bellows like a cow.

13'–15'        She opened her mouth and says, Ningiridu to his gallû-demon speaks:

15'–16'        “I shall provide silver corresponding to his body! I shall give a present! Find his life for me!


17'     She answers the companion; his image pacifies her heart.

18'     She speaks to him a word of pacification:

19'     “Speak to her, pronounce your name to her!

Le. Ed.     “I have thus adjured you(f.) by earth and heaven,

Le. Ed.     “Ereškigal, queen of the netherworld, let us speak to you […]!”

19'a   Ereškigal will not belittle your …!”

20'     She did not hold back, she gave her son.

21'     She bellowed like a cow behind him.

22'     Ningišzida goes with his helper.

23'     She became red like red wool [through (her)] tears.


Word Translation Semantic Line
abūbum flood, deluge Nature/Cosmological phenomena 1
agûm I tiara, crown 5, 7, 11
amārum (v.) G to see; catch sight of; N pass. of G, be found 7'
Anunnakkū, Enunnakkū DN 11
apālum (v.) G to answer; to pay 20, 17'
arḫum II (gu4.ÁB) cow Fauna (domestic),Time concepts 12´
ašārum (v.) to take care of, check upon, organize, muster, review 15’
ašrum (KI) place, site Locations/Buildings 9
awīlum, aʾīlu (LÚ; LÚ.ÙLU) man, free man, human being Social status/Groups/Professions [1´]
bakûm (v.) G to weep, cry 4, 19, 11’
balālum (v.) G to mix up; D coat, smear 11
balum without 1
damāmum (v.) G to wail, moan 2
dimtum II tear Body/Body parts 10´, 23´
Ningirridu DN 14´
Ninsiskurra DN 12´
elûm (v.) G to go up, arise; D make higher, raise, exalt; Š caus. of G; Št be raised (as) high 4', 8'
epēšum (v.) G to do, make, build; Gt to do throroughly; Št be active, work on; N pass. of G 13'
Ereškigal DN 14, LE, 19´a
erešum queen 14
Erra DN, DN ( = Mars?) 12
erṣetum (KI) earth, land, netherworld LE
eṭlum (GURUŠ; ŠUL) manly; young man Human activities/actions,Social status/Groups/Professions 19, 20, 7´
gallûm demon 12, 16, 17, 14´
gāmilum merciful, sparing 3'
ḫaṭṭum (gišGIDRU) stick, sceptre Fabricated objects 5
ilum (DINGIR) god, deity Deities/Divine sphere 10, 11
īnum (IGI) eye Body/Body parts 10´, VS 17,
Irkal netherworld 15
ištum from, out of, since, after 15
itti with 14, 22, LE
izuzzum (v.) (GUB) G to stand; Gtn iter. of G; Š cause to be present, appoint 13
kadrûm, kedrûm present, greeting gift 16´
kalûm V (v.) G to hold (back), detain 20'
kâšim to you 15
kaspum (KÙ.BABBAR) silver, money; price 15´
kippatum circle, ring
lā gamāl merciless, pitiless 6, 8
lānum body, figure; stature, form Body/Body parts 15´, 17´
lemnum (ḪUL) evil, bad; evil person, enemy Human activities/actions 12
lêmum (v.) to take food, eat something, to consume, eat and drink 5'
littum I, liddatum offspring 19'a
lītum, littum II (ÁB; GU4.ÁB) cow Abstract concepts 21'
maḫārum (v.) G to face, confront, oppose, receive; N to be accepted, received 22
maḫrum II front, presence Abstract concepts 13, 14
mamman somebody, who(so)ever Personal prons. 9
marḫītum mate, wife, spouse 11´
mārum (DUMU) boy, son, descendant Kinship terms,Social status/Groups/Professions 20´
mātum (KUR; KALAM) land, country Locations/Buildings,Nature/Cosmological phenomena 11
milītum corpulence 15'
nadānum (v.) (SUM) G to give, bestow 16’, 20’
nâḫum (v.) G to rest; D to calm 17'
napištum (ZI) throat, life 16´
našārum (v.) to pour out 15'
nēḫtum calm, peace Locations/Buildings 18´
Ningišzida DN Deities/Divine sphere 3, 7, 22´
padûm (v.) to spare, set free 9, 17
petûm II (v.) G to open, expose; Š to cause to open Verbal expressions 18
pûm I (KA) mouth, statement, command, opening 13´, 19´
qabûm (v.) (DUG4) G to say, speak, command 17, 13’, 19’
qalālum (v.) G to be(come) light, weak, slight; D to reduce 19'a
qaqqarum (KI) earth, ground Locations/Buildings,Nature/Cosmological phenomena LE
rabûm (GAL) I big Qualities/Attributes 10
šagāšum (v.) to slaughter, to murder 6, 8
šaggišum murderer 6, 8
šakānum (v.) (GAR) to put, place, lay down 3, 9´
šalāmum (v.) G to be(come) healthy, intact; D keep well, intact, pay off in full 17
šamû I (AN) sky, heaven LE
šapûm II (v.) to be dense, thick; to (be)come loud 12’, 21’
šaqummiš silently, in deadly silent 10
ṣarāpum I (v.) to burn, fire; dye red 23'
šarratum queen Social status/Groups/Professions LE
šāš to her 5', 8', 10'
šebûm I (v.) to be satiated, satisfied; to be full 6'
šemûm (v.) G to listen, to hear; Gtn to hear, to listen again and again 21, 11'
ṣerpum red wool 23´
šī she Personal prons. 20'
ṣillum (GISSU) protection; shade, shadow Abstract concepts,Nature/Cosmological phenomena 17
šiprum sending, mission, work, messenger Abstract concepts,Human activities/actions,Verbal expressions 12
šūdadum, šudātum beloved, lover 9’
šunu they 3'
šūpûm made apparent, resplendent, famous, shining, splendid 5
sūqum (SILA) street Locations/Buildings
šutēburum (v.) to act precipitately, be hasty 10'
tamûm II (v.) G to swear; D swear, bind by oath LE
tiklum help, helper 22'
ula not 6', 7'
ullîš later, thereafter; before 5
ummum mother Kinship terms 18
ūmum I (UD) day, daily Abstract concepts,Time concepts 12
uzzum anger, rage Emotions/Feelings
wabālum (v.) G to carry, bring; Š send, deliver, make bear; Št pass. of Š 6, 8
warki behind, after 21'
wašābum (v.) to sit, dwell 10, 2´
watûm (v.) to find, discover 16'
zakārum (v.) to speak, say, name, mention; talk; swear 13, 15’, 18’, 19’, LE
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