CUSAS 10, 10

SEAL no. 1620

Copy / Photo
Tablet Siglum
MS 3285
Schøyen Collection, Oslo
Genre / Classification
Love Literature

CDLI No. P252226.


1          [e-ze]-e-er la mu-sé-ep⌉-[pi-tam]

2          ú-ul a-ḫa-aš-ši-iḫ la mu-ka-zi-ib-tam

3          ú-ul a-na-ad-di-iš-ši-im i-ri-mi

4          a-ša-aq-qú el-ša

5          da-ba-bu-um a-na la ma-ga-r[i-i]m

6          mi-nam i-ba-aš-[s]i?

7          a-šar li-ib-bi ek-le-[tim a-na-a]n-di-in ra-mi

8          ú-ul ú-sà-an-na-qá-a[š/n-šu/ni ma-am]-ma-an


9          ḫu-uṣ-bi ez-bi ta-aš-t[a-ak-ni? q]ú-li

10        la ma-gal da-[ba-bu-um]

11        qá-bé-e qá-bu-um-m[a x x x x]

12        ú-ul e-n[i-a-ak-ki-i]m

13        ša a-na sí-in-ni-iš-t[im ip-pa-ra-qá-du]

14        sà-ma-an du-ri-im [šu-ú]

15        šum-ma la it[-KU-ud]

16        ⌈ú-ul a-wi-lum m[i-ḫi-ir-šu]


17        ma-ra?⌉-[a]t pu-ḫi wa-a[l-da-ti]

18        i-na [la] ši-ri-[ik-tim]

19        ti-ši-i li-pi-it-tam [i-na p]u?-tim

20        a-di tu-qál-la-l[i] ta-[ab-t]a?-aš-ši

21        lu-uq-bi-ki-im ša aš-ri-[ki]

22        ú-ul te-še20-em-me-en-ni at-ti

23        wa-ar-ku li-ib-bi-i-ki

24        ú-pe-era-ak-ba-ti-i-ma

25        ru-ú-ʾa4-am tu-uk-ta-na-aš-ša-di


26        e[t?]-qé-et a-li bu-ur sí-ḫi-i-ki

27        uṣ-ṣi-i-ṣi pa-ni-a-tim

28        ki-ma eqel(A.ŠÀ-el) id-ra-ni-im

29        [a]-ḫa-ad-du-ú ka-la-a-ma

30        [a]!-du-ú in-ba-am

31        [a-ḫ]a-du-ú ka-la-[a-ma]


32        ù? [...]

33        pi-a-am⌉ [...]

34        ra-i-mu-u[m ...]


35        ⌈lata!(Text: ŠA)-aš-ta-a[k-ka-ni x x ]x-nu-um

36        a-na pa-ti-i-ki ma-ma-an⌉ [ú]-ul i-te4-eḫ-<ḫe>-ši

37        be-la?⌉-ki e-ep-ši-e-et-ki

38        i-na ṭa-ab-tim la ta-ša-ak-ka-ni-<ni?>

39        eqel(A.ŠÀ)-ki! ḫu-uk-ku-um


40        ša la tu-ub!-lim i-na sà-as-sú-ri-i-ki

41        ki-ma še20-er ni-ši ṭe4-e-ma-am

42        a-na-ku iš-ḫi-il-ṣa-am a-la-a-at

43        ka-al-ba-tam ú-uš-ša-ar

44        la-i-im ab-nim a-na wa-ša-ri-i-ki

45        ma-ti qá-ba-a-šu li-iš-ku-un


46        šu-ur-ru-um-ma at-ti i-nu-ma iq-ri-ba-a[k-ki-im]

47        ki-ma dBi-li-li ta-du-um-mi

48        ta-su-úr-ri [š]a-at-tu-ú-ri

49        a-na ṣa-la-li-im

50        te-em-mi-di ni-zi-iq-tam ra-ma-a[n-ki]




1          I scorn the girl who does not adore (me),

2          I have no desire for the girl who does not play up to (me),

3          I shall not give her (my) allures!

4          I shall stand over her!

5–6      Talking in order to disagree - why does it exist?

7          Shall I give my love where the heart of darkness is?

8          No one can control [me/it]!


9          Break off, leave! You ma[ke me speech]less,

10        (there is) not much to talk (about)!

11        What I said is said and [...]

12        I will not ch[ange it for y]ou!

13        The one who [lies down] for a woman,

14        is (nothing but) a weevil of the wall!

15        If he does not th[rive],

16        he is no match for a man.


17        You(f.) were born the daughter of a substitute,

18        with no dowry!

19        You have a mole on (your) forehead!

20        As long as you show no respect, pu[tting yourself] to shame,

21        I shall tell you where your (right) place is!

22        You do not listen to me, you.

23–24 (By) following your heart, mounting the clouds,

25        you keep chasing lovers away!


26        This goes over (the limit)! Where is the source of your rebellion?

27        Ask the previous women!

28        (You are) like a field of salt,

29        (can I) be happy with all (this)?

30 I was happy with the fruit,

31 (can I) be happy with all (this)?



32 And [...]

33 mouth [...]

34 The loved one [...]


35 You should not put [...]

36 To your canal – no one will come near it!

37 Your lord, your task –

38 do not place (them) in the salt!

39 your field is all too well known!


40–42 The (fact) that you did not bring for me (good) news from

your womb, as a baby of men – should I swallow (that)


43 I will release the bitch!

44 One who bolts down a stone in order to release you,

45 when would he have his word?


46 Verily, you, when (somebody) came near [you],

47 you were convulsing like the goddess Belili,

48–49 you were dancing at dawn (instead of) sleeping.

50 You are imposing grief on yourself!


Word Translation Semantic Line
abnum (NA4) stone, rock Materials 44
ašrum (KI) place, site Locations/Buildings 7,21
awīlum, aʾīlu (LÚ; LÚ.ÙLU) man, free man, human being Social status/Groups/Professions 16
bâšum (v.) to be ashamed, come to shame [20]
bašûm (v.) G to be, exist; Š bring into being, create 6
Belili DN Deities/Divine sphere 47
bēlum (EN) lord, master, proprietor, owner Social status/Groups/Professions 37
būrum I cistern, pool Nature/Cosmological phenomena 26
dabābum II (v.) G to speak, talk; Gt speak to each other 5,10
da'āmum (v.) II to wander about 47
dūrum (city) wall, rampart Fabricated objects,Locations/Buildings 14
ekletum darkness Abstract concepts,Nature/Cosmological phenomena 7
emēdum (v.) to lean on, impose, dock (a ship) 50
enûm (v.) to change, overturn [12]
epištum, epšetum deed, action, work Abstract concepts,Human activities/actions 37
eqlum (A.ŠÀ) field, terrain Flora,Locations/Buildings 28,39
etēqum I (v.) G to go past, cross over; Gtn iter.; Š caus. of G 26
ezēbum (v.) G to leave, leave behind; Š to save 9
ezērum (v.) to curse [1]
ḫadûm III (v.) G to be joyful, rejoice 29, 30, 31
ḫakāmum (v.) to understand, apprehend, D ~ G 39
ḫaṣābum (v.) to break off 9
ḫašāḫum (v.) to need, desire 2
idrānum potash, salt Nature/Cosmological phenomena 28
inbum fruit, flower, sexual appeal Flora 30
inūma, enūma (UD) when, at the time of Time concepts 46
irimmum charm, love charm Abstract concepts 3
išḫilṣum shred (pot) Fabricated objects 42
išûm (v.) G to have 19
kalāma all (of it) Abstract concepts 29,31
kalbatum female dog, bitch Fauna (domestic) 43
kašādum (v.) G to reach, arrive; D drive off, chase away; Š caus. of G 25
kazābum (v.) G to be attractive, alluring; D flatter, fawn 2
la'ātum (v.) to swallow (up) 42
lêmum (v.) to take food, eat something, to consume, eat and drink 44
libbum (ŠÀ) heart, mind; inner body Body/Body parts 7,22
liptum, lipittum mole Body/Body parts 19
magal very (much), greatly Abstract concepts 10
magārum (v.) G to consent, agree; Gt to agree with one another, settle on Verbal expressions 5
mamman somebody, who(so)ever Personal prons. 8,36
mārtum (DUMU.MUNUS) daughter, girl Kinship terms 17
meḫrum, miḫrum refrain, answer, person of an equal status, colleague; copy, equivalent Social status/Groups/Professions,Written texts/Literary terms 16
mīnum what, what? Abstract concepts 6
museppûm, f. museppītum supplicant; worshipper Social status/Groups/Professions 1
nadānum (v.) (SUM) G to give, bestow 3, [7]
nakādum (v.) G to be frightened, anxious; Š make the heart throb, worry [15]
naparqudum (v.) to lie on o.'s back, lie flat (against) [13]
nišū (UN.MEŠ) people, humanity, population Social status/Groups/Professions 41
niziqtum worry, grief Abstract concepts 50
pānûm first, earlier, front Time concepts 27
pattum I canal Nature/Cosmological phenomena 36
pūḫum exchange, substitute Social status/Groups/Professions 17
pûm I (KA) mouth, statement, command, opening Body/Body parts 33
pūtum forehead, brow Body/Body parts 19
qabûm speech, command Verbal expressions 11,45
qabûm (v.) (DUG4) G to say, speak, command 21
qalālum (v.) G to be(come) light, weak, slight; D to reduce 20
qerēbum (v.) G to be(come) close, approach, D bring, present 46
qūlum silence Abstract concepts 9
rakābum (v.) G to mount, ride 24
ramānum self Abstract concepts,Body/Body parts,Personal prons. 50
râmum love, love-making Abstract concepts,Emotions/Feelings,Human activities/actions 7
ra'īmum loved, beloved Social status/Groups/Professions 7,34
rū'um, rūḫum friend, companion Human activities/actions,Social status/Groups/Professions 25
šakānum (v.) (GAR) to put, place, lay down [9], [35], 38, 45
ṣalālum (v.) G to lie down, sleep Human activities/actions 49
samānum, šamānum disease of men and animals (a kind of) Diseases/Demons,Fauna (wild) 14
sanāqum (v.) to check, approach 8
šaqûm II (v.) G to be(come) high, elevated; D raise up 4
sârum (v.) to rotate, dance 48
šassūrum, sassūrum womb Body/Body parts 40
šāt urrim dawn (that of), third watch of the night Time concepts 48
šemûm (v.) G to listen, to hear; Gtn to hear, to listen again and again 22
šeriktum, širiktum present, grant, offering, dowry Abstract concepts 18
sīḫum I rebellion Human activities/actions 26
sinništum (MUNUS) woman Social status/Groups/Professions 13
šīrum (UZU) flesh, body; entrails; kinsman, blood relative, meat; ominous sign Body/Body parts,Kinship terms 41
šurrumma indeed, certainly, forthwith Abstract concepts 46
ṭabtum (MUN) salt Food/Drink,Materials 38
ṭeḫûm (v.) G to approach, be(come) near to; D bring close to, affect 36
ṭēmum thought, plan, instruction, information Abstract concepts,Verbal expressions 41
upûm cloud Nature/Cosmological phenomena 24
wabālum (v.) G to carry, bring; Š send, deliver, make bear; Št pass. of Š 40
walādum (v.) G to give birth 17
warku following 23
wašārum (v.) G to sink down; D to release, set free 43, 44
wuṣṣuṣum (v.) to interrogate, investigate 27
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