RA 70, 135/137

SEAL no. 7058

  • AUAM 73.3094 (CDLI P249267)AUAM 73.3094 (CDLI P249267)
  • Cohen M. E. 1976, 135Cohen M. E. 1976, 135
  • Cohen M. E. 1976, 137Cohen M. E. 1976, 137
Copy / Photo
135, 137 (copy)
Tablet Siglum
AUAM 73.3094
Siegfried H. Horn Museum, Institute of Archaeology, Andrews University, Berrien Springs, Michigan
Genre / Classification
Incantations, childbirth

Marduk-Ea type. CDLI P249267 ("Ur III Administrative").



1 [én-é-nu-ru]

2 [munus du-da-a-ni ma-gi4 a mi-ni-ri]

3 [… …]

4 [… munus du-da-a-ni ma-gi4 a mi-ni]-ri

[…] ki-ma e-le-pí i-te-i-il

5 [munus du-da-a-ni ma-gi4 a mi]-ni-ri

[… a-ta-al-lu]-ki-ša ki-ma e-le-pí i-te-i-il

6 [… munus du-d]a-a-ni ma-gi4 a mi-ni-ri

[…] i-na a-ta-al-lu-ki-ša ki-ma e-le-ep-pí i-te-i-il

7 [x an-ú]r du-da-a-ni ma-gi4 a mi-ni-ri

[i-ši]-id ša-me-e ù er-ṣe-tim i-na a-ta-lu-ki-ša ki-ma e-le-pí i-te-i-il

8 ⌈ma-še⌉-ma-ta še-em im-mi-in-si

ki-ma e-le-ep ri-qí ri-qí ma-li-a-at

9 ma-e-re-na-ta e-re-en im-mi-in-[si]

ki-ma e-le-ep e-re-ni e-re-na-am ma-li-[a-at]

10 ma-še-em-e-re-na-ta še-em-e-re-na im-mi-[in-si]

ki-ma e-le-ep ri-qí e-re-ni ri-qí e-re-n[a-am ma-li-a-at]

11 ma-gu-ug-za-gi-na gu-ug-za-gi-na im-mi-i[n-si]

ki-ma e-le-ep sa-am-tim ù uq-ni-im sa-am-t[a-am ù uq-na-am ma-li-a-at]

12 ù gu-ug nu-zu ù za-gi-i[n nu-zu]

ù sa-am-tum ú-ul i-di ù uq-nu-ú-um ú-u[l i-di]

13 ma kar za-la-na kar-ta ba-an-ta-ge4

a-na ka-ar ta-ši-la-tim i-te-i-i[l]

14 dAsar-lú-ḫi i-gi im-ma-an-s[um]

 [d]Marduk⌉(AMAR.UTU) [… …]

15 [a-a-ni dEn-ki-ra é-a ba-an-ši-ku4 gù mu-na-an-dé-e]

[… …]

16 [a-a-mu munus du-da-a-ni ma-gi4 a mi-ni-ri]

17 [… munus du-da-a-ni ma-gi4 a mi-ni-ri]

18 [… munus du-da-a-ni ma-gi4 a mi-ni-ri]

19 [a-rá-min-na-kám-ma-aš-šu-ub-du]

20 [… …]

21 [dEn-ki dAsar-lú-ḫi dumu-ni-ra mu-na-ni-íb-gi4-gi4]

22 [… …]

23 [dAsar-lú-ḫi a-na ma-ra-bé a-na a-ra-ab-daḫ]

24 [… …]

25 [ì-ga-zu-mu ù za-e nì-gá-zi]

26 [… …]

27 [ù za-e ì-ga-zu]-a [ gá-e nì-gá-zi]

[… ti]-du-ú a-na-ku lu-⌈x x⌉ ()

28 gin-na ⌈dumu⌉-[mu] al-kam [dMarduk]

29 gi-sú-ug-bàn-da-eri4-du10-ga šu [ù-me-ti]

qá-na-a ša Sú-ug-bàn-da ša Eri4-du10-ga i-na [le-qí-i]

30 ia-ab-kù-ga ga-ra-ab-ši-il-la-ma šà-ba [ù-me-ni-dub]

ša-ma-an li-it-tim el-le-tim li-iš-da-am […] šu-pu-uk

31 saḫar sila-⌈lam4⌉-bi e-pí-ir su-qí er-be-t[i]

32 ⌈x⌉ [x x] id li ib [x] GIŠ ⌈x x⌉ zi (…)

33 ⌈x⌉ […  ⌈x⌉ tim ša ⌈x⌉ ni im

34 […] ba ⌈x⌉ […] ⌈x⌉du? ki ta (x)

[…] nu nu tim ḫa ma⌉ am mi im ⌈x x⌉ im me [x]

[…]-e mi-it-ḫa-ri-iš bu-ul-li-il ⌈x⌉ […]

35 […] ⌈x⌉ ḫé-en-[x]-ge4

[e-li a-bu-un-na-ti]-ša he-pé-e-ma

36 [tukum-bi ni]n?-ta x tukul-a-ni igi [mu-u]n-ši-in-bar

[šum-ma] ma-ar a-na ka-ki šu-a-ši [ip-pa]-li-su

37 [tukum-bi munus ⌈x⌉ TUK ga-ri-im-⌈ma⌉-a-ni igi [mu-un-ši-in]-bar

[šum-ma ma-r]a-at a-na ⌈x⌉-[…šu]-a-<ši> i-[ip-pa]-⌈li-su

38 […] til la ḫé a sa ⌈x⌉

39 […] dUtu-kam ḫ́é-⌈em⌉-ma-ra-⌈è⌉

[…] ⌈x⌉-tim li-it-ta-aṣ-<ṣi>

40 [KA-inim-ma munus ⌈ù-tu-da⌉

41                                  […] gu4


1 [Enenuru incantation]:

2–3 [The woman, when walking about, wobbles like a boat],

4 [… The woman(?), when walking about], wobbles like a boat,

5 [… The woman(?), when walking] about, wobbles like a boat,

6 [… The woman(?)], when walking about, wobbles like a boat,

7 The horizon, when she is walking about, wobbles like a boat.

8 Like a boat (carrying) aromatics, she is filled with aromatics,

9 Like a boat (carrying) cedar, she is filled with cedar,

10 Like a boat (carrying) aromatics and cedar, [she is filled] with aromatics and cedar,

11 Like a boat (carrying) carnelian and lapis-lazuli, [she is filled] with carne[lian and lapis lazuli],

12 Is it carnelian? she knows not; Is it lapis-lazuli? she knows not.

13 She wobbles towards the quay of celebrations.

14 Marduk [observed this],

15 (Sum.) [To his father Enki, into the house he came in, calling to him… …]:

16-18 (Sum.) - “[Father: the woman, about to give birth, leads the boat in the water; the woman, about to give birth, leads the boat in the water]”

19 (Sum.) [When saying this for the second time… …],

21 (Sum.) [Enki answers his son Asarluḫi]:

23 (Sum.) - “[Asarluḫi, what could I say to you? What could I add to you?... …]”

25 (Sum.) “[What I know, you (also) know yourself… …]”,

27 “[What] you know [yourself], I [know] (too)”.

28  “Come [Marduk)”,

29 “When [taking] a reed of the Little Marsh of Eridu”,

30 “Pour the fat-milk of a pure cow, and the cream of [a mother cow]”,

31  “dust from a crossroads”,

… …

34  “[…] mix together […]”

35 “break it [above her navel]!”

36 [If] it is a boy, they [look]ed at his “weapon”,

37 [If] it is a g[irl], they [look]edat[h]er [“crucible”(?)],

38  (Sum.) … …

39 May he come out [(to the light?)]

40  [Incantation] for [a woman] in labor.

41  […] .

Word Translation Semantic Line
alākum (v.) (//du) G to go, walk; Gt go off, away; Gtn wander, go repeatedly, roam about, walk Written texts/Literary terms 5, 6, 7
alākum (v.) (//gen) G to go, walk; Gt go off, away; Gtn wander, go repeatedly, roam about, walk 28
balālum (v.) G to mix up; D coat, smear 34
edûm (v.) (//zu) G to know 12, 27
eleppum (//ma) ship, boat Fabricated objects 4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11
eperum (//saḫar) earth, soil, dust Materials 31
erēnum (//e-re-en) cedar Flora 9,10
Eridu GN GN 29
erṣetum (//úr) earth, land, underworld Nature/Cosmological phenomena 7
e'ēlum (v.) (//a ~ri) G to bind (on), tie up 4,5,6,7
e'ēlum (v.) (//gi4) G to bind (on), tie up 13
ḫepûm (v.) (//gi4) G to break, ruin, destroy; N to be broken 35
išdum (SUḪUŠ) foundation, base; root Fabricated objects,Locations/Buildings 7
kakkum (//giš.tukul) stick, weapon, battle Fabricated objects 36
kārum I (//kar) quay, port Locations/Buildings 13
lišdum (//ga-ra) cream Food/Drink 30
lītum, littum II (//ab) cow Fauna (domestic) 30
malûm IV (v.) (//si) G to become full, fill up; D fill (up) 8, 9,, [10], [11]
Marduk (//dAsar-lú-ḫi) DN Deities/Divine sphere 14
mārtum (//munus) daughter, girl Kinship terms 37
mārum (//nin?) boy, son, descendant Kinship terms 36
mitḫāriš in the same manner, in equal shares, altogether 34
palāsum (v.) (//igi ~bar) G to look at, towards; N look, gaze, consider; Ntn iter. constantly gaze at; to look, glance 36, 37
qanûm (//gi) reed, cane Flora 29
rīqum II (//še-em) aromatic substance Materials 8, 10
šamnum (//ia) oil, fat, cream Food/Drink,Materials 30
sāmtum (//gu-ug) redness, carnelian Materials 11, 12
šamû I (AN) (//an) sky, heaven Nature/Cosmological phenomena 7
šapākum (v.) (//dub) G to heap, pour on 30
Sugbanda (//sú-ug-bàn-da) GN GN 29
sūq erbettim (//sila límmu) fourways, square Locations/Buildings 31
tašīltum (//za-la-na) celebration Human activities/actions 13
uqnûm (//za-gi-na) lapis lazuli, turquoise Materials 11, 12
waṣûm (v.) (//è) G to go out, depart; Š caus. of G 39
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