CUSAS 10, 11

SEAL no. 7138

  • MS 2092 (CDLI P252006)MS 2092 (CDLI P252006)
Copy / Photo
Tablet Siglum
MS 2920
9.5 x 5.4 x 2.5
Schøyen Collection, Oslo
Genre / Classification
Incantations, love
Love Literature

CDLI P252006. Note the usage of /pí/ (ll. 1, 2 and perhaps also 14) which suggest a northern provenance (on this see George 2009, 69).



1 [pí-ta-ar-r]a!-as-si pí-ta-ar-ra-as!-

2 [ma-r]a-at A-ni-im ni-pí-i ša-me-e

3 [u4?-ma?]-am ú-ul-li-la-a-ma

4 [š]a-me-e ša Anim(AN.NA)

5 i-ba-aš-ši ra-mu-um e-li ni-ši i-a-ap-pu-up

6 ra-mu-um li-i-pu-pa-am i-na e-ri-ia

7 lu-ud-di lu-uq-bi lu-ta-wu-ú lu-ra-ʾì(ḪI)-im

8 u-us-sí-ni-i-ma ki-ma aš-nu-ga-a-li

9 li-i-šu-šupa-nu-ki!(Text: KU) ki-ma ri-im-ti-i[m]

10 e tu-uš-bi a-na mi-li-ik a-bi-ki

11 e te-el-qé-e mi-li-ik um-mi-k[i]

12 šum-ma qá-aš-da-atim-da-ša l[i-x-x]

13 šum-ma na-di-a-atbi-bi-il-ša l[i-x-x]

14 šum-ma ke-ez-re-et li-kà-ap-pí-ir / aš-ta-ma-ša e-li-ia li-im-qú-u[t]

15 ši-i[p-t]um ú-ul ia-tu

16 ši-pa-atÉ-a ù dIštar(INANNA) iš-ku-nu

(Rev. uninscribed)



1 [Keep] her apart! keep [her] apart!

2–4 [The] daughters of Anu, the lights of heaven, [in day-ti]me(?) purified the sky of Anu.

5–6 Love came about, twittering over the people; May Love twitter over me!

7 Let me cast (a spell), let me speak, let me utter words of love:

8 ‘Think of me as an ašnugallum-snake!

9 May your face rejoice as a wild cow!

10 Do not wait on your father’s counsel,

11 Do not heed your mother’s advice!’

12 If she is a hierodule may she [...] her support;

13 If she is a cloister-lady may she [...] her gift;

14 If she is a harlot may she clean(?) her tavern, may she throw herself at me!

15 The incantation is not mine:

16 (it is) the incantation (which) Ea and Ištar have created.

Word Translation Semantic Line
abum father Kinship terms,Social status/Groups/Professions 10
Anum DN Deities/Divine sphere 2, 4
ašnugallum, aš(šu)nugallum, ušumgallum snake (kind of), dragon Fauna (wild) 8
aštammum tavern Locations/Buildings 14
awûm (v.) G to speak; Gt speak, discuss, negotiate 7
bašûm (v.) G to be, exist; Š bring into being, create 5
biblum present, (marriage) gift Abstract concepts 13
Ea DN Deities/Divine sphere 16
elēlum II (v.) G to become pure, free; D purify 3
eli, elu on, above, over 5, 14
ḫabābum (v.) G to murmur, chirp, twitter 5, 6
ḫašāšum (v.) G to swell, be(come) happy Gtn iter. of G 9
ḫasāsum (v.) G to remember, to be conscious 8
imdum support Abstract concepts 12
Ištar DN Deities/Divine sphere 16
kapārum II (v.) G to wipe (clean) tears, hands etc. 14
kašdatum a priestess 12
kezretum type of cultic prostitute 14
kīma like, as; when; that 8, 9
leqûm (v.) G to take, take over; Š caus. of G 11
maqātum (v.) G to fall, drop; Š caus. of G 14
mārtum (DUMU.MUNUS) daughter, girl Kinship terms 2
milkum advice, counsel, resolution, intelligence Abstract concepts 10, 11
nadītum "fallow" (i.e. childless) woman, celibate (priestess) 13
nadûm III (v.) G to throw down, lay down; N to be rejected 7
nipḫum lighting, flaring Nature/Cosmological phenomena 2
nišū (UN.MEŠ) people, humanity, population Social status/Groups/Professions 5
pānum I (IGI) front, face, earlier times Abstract concepts,Body/Body parts 9
parāsum (v.) G to cut (off), decide, divide; Gtn continually block 1
qabûm (v.) (DUG4) G to say, speak, command 7
râmum love, love-making Abstract concepts,Emotions/Feelings,Human activities/actions 5, 6
râmum (v.) G to love; Štn to cause to constantly have love 7
rīmum (AM) wild bull Fauna (wild) 9
šakānum (v.) (GAR) to put, place, lay down 16
šamû I (AN) sky, heaven Nature/Cosmological phenomena 2, 4
ṣērum (EDIN) back, upperside, steppe, open country, towards Abstract concepts,Body/Body parts,Locations/Buildings,Nature/Cosmological phenomena 6
šiptum (ḖN; KAxUD) incantation, spell Rituals/Religious practices,Verbal expressions,Written texts/Literary terms 15, 16
šumma if 12, 13, 14
ul not 15
ummum mother Kinship terms 11
ūmum I (UD) day, daily Time concepts 3
wašābum (v.) to sit, dwell 10
yā'um my, mine 15
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