Guichard 2020, 151f. (Itūrmēr)

SEAL no. 7500

Tablet Siglum
A. 2790
Deir ez-Zor Museum, ?
Genre / Classification
Hymns and Prayers, Itūrmēr

1 [lu-na-'ì-i]d dI-túr-me-er KAL.GA

2 [mu-ḫ]a-li-iq ra-gi-im i-na qé-re-eb ma-ti-šu

3 [m]u-ša-ab-ši me-še-ri i-na ri-bi-ti-šu

4 la pa-li-ḫu-ut dI-túr-me-er ip-ḪU-uṣ-ma ma {x}-as-sú-nu

5 ma-ra-am ù ma-ar-tam i-te-ki-im-šu-nu-ti

6 šu-up-ka-ma a-aḫ-ku-nu ba-ab dI-túr-me-er et-qa

7 pa-li-ḫi-šu i-na-aṣ-ṣa-ar [l]a pa-li-ḫi-šu i-ki-im bi-s[?-n]u?

8 dI-túr-me-er qar-du-um a-na Z[i-i]m-ri-li-im {ME?}[ar?]-ri-im k[i-t]a!-ra-ab da-ri-iš


9 [lu-u]z-mu-ur dI-túr-me-er du-un-n[a-šu o o o o]-x lu-še-pí-i

10 [da-a]-in di-in i-šar (ḪI.IZ)?-tim [o o o o o o o l]a?-at-tim

11 [ša-pí-i]r ṣe-eḫ-ri-i[m ù ra-bi-im o o o o o o] i-[o]-im

12 [da-mi-i]q di-nim [o o o o o o o o o o o o]-šu

13 x-x-x di-túr-m[e-er o o o o o o o o o o gi]GU.ZA-šu

14 iz-za-az-zu i-mi-it-[tam ù šu-me-lam o o o o o]-šu

15 wa-ši-ib di-túr-me-[er o o o o o o o o li-i]b?-bi ra-g[i-im]

16 dI-túr-me-er qar-du-[um a-na Zi-im-ri-li-im ša]r?-ri-im ki-ta-[ra-ab da-ri-iš]


17 dI-túr-me-er me-a-ra-a[m o o o o ra-g]a-am iz-zu?-u[r]

18 a-na ra-gi-im sú-qa-am ra-[ap-ša-am i-la-a]k? ma-[D]I?-x

19 bi-ir-ki ra-gi-im dI-túr-me-er x [o-I]M i-na-sú-u[k]

20 e-ti-qú-um Ú NA ZA A x šu-ba?-[o o o o]-x i-na-ad-di-i

21 i-ḫi-il ki-ma ḫa-i-il-tim ra-g[u-um i-na] šu-ub-ti-šu

22 ki-a-am li-[i]n-né-ep-šu ša i[t-mu]- ni-iš dI-t[úr-me-er]

23 iṭ-bu-u[ḫ r]a-gi er-ṣe-tam da-mé-šu-nu [iš-qí]

24 dI-túr-me-er qar-du-um a-na Z[i-im-ri-li-im šar?-ri-im ki-ta-ra-ab da-ri-iš]


25 ik-su ki-ma iṣ-ṣú-ri-im ša [...]

26 a-na du-un-ni-šu ni-šu re-de-e[t? Zi-im-ri-li-im lu-ú ta-ak-la (?)]



  1. [I will pra]ise Itūr-Mēr, the strong one!
  2. Who destroys the enemy in his country!
  3. Who lets exist justice in his capital!
  4. Those, who don't fear Itūr-Mēr – he smashed their country,
  5. he took away their son and their daughter.
  6. Finish your work! Traverse the gate of Itūr-Mēr!
  7. He protects those, who fear him. Those, who don't fear him – he took away th[ei]r home.
  8. Valiant Itūr-Mēr, always pray for Z[i]mrī-Līm, the k[i]ng! §
  9. [I will] sing about Itūr-Mēr, his strength […] I will glorify.
  10. [The one, who mak]es a verdict of justice, […]
  11. [The one, who com]mands Small [and Great], […] …
  12. [The one, who is goo]d, with regard to the verdict, his […].
  13. … Itūr-M[ēr …] his throne
  14. At his Righ[t and at his Left], his […] stand.
  15. Itūr-Mē[r] sits, [… he]art of the ene[my].
  16. Valiant Itūr-Mēr, [always] pr[ay for Zimrī-Līm, the k]ing! §
  17. Itūr-Mēr [loves?] justice (and) cursed the [en]emy.
  18. He [goe]s? towards the enemy on a wide road […].
  19. Itūr-Mēr throws down the knees of the enemy […]
  20. The one, who passes through … […] he throws
  21. Like a  woman in labour, the enemy screams [in] his dwelling.
  22. The ones, who s[wo]re the oath of It[ūr-Mērs] shall be treated like that.


  1. He slaughters the enemies, he [soaked] the earth with their blood.
  2. Valiant Itūr-Mēr, [always pray] for Z[imrī-Līm, the king]! §


  1. He bound […] like a bird of [...].
  2. The people, that accompany [Zimrī-Līm shall trust] his strength!
Word Translation Semantic Line
aḫum II arm, side; bank (of river) 6
alākum (v.) (DU) G to go, walk; Gt go off, away; Gtn wander, go repeatedly, roam about, walk 18
bābum (KÁ) doorway, door, gate, entrance 6
birkum knee 19
bītum (É) house 7
dā'inum who judges 10
dāmiqum propitious 12
dāmum blood 23
dannum (KAL.GA) powerful, mighty, great, strong 1
dāriš forever 8, 16, 24
dīnum (DI.KU5) verdict, case, judgement, legal decision 10, 12
dItûr-Mêr DN 1, 4, 6, 8, 9, 13, 16, 17, 19, 22, 24
dunnum strength, force 9, 26
ekēmum (v.) to take away, deprive 5, 7
epēšum (v.) G to do, make, build; Gt to do throroughly; Št be active, work on; N pass. of G 22
erṣetum (KI) earth, land, netherworld 23
etēqum (v.) G to go past, cross over; Gtn iter.; Š caus. of G 6
ētiqum passer-by 20
ḫā'iltum who is in labour 21
ḫiālum (v.) to be in labour, exude, G to be in labour 21
imittum right hand, right side 14
išartum righteousness, prosperity 10
iṣṣūrum bird 25
izuzzum (v.) (GUB) G to stand; Gtn iter. of G 14
karābum (v.) G to pray, bless, greet ; Gtn iter. Gt constantly pray to, call blessings on; Š caus. of G 8, 16, 24
kasûm III (v.) G to bind; G~D bind person, animal, limb 25
kīam so, thus 22
kīma like, as; when; that 21, 25
kussûm (gišGU.ZA) chair, stool, throne 13
libbum (ŠÀ) heart, mind; inner body 15
mārtum (DUMU.MUNUS) daughter, girl 5
mārum (DUMU) boy, son, descendant 5
mātum (KUR; KALAM) land, country 2, 4
mīšarum justice 3, 17
muḫalliqum destroyer 2
mušabšûm that calls into existence, creator 3
na'ādum (v.) to be attentive, concerned, worried 1
nadûm III (v.) G to throw down, lay down; N to be rejected 20
našākum (v.) G to bite, gnaw 19
naṣārum (v.) G to guard, protect; Š caus. to G, keep in mind, heed, obey, respect, safeguard; Gt be careful, on o.’s guard 7
nazārum (v.) to revile, curse 17
nišū (UN.MEŠ) people, humanity, population 26
nīšum II (oath of the) life 22
pa'āṣum (v.) to break up, crush 4
pāliḫum worshipper; one who is afraid 4, 7
qardum valiant, heroic 8, 16, 24
qerbum centre, interior 2
rabûm (GAL) I big 11
raggum wicked, villainous 2, 15, 17, 18, 19, 21, 23
rapšum wide, extended 18
rebītum square, open place; abdomen 3
rēdûm soldier, private 26
šapākum (v.) to heap up, pour on 6
šāpirum (UGULA) administrator, boss, giver of instructions 11
šaqûm III (v.) (NAG) G to give to drink, irrigate 23
šarrum (LUGAL; EN) king, lord 8, 16, 24
ṣeḫrum I ((LÚ).TUR) little, young, junior-; small, child, servant, baby 11
šubtum, šuptum abode, dwelling, place, seat 21
šumēlum left side, left hand 14
sūqum (SILA) street 18
ṭabāḫum (v.) G to slaughter 23
takālum (v.) to trust, to encourage 26
tamûm (v.) G to swear; D swear, bind by oath 22
wapûm (v.) G to be(come) visible, appear; D to make visible; Š to make manifest, appear 9
wāšibum sitting, dwelling; inhabitant 15
zamārum (v.) to sing, to play 9
Zimri-Lim RN 8, 16, 24, 26
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