TIM 9, 20ff. // CT 58, 53 (Ištar)

SEAL no. 7496

  • BM 54316 obv. (British Museum)BM 54316 obv. (British Museum)
  • BM 54316 rev. (British Museum)BM 54316 rev. (British Museum)
  • Van Dijk 1976, 20Van Dijk 1976, 20
  • Van Dijk 1976, 21Van Dijk 1976, 21
  • Van Dijk 1976, 22Van Dijk 1976, 22
  • Van Dijk 1976, 23Van Dijk 1976, 23
  • Van Dijk 1976, 24Van Dijk 1976, 24
  • Van Dijk 1976, 25Van Dijk 1976, 25
  • Van Dijk 1976, 26Van Dijk 1976, 26
  • Alster/Geller 1990 obv.Alster/Geller 1990 obv.
  • Alster/Geller 1990 rev.Alster/Geller 1990 rev.
Tablet Siglum
IM 51545 // 51543 // 51544 // 51529 // 51176 // 51530 // 51650 // BM 54316
BM 54316:
3.49 x 8.89
British Museum, London
Iraq Museum, Baghdad

Ms. C = TIM 9,20

Ms. Cx = TIM 9,25

Ms. O = TIM 9,21

Ms. Oa = TIM 9,26

Ms. P = TIM 9,22

Ms. R = TIM 9,24

Ms. Ra = TIM 9,23




Ms. C

1          C         Vs. 1⸢in-nin ša⸣-ku-ra e-ri-iš-ù-na girix-⸢za-al-a-nu-ke⸣-[ne]

2ir-ni-na ra-bi-tam li-⸢ib⸣-bi be-el-tum ⸢ka⸣-di-ir-tum / 3mu-te-li-tum ⸢ša⸣ e-nu-na-ki

2          C         4za-te-eb-kur-kur-ra ⸢dumu⸣-gal-DEN.ZU-na ⸢maḫ⸣-te-nu-un-ga-le-

5šu-tu-qa-at im-ma-⸢tim⸣ DUMU.MUNUS DEN.ZU ⸢ra⸣-bi-tum ti-iš-qa-ar-tum / 6i-na i-gi-gi

3          C         7[e-ri-i]š nam-maḫ me-an-ki ur-ru-ur an-gal za da du8

8[be-le]-⸢et⸣ na-ar-bi ša pa-ar-ṣí ša-me-e ù er-⸢ṣé-tim⸣ / 9ḫa-am-ma-at it-ti a-nim ra-bi-im ši-⸢ta⸣-na-at

4          C         Rs. 10[dingir-gal-gal(?)]-⸢e⸣-ne AN x maḫ-bi-[im] ⸢e-ne⸣ x-⸢ti⸣-le-bi-

11[i-ni-l]í ra-b[u-t]im mu-wa-e-ra-sú-nu ṣí-ir-tum / 12⸢ši⸣-i ga-mi-⸢ra⸣-[at] ⸢ši-ip⸣-ṭì-šu-nu

5          C         13[…] x [… a]-⸢nun⸣-na-⸢ku?⸣ [k]uš[ux] ⸢mu⸣-x x x-ne

                        14⸢a-na a⸣-[wa-ti-ša ṣí-ir]-tim e-[nu-n]a-⸢ku ip-ta-na⸣-ši-lu

6          C         15in-t[i-bi … n]u-la

                        16a-l[a-ak-ta-ša …] ⸢a-na⸣ te-re!-ti-ša / 17[la i-a]r-ru

Ms. C ends

Ms. O

115      O         1ka-áš ka-re te-en-te-en ni5-in-tu-bu-te Dinanna-za-a-kam

                        2la-sa-mu-um ne-ru-bu-um ta-⸢ne⸣-eḫ-tum ù šu-up-šu-ḫu!-um ku-um-ma iš8-tár

116      O         3ur-ru-ur ul-lu-ul zi-iz-zi gu-ru-da10 an-ta si-si-te D⸢inanna⸣

4i-ta-ap-ru-ur-rum ḫa-ma-ṭú-um ⸢ma-qa⸣-tum te-bu-ú ù ta-ap-pa-am ku-ma iš8-tár

117      O         5ḫa-ra-an ḫi-in-du-ud-ku gìri-AŠ ki-si-l[i-m]a gìri-ús-di-im-ma-
         kam Dinanna za-kam

6pé-te ur-ḫi-im ù ṭú-di-im i-⸢mé⸣-te-qí-im a-šar šu-ul-mi-im ta-pu-ut / 7⸢ú-la-li⸣ a-la-kum ku-um-ma iš8-tár

118      O         8gìri-ús ka-gìri su-su-te ki-da-ra-ta-⸢aq⸣-qa ge-en-ge-te Dinanna

9šu-te-šu-ur ki-ib!-si-im ù pa-⸢da⸣-ni-⸢im bi⸣-it-qú-tum ku-un-nu-um ku-[um-m]a

119      O         10gu-lu-te da-mi ni5-in-zi ĝá-ĝá-te Dinanna za-a-kam

                   11a-ba-tum ba!-nu-um na-sa-ḫu!-um! ù ⸢ša-ka⸣-nu-um ku-ma iš8-tár

120      O         Rs. 12[ni-i]n-ta mu-nu-ús-ra mu-nu-ús ⸢ni⸣-in-ta-ar-ra ku-ku-te
                   ⸢Dinanna⸣ za-⸢kam⸣

13zi-ka-ra-am a-na si-ni-iš7-tim si-⸢ni⸣-iš7-ta a-na zi-ka-ri-im / 14tu-ru-um
ku-[u]m-ma iš

Ms. O ends

Ms. Oa

121      Oa       1⸢la-la šà-zi⸣-ga nì(gloss: ni)-šu-gá[l …] ⸢Dinanna za-a-kam⸣

                   2⸢la-lu-ú⸣ ni-iš li-bi-⸢imx […] x x […] / 3bi-ši-im ra-še-⸢e ku⸣-[ma] iš8-tár

122      Oa       4dun(gloss: du-x-(x)) ⸢sa5⸣-búr kù-búr kú-diri [Dinanna] ⸢za-a-kam⸣

                   5⸢ti-tu-rum⸣ iš-da-ḫu-um mé-ku-[ú-tu]m / 6ù wu-tu-rum ku-m[a iš8-tá]r

123      Oa       7⸢kù-dun⸣(gloss: ⸢ku-du⸣-u[n]) ⸢kù⸣-á-tuku i-bí-za kù-⸢im-ba Dinanna

                   8[t]a-ak-ši-tum ne-me-lum i-bi-⸢su⸣-ú / 9bi-ti-iq-tum ku-ma iš8-tár

124      Oa       Rs. 10níĝ-nam igi-KÁR igi-KÁR-KÁR igi-bar ZALAG.ZALAG-
(gloss: za-al-za-le-biDinanna za-kam

11ta-ak-li-im-tum ta-di-ir-tum / 12ta-še-er-tum na-ap-lu-su-⸢um⸣ / 13ù du-um-mu-qú-um ku-ma iš8-tár

125     Oa       14me téš Dalad(gloss: a-la-ṭà) Dlama ki-⸢šu-peš11⸣ zu-zu <Dinanna za-

15du-tam ba-áš-tam ši-da-a[m l]a-ma-sa-am / 16ma-ḫa-za-am wu-du-um / 17ku-ma D8-tár

Ms. Oa ends

Ms. P

137      P          1gúm-gúm(gloss: gu-um-gu-um <<um>>) ĝar-ĝar-ĝar íl(gloss: il)
                   gú(gloss: gu)-zi gam-gam Dinanna za-kam

                   2te-em-ku-ú te-ek-nu-ú na-ši-a-am re-ši ù ⸢ku-nu-šum ku⸣-ma iš8-tár

138      P          3⸢é dù-a⸣(gloss: ⸢e-du⸣) ⸢ama5! dím-me níĝ-gú-na⸣ tuku-tuku
                   nundum-dìm! sag9 Dinanna za-kam

4e-pé-eš bi-tim ba-né-e ma-aš-ta-ki-im / 5ra-še-e e-nu-tim ⸢ša-ap-ti⸣ še-er-ri-im na-ša-qum ku-ma iš8-tár!

139      P          6du10-bad(gloss: du-ba-ad) du10 ka[š4 x-n]í-sig10-sig10-ge ⸢sá⸣
                   did-dè Dinanna za-kam

7pí-it pu-⸢ri⸣-di-im li-si-im bi-ir-ki-im / 8ṣú!-mu-rum ù ka-ša-du-um ku-⸢ma iš8-tár⸣

140      P          Rs. 9ḫu-ru kalag-ga lú-gam-ma lú-sig-ga ḫi-ḫi D⸢inanna⸣ [za-kam]

                   10a-ḫu-ra-am da-an-nam en-ša-am ù ú-la-lam / 11šu-ta-bu-lum ku-um-ma iš8-tár

141      P          12íl-lá du5-lá saĝ íl-lá íb-ba-lal ḫi-ḫi Dinanna za-kam

                   13mu-le-e mu-uš-pa-li sa-ak-ri-i / 14ù ma-ṭì šu-ta-bu-lum ku-ma iš8-tár

142      P          15aga ĝešgu-za ĝešĝidru nam-lugal / 16šúm-mu Dinanna za-kam

17a-ga-am ku-si-a-am ḫa-aṭ-ṭà-am a-na LUGAL / 18na-da-nu-um ku-um-ma iš8-tár

Ms. P ends

Ms. R

159      R         1a-ta-ar-la-e ni5-in-kur du-tu / 2su-li pu-la-ad-gu-ud Dinanna za-

3šu-te-ṣú!-(RU)-um e-pé-eš na-mu-tim / 4ṣú-ḫu-um qa-la-lu ù ka-ba-tum ku-ma iš8-tár

160      R         5ka-la ni5-in-gi-ga ša-ḫu-ul-gi / 6ḫu-la za-al-zu-le-ga Dinanna za-

7⸢e⸣-di-ir-tum ma-ru-uš-tum lu-mu-un li-bi-im / 8ḫu-du-um ù nu-wu-ru-um ku-ma iš8-tár

161      R         Rs. 9ni5-a-am a-ma?-ri-im ni5-a-am ne-ur5-til / 10ni5-qa-al mi-li-im-
                   ma Dinanna za-kam

                   11a-ta-ar-ru-rum pí-ri-tum gi-li-it-tum / 12nam-ri-ru ù mi-li-im-mu ku-ma iš8-tár

162      R         13ù-ma ni5-pa-ḫu-ur ip-pa-su-ur / 14i-gi-li-ib-bi ù nu-ku Dinanna za-

                   15er-ne-tum re-du-um ra-i-bu di-li-ip-tum / 16ù la ṣa-la-lu ku-ma iš8-tár

Ms. R ends

Ms. Ra

163      Ra       […]

1’[pu-uḫ-ḫ]u-ur ⸢ša⸣ ši-ri-i[k-tim …] / 2’pí-⸢ir-de⸣-tum ù ta-nu-qa-t[um ku-ma iš8-tár]

164      Ra       3’du ⸢i?-gi sa⸣-aḫ qa?-ab?-ri e-r[i-im-ḫu-uš] / 4’ĝeš-ĝeš-lá Dinanna

5’ṣa-al-tum ša-aḫ-⸢ma-áš⸣-tum ⸢ip⸣-p[í-rum] / 6’a-na-an-tum ⸢ù⸣ ša-⸢ga⸣-áš-tum ku-⸢ma⸣ iš8-[tár]

165      Ra       Rs. 7’⸢á⸣-gu?-bu […] / 8’ traces

                        9’ ⸢na da⸣ x ⸢um?x x x x x / 10’x-ar-x [x] ⸢mi-iḫ-mu⸣ x x

166      Ra       11’ [x] pa […] AN / 12’ […] x

rest broken



  1. Irnina, the wide hearted one, lady poised to attack, the most princely among the Anunnaki.
  2. In standing elevated in the country, great daughter of Sîn, most outstanding among the Igigi.
  3. The lady of greatness, who unites the divine powers of heaven and earth, is like the great An.
  4. Among the great deities, she is their awe-inspiring ruler, she finishes their punishments.
  5. At her mighty word, the Anunnaki crawl.
  6. [She does not let Anu know] her wa[ys], against her instructions, [he does not do anything].
  1. Racing, running, soothing, and appeasement are yours, Ištar!
  2. Walking around, hurrying, falling, standing up, and <being as proficient as> a friend (while running) are yours, Ištar!
  3. Opening roads and paths, while travelling going to a place of peace, of support of the weak are yours, Ištar!
  4. Leading just on trail and path, cutting lose (and) securing (again) are yours, Ištar!
  5. Destroying, building, exterminating, and creating are yours, Ištar!
  6. Making a man out of a woman, a woman out of a man is yours, Ištar!
  7. Attractiveness, libido, holding [property and] goods are yours, Ištar!
  8. Surplus, profit, [shortage], and making bigger are yours, Ištar!
  9. Ample proceeds, profit, loss of money, damages are yours, Ištar!
  10. Teaching, making dark, surveillance, looking friendly, and making (things) beautiful are yours, Ištar!
  11. Virility, vitality, fertility, vivaciousness, allocate the place of cult are yours, Ištar!
  1. Neglect, affectionate care, holding the head high, and subjugating are yours, Ištar!
  2. The building of the house, the making of the chamber, getting furniture, kissing a child's lips are yours, Ištar!
  3. Striding, racing, striving, and achieving are yours, Ištar!
  4. Balancing the less appreciated, the strong one, the weak one, the one in need of help is yours, Ištar!
  5. Balancing elevations, depths, raising? and reducing? is yours, Ištar!
  6. Giving rown, throne, sceptre to the king is yours, Ištar!
  1. Arguing, ridiculing, laughing, being unimportant, and being relevant are yours, Ištar!
  2. Misery, disease, grief, joy, and making bright are yours, Ištar!
  3. Stirring up, dismay, terror, frightening radiance, and horrifying glow are yours, Ištar!
  4. Wishing to fight, leading, shaking, sleeplessness, and restlessness are yours, Ištar!
  5. [Colle]cting of the prese[nt, …], fright, and battle c[ry are yours, Ištar]!
  6. Quarrel, rebellion, [distress] of battle, war, and murder are yours, Iš[tar]!
  7. […]
  8. […]


Word Translation Semantic Line
abātum (v.) G to destroy; D destroy completely 119
agûm I tiara, crown 142
aḫurrûm person of low rank 140
alaktum way, course 6
alākum (v.) (DU) G to go, walk; Gt go off, away; Gtn wander, go repeatedly, roam about, walk 117
anantum battle, strife 164
arārum II (v.) to flicker, to shake 161
ašrum (KI) place, site 117
awātum (//inim) word, matter, legal case, lawsuit 5
banûm (v.) G to build, create; N be created, made 119, 138
bāštum dignity, pride 125
bēltum (NIN) lady, mistress, proprietress 1
birkum knee 139
bīšum II possessions, property 121
bitiqtum damages, loss 123
bitqūtum splitting 118
bītum (É) house 138
damāqum (v.) G to improve (intrans.) D to improve (trans.) 124
dannum (KAL.GA) powerful, mighty, great, strong 140
diliptum sleeplessness, anxiety 162
dūtum virility, manliness 125
edûm (v.) (//zu) G to know 125
enšum weak 140
enūtum rule, power 138
epēšum (v.) G to do, make, build; Gt to do throroughly; Št be active, work on; N pass. of G 138, 159
ernittum triumph, battle objective 162
erṣetum (KI) earth, land, netherworld 3
esērum (v.) G to enclose, confine 118
gamārum (v.) (TIL) to bring to conclusion, complete 4
gilittum horror, fright 161
ḫamāmum (v.) to gather, to unite 3
ḫamāṭum (v.) G to hasten, be quick; D burn up, make burn 116
ḫaṭṭum (gišGIDRU) stick, sceptre 142
ḫūdum happiness, pleasure, joy 160
ibissûm financial loss 123
idirtum grief, misery 160
ilum (DINGIR) god, deity 4
ippīrum struggle, trouble 164
išdaḫum (išdiḫum) profitable business, profit 122
kabātum (v.) G to be(come) heavy, D with qaqqadum “honour” s.o. 159
kadrum rearing up, aggressive 1
kanāšum (v.) to submit to, to bow to 137
kânum (v.) to be firm, to maintain and preserve the rule; D establish firmly 118
kašādum (v.) G to reach, arrive; D drive off, chase away; Š caus. of G 139
kibsum track, footprint, way 118
kussûm (gišGU.ZA) chair, stool, throne 142
lalûm plenty, exuberance, wish, desire, emotion 121
Lamassum (dLAMMA) (female) tutelary deity 125
lasāmum (v.) G to run 115
libbum (ŠÀ) heart, mind; inner body 1, 121, 160
lismum footrace 139
lumnum (ḪUL) evil, misery 160
māḫāzum shrine, cultic centre 125
maqātum (v.) G to fall, drop; Š caus. of G 116
maruṣtum evil, distress 160
maštakum chamber, cell 138
mātum (KUR; KALAM) land, country 2
maṭûm (v.) to be(come) little 141
mēkûtum lack, scarcity 122
melemmum (ME.LÁM) fearsome radiance 161
mētequm way, road 117
mūlûm height, elevation 141
mušpalum depth, hollow 141
mut(t)ellum princely 1
nadānum (v.) (SUM) G to give, bestow 142
namrīrum awe-inspiring radiance 161
namūtum derision, mockery 159
narbûm greatness, pl. deeds 3
nasāḫum (v.) G to tear out, pull out, remove; G~D; N pass. be extracted, torn out 119
našāqum (v.) to kiss 138
našûm (v.) G to lift, carry 137
nawārum (v.) G to be(come) bright, shine; D make bright; ŠD lighten, gladen 160
nēmelum profit 123
nērubum (v.) to flee 115
nīšum I lifting, raising 121
padānum way, path 118
paḫārum (v.) G to gather, assemble; D bring together, assemble; Š to gather, assemble 163
palāsum (v.) to look, glance, G to look at, towards; N look, gaze, consider; Ntn iter. constantly gaze at 124
parārum (v.) G to be dissolved, broken up; N be scattered, dispersed 116
parṣum office, (cultic) ordinance, divine powers, rites 3
pašāḫum (v.) G to cool down, rest; Gtn OB "repeatedly gain relief" sexually 115
pašālum (v.) G to crawl; Gtn iter., on all fours 5
petûm II (v.) G to open, expose; Š to cause to open 117
pirittum terror 161, 163
pītum opening, aperture; (tuning of the harp) 139
purīdum leg 139
qalālum (v.) G to be(come) light, weak, slight; D to reduce 159
ra'ībum shivering, cramp 162
rabûm (GAL) I big 1, 2, 3, 4
rašûm (v.) G to acquire, get; Š caus. of G 121, 138
redûm I (v.) G to accompany, lead, drive, proceed; Gtn to accompany constantly, lead 162
rēšum (SAG) head; beginning; slave 137
šagaštum murderer 164
saḫmaštum rebellion, uprising 164
šakānum (v.) (GAR) to put, place, lay down 119
ṣalālum (v.) G to lie down, sleep 162
ṣāltum combat, strife, discord, quarrel; DN 164
ṣamārum (v.) to wish, strive for 139
šamû I (AN) sky, heaven 3
šanānum (v.) to rival, to equal 3
šaptum lip, rim 138
šēdum protective deity, luck; spirit (representing vital force) 125
šerrum young child, baby 138
sinništum (MUNUS) woman 120
šipṭum judgement, verdict 4
širiktum gift, present 163
ṣīrum exalted, supreme, splendid, outstanding 4, 5
ṣūḫum, ṣuḫḫum laugh, laughter, love play 159
šulmum well-being, completeness, health; peace 117
šūtuqum surpassing, outstanding 2
tādirtum darkness 124
taklimtum revelation, instruction; display 124
takšītum profit 123
tanēḫtum reassurance, soothing 115
tanūqātum battle cry 163
tappûtum (NAM.TAB.BA) companionship 117
târum (v.) (GUR) G to turn, return, become again; D to bring, send, give, pay back 120
tāšertum surveillance, observation 124
tātur(r)um surplus 122
tebûm (v.) G to get up, arise, set out 116
teknûm loving care 137
temkûm neglect, disregard 137
têrtum instruction 6
tizqārum (GAL.DI), tišqārum exalted, very high, outstanding 2
ṭūdum way, path 117
ulālum weak 117, 140
urḫum way, path 117
wabālum (v.) G to carry, bring; Š send, deliver; Št pass. of Š 140, 141
wârum (v.) G to go (up to); D instruct, govern 4, 6
waṣûm (v.) G to go out, depart; Š caus. of G 159
watārum (v.) G to become outsize, surplus; D to enlarge, make great, maximize; Š to make increase, to make excessive 122
zikarum, zikrum (NITA) male, virile; man 120
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