Gilg. OB Nippur

SEAL no. 1530

Copy / Photo
Tablet Siglum
IM 58451 (3N-T 376)
Iraq Museum, Baghdad
Genre / Classification
Epics, Gilgameš


1       ib-ri ni-iq-te-ri-ib qí-iš-ti-iš

2       šu-n[a-tu]m qì-it-ru-ba a-ru-uh ta-ha-zu-um

3       nam-ri-ri ša i-lim ta-na-ṭa-a-al

4       Hu-wa-wa ša i-ta-na-an-da-ru ka-ab-ta-at-ka

5       at-ta ta-at-ta-ak-ki-ip-ma ki-ma le-i-im tu-ša-ab-ra-aq-šu

6       re-ši-šu tu-ša-ap-pa-al i-na da-an-nu-ti-ka

7       pu-ur-šu-mu-um ša ta-mu-ru-ú il-ka we-ru

8       ba-ni qá-qá-di-ka dLugal-bàn-da

9       ib-ri a-ta-mar re-bu-ta-am

10     e-et-qè-et e-li ša-la-aš-ti-in šu-na-ti-ia

11     ap-pa-al-sà-am-ma dAnzâm(IM.DUGUD)mušen-am i-na ša-ma-i

12     ⌈it-bé-ma ki-ma er-pe-tim i-ša-ú el-ni

13     ⌈pu!? lu!?⌉-úh-tum-ma šu-un-nu-ú pa-nu-ú-ša

14     pi-ša dGirrum(GÌRA)⌉ na-pi-ís-sa mu-tu[m]

15     eṭ-lu[m-ma?] ša-ni bi-ni-ta-a[m]

16     [x x x x] x-ši?-ma?⌉ iz-za-az i-na mu-ši-ti-ia

17     [x x x x] x ka-ap-pi-ša iṣ-ṣa-ba-at i-di

18     [x x x x] x-ma it-ta-di-i-ši [i-na ma-ah]-ri-ia

19     [………] x-gi e-li-ša

(Several lines missing)



1´      i[t-bé-ma ki-m]a [e]r-p[e-ti]m i[a-ú] el-ni

2´      [x x-t]um-ma šu-nu-ú pa-nu-ú-šu°

3´      ⌈pi-ša dGirrum(GÌRA)⌉ na-pi-ís-sa mu-tum

4´      ša!(TA)-lum-ma-sà ta-pa-la-ha-am at!-ta!

5´      ⌈e-TE-en ši-ip-šaú-še-te-bé-ka a-na-ku

6´      ⌈eṭ-lum ša ta-mu-ru dŠamaš(UTU) da-an-nu




1       “My friend, we have come close to the forest,

2       (what was foretold in) dreams is near at hand, battle is swift (upon us).

3       Do you (already) see the radiant auras of the god,

4       of Ḫuwawa, whom your mind does ever fear?

5       You will lock horns and batter him like a bull,

6       you will force his head down with your strength.

7       The old man you saw is your mighty god,

8       the one who begot you, Lugalbanda.”

9       “My friend, I have seen a fourth,

10     it surpasses my (other) three dreams!

11     I watched an Anzû-bird in the sky,

12     up it rose and soared above us back and forth like a cloud.

13     It was a terror, its face was very strange,

14     its speech was fire, its breath was death.

15     [There was a] man, strange of form,

16     [he...] and was standing there in my night (i. e., dream).

17     [He...] its wings, he took hold of my arm,

18     [...] ... and he cast it down [before] me.

19     [...] ... upon it.”

Several lines missing.



0′     “[You watched an Anzû-bird in the sky,]

1′     up [it rose] and soared above us back and forth like a cloud.

2′     It was a terror, its face was very strange,

3′     its speech was fire, its breath was death.

4′     While you fear its awesome splendour,

5′     I shall ... its foot, I shall enable you to arise!

6′     The man you saw was mighty Šamaš.”


Word Translation Semantic Line
Anzû DN obv. 11
erpetum cloud obv. 12, [rev. 1´]
eṭlum (GURUŠ; ŠUL) manly; young man Human activities/actions,Social status/Groups/Professions obv. 15, rev. 6´
gīrum (dGÌRA) fire(god) 14, rev. 3´
Ḫuwawa PN obv. 4
idum (Á) arm; side; strength; wage Body/Body parts obv. 17
kappum wing, hand Body/Body parts obv. 17
lī'um bull obv. 5
Lugalbanda DN; PN obv. 8
namrīrum awe-inspiring radiance Deities/Divine sphere obv. 3
pānum I (IGI) front, face, earlier times Abstract concepts,Body/Body parts obv. 13, 2'
pûm I (KA) mouth, statement, command, opening Body/Body parts obv. 14, rev. 3´
puršumum old (man) obv. 7
qištum (GIŠ.TIR) forest, wood Flora,Nature/Cosmological phenomena obv. 1
rēšum (SAG) head; beginning; slave Abstract concepts,Body/Body parts obv. 6
Šamaš, šamšum (dUtu) DN, sun Deities/Divine sphere rev. 6´
šamû I (AN) sky, heaven Nature/Cosmological phenomena obv. 11
šēpum foot, leg Body/Body parts rev. 5´
šuttum dream obv. 2, 10
tāḫāzum (ME; ME6) battle, combat obv. 2
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