UET 6/2, 403

SEAL no. 1816

Copy / Photo
Tablet Siglum
U.17900 A
British Museum, London
Genre / Classification
Lamentations, over a destruction of a city.

CDLI No. P346444. Akkadian translation of a portion of the Sumerian Balaĝ Úru àm-ma-ir-ra-bi. Ludwig 2009, 250–251 doubts the finding spot of the tablet in No 1 Broad Street. In UET 6/3, p. 35: "provenance [in Ur] unknown; 1931-32 season".




(c. 3-4 lines missing)

1'       [       ] x [    ]

2'       i-na ma-an-za-zi-ia ma-an-n[u-u]m i-zi-iz i-ša-sí

3'       ki-ma la le-i-im i-na ma-a-a-li-ša i-ša-sí

4'       i-na a-li ša-ak-nu-tim a-li it-ta-ah-ba-aš

5'       i-na um-ma-ni-im ša-ki-tim a-wi-li it-te-pí

6'       i-na dA.NUN!? wa-aš-bu-tim a-na-ku-ú-ma ah-ta-al-qa!-am!

7'       la-ah-ri i-na qá-qá-ar na-ak-ri-im i-ša-as-sí

8'       pu-ha-di (vacat) i-da!-mu-um

9'       la-ah-ri ù pu-ha-sà it-ba-lu

10'     la-ah-ri na-ra-am i-na e-bé-ri-š[a]

11'     pu-ha-sà i-na ki-ib-ri-im i-ta-[di]



(c. 3 lines broken)

1''       k[a-al-bi (??)            ]

2''       i-[na? na?-ak?]-ri-i[m? … ši?]-⌈im?⌉-ti(-)im(-)[   ]

3''       i-ṣú-ra-tu-ú-a [ša? ṣú?-ṣ]í?-i?⌉-i[m?]

4''       ša la i-di-a ka-ap-pi-ši-na ú-na-ha-ta

5''       a-li bi-ti ša a-ra-mu-ú



1'       [       ] … [         ]

2'       “Who stood in my abode?!” she screams,

3'       Like a helpless one she screams in her bead:

4'       “Of (all) the inhabited cities, (only) my city was devastated,

5'       “Of the (entire) regular army, (only) my man was taken captive;

6'       “Of (all) the Anuna-gods(?), it was only I who was destroyed!

7'       “My ewe calls (for help) from the enemy land,

8'       “My lamb wails!

9'       “My ewe and her lamb they took away (from here).

10'     “My ewe, when crossing the river,

11'     “Abandoned her lambs on the shore (across).




(c. 3 lines broken)

1''       [My](?) d[og(?) …     ]

2''       “Fr[om(?) the en]em[y(?) ...] my(?) [de]stiny(?) […]

3''       “My birds [of the mar]sh(?)

4''       “Those who do not know clipped their wings.

5''       “Where is my house in which I dwell?”

Word Translation Semantic Line
ālum (URU.KI) village, town, city Locations/Buildings 4'
Anunnakkū, Enunnakkū DN 6'
awīlum, aʾīlu (LÚ) man, free man, human being Social status/Groups/Professions 5'
bītum (É) house Fabricated objects,Locations/Buildings 5''
iṣṣūrum bird Fauna (wild) 3''
kalbum (UR.GI7) dog Fauna (domestic),Fauna (wild) [1''?]
kappum wing, hand Body/Body parts 4''
kibrum (UB) bank (of a river), shore, rim, brink; quarter of the world Locations/Buildings,Nature/Cosmological phenomena 11'
laḫrum (U8) sheep, ewe 7', 9', 10'
lē'ûm powerful, competent 3'
mayyālum bed, resting place Fabricated objects,Locations/Buildings 3'
mazzāzum, manzāzum position, abode, location Abstract concepts 2'
nakrum strange, foreign, enemy Social status/Groups/Professions [2''?]
nārum I (ÍD) river, watercourse, canal Nature/Cosmological phenomena 10'
puḫādum (SILA4) lamb 8', 9', 11'
qaqqarum (KI) earth, ground Locations/Buildings,Nature/Cosmological phenomena 7'
šīmtum (NAM) fate, what is fixed, destiny Abstract concepts,Rituals/Religious practices [2''?]
ṣuṣûm reed-thicket Fabricated objects [3''?]
ummānum army, troops Social status/Groups/Professions 5'
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