LKA 15

SEAL no. 1633

Copy / Photo
Tablet Siglum
VAT 14039
Genre / Classification
Hymns and Prayers, prayer to Shalmanesser I
Love Literature, Ištar and Dumuzi


1          dDumu-zi d8-tár iš-te-né-ʾi re-i-ia i-še20-ʾi ri-i-ta

2          it-te-ner-ru bu-la-šu i-sa-hur-ma ri-ta a-šar di-šu up-ta-a-na nu-ru-[u]m?-m[e?]

3          i+na ap-pa-{PA}-te ša ii(GIŠ) i-ta-nu-ba-ma il-lu-ru

4          īnā(IGImeš)-šu ri-ta qer-bi-ta i-bir-ra-ma ina na-mé-e qí-ša-ta šadê(KURmeši-še20 {KU} ku-up-pi

5          i-mur-ma d8-tár na-ra-ma i-še20-ʾu a-na gu-up-ri bēl(EN)-ta-ma-ti-ma is-sà-qar-šu


6          [at-t]a al-ka re-i aš-ra-ni lu-ru-ku re-i-ia re-i-ʾi bu-ul-ka

7          [DUMU?.(MUNU]S?) Aš-šur iddina(SUM-naburāša(LI) a-na ri-ti-ni-ma ša šam-ha-at

8          [a]t?-ta-ma ta-mi-ir-ta-ni ta-re-ʾi ter-te?-ne?-iʾú-šal-li-ni-ma ša šam-ḫa-at

9          [(x) x] x IA-[x x (x)] x x-[D]U SI?(-)BAL-te ša iš-ru-ka a-ba-ia-ma x [x x] x

10        [x x x x x x x x (x x x)] x x ri-te ri-pišx [x (x)] x x (x)[x (x)]-zu?



1'         [x x x x x x x (x x)] x x [x x (x)] lu!-na!-ad karānu(GEŠTIN) ša be-la-ti?

2'         [x x x x (x x) kunāšu(ZÍ]Z.AN.NA? text: UD) ù kakkû(.T[UR]) allūru[GÚ].GAL kibtu(GIG) ù in-ni-nu

3'         [x x x x (x x)]-še PI(-)Aʾ-ša n[a]m?-a-ri u-ub ši-ka-ri

4'         īn(IGI)-ša? [x x (x)] pár?-ṣi ka-li-ku-nu li-riš d8-tár ana pa-ni-ku-nu

5'         u-lu-l[uli]b-ši elī(UGU)-ku-nu LI? A LU pá-ri a-bu-re-e x [(x)]

6'         ša mdSalmānu(DI-m[a-n]u-ašarēd(SAG) ni-iš qa-ta-ti-šu im-ta-ar

7'         id-di-na-šu ša e-ri-šu za-ma-ru ša at-tu-ia mim-ma ni-iz-za-mur





8'         tup-pí 4.KÁM.MA



1          It is Dumuzi whom Ištar keeps searching; – “Oh my shepherd!”, she searches the pasture.

2          His cattle enters all the time, looking for pasture, where the grass veils itself with pomegranates,

3          (where) on the treetops ill????ru-flower blossoms to him.

4          His eyes examine the pasture and the meadow; in the steppe and in the mountain forests he seeks water holes.

4          Ištar saw the beloved which she was seeking in(!) the hut of the ‘Lord of Oath’ and said to him:

5          – “Oh you, come to me, my shepherd! Let me lead you to the place, Oh my shepherd! Direct your cattle (to that place)!”

6          “[The daughte]r(?) of Aššur bestowed juniper(s) on our pasture which is abundant”.

7          “It is you who shall shepherd our meadow, you shall constantly shepherd our river-flat which is abundant”.

8          “[… …] (junipers?) which my father granted […]”

10        “[……] widen the pasture [….]!”



1'         “[…] may I praise the wine of the lady”,

2'         “[…] emmer, lentils, peas, wheat and barley”,

3'         “[...] …the beer-jar of the best of beer”,

4'         Her eye […] the rites of all of you! May Ištar rejoice in your(pl.) presence!

5'         May there be protection for you! … hymns of pasture […]”

6'         She accepted the hand-lifting of Shalmaneser.

7'         She gave him what he asked for. As for the song, which is mine, we have sung it in its entirety.


8'         Fourth tablet

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