RA 86, 81 (Marduk)

SEAL no. 7503

Tablet Siglum
IM 85877
Iraq Museum, Baghdad
Genre / Classification
Hymns and Prayers, Marduk


1        ⌈LUGAL⌉ ku-ul-la-at I-gi-gi bé-el KUR-du-i

2        e-te-el E-nu-na-ki dAMAR.UTU lu-iz-mu-ur

3        lut!-nen mu-ḫe-e!-ra la pa-di-a AN.DÙL ša-[m]e

4        mu-uš-ta-ar-<ri->iḫ! me-ḫe-e 7 ša-ri ka-ši-id a-a-bi-šu <lem->nu-ti {⌈lem⌉-ni}

5        ḫa-ri-ru⌉-sà-aḫ-ḫa-ap ki-ib-bu a-ki-lu ú-ša-ni-iš ⌈ŠÀ⌉

6        DINGIR ki-iš-šu-tim ga-aš-ru bé-el tu-qú-um-tim ša-arer-bé-[t]im? me-ḫe?⌉ x x

7        ka-li ḫi-im-ma-at pa-ar-ṣí im-ni-ta-šu ú-ka-al⌉ ⌈x x⌉

8        uz-zi-sú iṣ-ṣú⌉-ur ma-at la ma-gi-ri! i-ka-mar-ri iš-ḫu-uḫ

9        i-na el-lim ap-sí a-sa-lu-uḫ e-li-iš i-na ša-ma-<me> An šum-šu

10      ša-ak-nu i-na maḫ-ri-šu ku-ul-la-at ḫi-im-ma-tim <dAMAR?>.UTU Tu-tu ṭà⌉-bu

11      ú-ṣú-ra-tum mu-ul-la-a qá-ti-iš-sú

12      na-ʾì-ru-tim ša-di-i ú-pi-iṣgi⌉-it-ma-al

13      ú-ša!-aḫ-da-ar ma-at la ma-gi-ri i-ka-am-mu na-ak-ri

14      ⌈em-duka-ak-ku-šu ma-ḫi-ra ú-ul i-šu

15      [x x] x mi za-ni-na-am Mu-ti-a-ba-al

16      [x x x] DU-mu [x x] x šu-ḫu x a UD-⌈mu⌉ x [(x x)] x

rest of the tablet heavily damaged, sign rests visible



1        Of the king of all Igigū-gods, the lord of the mountains,

2        the sovereign of the Enunakū-gods, Marduk, let me sing.


3        Let me plead with the leader, the merciless storm, the shade of the heaven,

4        who swiftly sends forth the storms, the seven winds, who conquers his evil enemies.


5        A blazing (fire), he overwhelms, a consuming flame, he sticked in the heart.

6        The god of power, strong, lord of the war, … the four winds, the storms.


7        His right hand holds the entire collection of divine numina …

8        At his (Marduks) anger, the bird of the land of the disobedient wastes away in the trap.


9        In the pure subterranean sea, he is Asalluḫi. Above, in the heaven, his name is An.

10      All (divine numina) are placed in front of him. Marduk is the pleasant Tutu.


11      The divine plans are filled in his hand.

12      He crushed the raging mountains. He is perfect.


13      He frightens the land of the disobedient. He captures the enemies.

14      Imposed are his weapons. He has no opponent.


15      … provider, Mutiabal.

16      … day/storm … day/storm …

Word Translation Semantic Line
adārum I (v.) G to be dark, gloomy; D to darken, look gloomy 13
akālum (v.) G to eat, consume, devastate; Gtn iter. of G; Š caus. of G 5
arāḫum, warāḫum (v.) G to hasten, be urgent; D speed up, do quickly 4
ayyābum enemy 4
bēlum (EN) lord, master, proprietor, owner 1, 6
eliš above 9
ellum (//sikil) pure, clear, sacred 9
emēdum (v.) impose, to lean on 14
erbe four 6
etellum (//nir-gál) lord, prince, pre-eminent 2
gašrum strong, powerful 6
gitmālum perfect, ideal, noble 12
ḫimmatum collection 7, 10
imnum right hand, right side 7
iṣṣūrum bird 8
išûm (v.) G to have 14
kakkum (GIŠ.TUKUL) stick, weapon, battle 14
kalûm II (DÙ.A.BI) all, totality, everything 7
kibbum flame 5
kiššūtum power, might 6
kullatum totality, all of ... 1, 10
kullum III (v.) to hold, hold back, cover 7
lāpādûm merciless 3
lemnum (ḪUL) evil, bad; evil person, enemy 4
magārum (v.) G to consent, agree; Gt to agree with one another, settle on 8, 13
māḫirum opponent, antagonist, enemy 14
maḫrum II front, presence 10
malûm IV (v.) G to become full, fill up; D fill (up); Št to provide 11
mātum (//kalam) land, country 8, 13
meḫûm storm 4, 6
na'ārum (v.) to cry, to roar 12
nakrum strange, foreign, enemy 13
pa'āṣum (v.) to break up, crush 12
parṣum office, (cultic) ordinance, divine powers, rites 7
qātum (ŠU) hand 11
rašûm (v.) G to acquire, get; Š caus. of G 6
šadûm I (KUR; ḪUR.SAG) mountain, open country 1, 12
šaḫāḫum (v.) to dissolve, to waste away 8
šaḫurrum rigid (?) 16
šakānum (v.) (GAR) to put, place, lay down 10
šamû I (AN) (//an) sky, heaven 3, 9
šanāšum, sanāšum (v.) to insert, to infix 5
sapāḫum (v.) G to scatter, disperse; D squander, spend freely, scatter; N pass. of G 5
sarrum false, criminal, treacherous 6
šārum (IM) wind, breath 4
šumum (MU) name; son; line of text 9
ṭābum (DU10) good, sweet 10
tuqumtum, tuqmatum battle, fight 6
ūmum II stormwind, weather-beast, mythical lion 16
uṣurtum, eṣertum draft, drawing, ordinance 11
utnēnum (v.) (//ša-né-ša) G to pray; Gtn~G 3
uzzum anger, rage 8
wârum (v.) G to go (up to); D instruct, govern 3
zamārum (v.) to sing, to play 2
zanānum (v.) II to provision, provide 15
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