Gilg. OB Schoyen 1

SEAL no. 1531

Copy / Photo
Tablet Siglum
SC 2652/5
Schøyen Collection, Oslo
Genre / Classification
Epics, Gilgameš


1´      [...] ... [...] ...[...]

      dEn-ki-du10 ma-li-ka-am a-na-ku ša a-ta-ma-ru-šu x⌉ [ ...]

3´      dEn-ki-du10 a-na ša-ši-im is-sà-qar-ra-am a-na ha-ri-i[m-tim]

4´      al-ki-im ha-ri-im-tum lu-da-mi-qá-am ka-a-š[i-im]

5´      aš-šum te-er-di-im ia-ti a-na li-ib-bi Urukki ri-bi-tu m[a-tim]

6´      aš-šum tu-ka-li-mi-ni dam-qá-am tappâm(TAB.BA)a-am ia-ti ib-ra

7´      [x x x x x] x-ri-tim ša Urukki ri-bi-tim

8´      [x x x x x x x] ⌈nu⌉ x x ni-ši-ma i-te-r[u-ub]

Long gap.



1´      ⌈lu-x x x x […] x x [x x x]

2´      at-ta nu-hi-dam ia-š[i-im …] x x a-n[a x x] x x

3´      ⌈ta-wa-al-dam-ma ta[r-bi-a-a]m i-na ṣērim(EDIN)

4´      [iš-hi-i]ṭ-ka?⌉ [la]-bu-ma ka-la-ma ti-de

5´      [eṭ-lu-tum ih-bu-tu ma-ha-a]r-ka

Remainder lost.




1′       ... [...] ... [...]

2′       Enkidu, the counsellor that I kept seeing I ... [...].

3′       Enkidu said to her, to the harlot:

4′       “Come, O harlot, let me do for you a favour,

5′       because you led me here, into Uruk-Main-Street-of-the-[Land,]

6′       because you showed me a fine companion, (showed) me a friend,

7′       [...] ... of Uruk-Main-Street.”

8′       [...] he (or she) entered.

Long gap.



Long gap.

1′       “Let me [...] ...] [...,]

2′       as for you, inform for me [...] to ...

3′       You were born and grew [up] in the wild,

4′       a lion [attacked] you and you experienced all.

5′       [Grown men fled from] your presence, ...].”

Remaining few lines lost.


Word Translation Semantic Line
Enkidu PN obv 2´, 3´
ḫarimtum (KAR.KID) harlot, (temple) prostitute Social status/Groups/Professions obv 3´, 4´
lābum lion Fauna (wild) [rev 4´]
ṣērum (EDIN) back, upperside, steppe, open country, towards rev 3´
tappûm (TAB.BA) companion, companion, partner obv 6´
Uruk GN GN obv 5´, 7´
Revision History
Streck, Michael P.
Translation, commentary
Hess, Christian W.
Hess, Christian W.