To Ninsiana (TCL 1, 9)

SEAL no. 1650

Copy / Photo
Tablet Siglum
L. 10934 (text a) + AO 4318 (text b)
Arkeoloji Müzerleri, Istanbul, L. 10934 (text a)
Louvre, Paris, AO 4318 (text b)
10–11 [= AbB 14, 9]
62–63 (text a)
Genre / Classification
Literary Letters, Ur-Nanše to Ninsiana

CDLI No. P386445 (TCL 1, 9).


Join following Kraus 1971.





a 1              a-na dNin-si4-an-na

a 2              qí-bí-ma

a 3              [u]m-ma Ur-dNanše-ma

a 4              mi-nam e-pu-u[š]-k[à]-ma

a 5              [x] x x [......]

(gap of unknown size)


b 1'             i-na qá-ti du-li-im

b 2'             re-ši ú-la a-na-ši

b 3'             a-na ūm(U4)-tim ši-ma

b 4'             a-kà-la-am

b 5'             ú-la e-še-bi





b 6'             ú-ba-ti á-ba-am ú-la i-šu





b 7'             ša-am-na-am e-e-em-ti ú-la ú-la-ba-ak

b 8'             du-lu-um ki-ma é-ri-ni-im

b 9'             i-te-ru-ub a-na li-bi-ia

b 10'           lu da-ab⌉-b[a-k]u


(gap of unknown size, c. as on Obv.)


a 1'             un-ne-[d]u-[uk-ki(-i)(?)]

a 2'             a-na li-bi-kà

a 3'             a-sà-kam ša e-?e-em-

a 4'             [e(?)-ri(?)x] x ia(?) i[p]-li-qám

a 5'             [......... le-q]è  




a 1              To Ninsiana

a 2              say:

a 3              [T]hus (says) Ur-Nanše:

a 4              What have I do[ne] against you, so that

a 5              .........


(gap of unknown size)




b 1'             Out of ("the ⌈hand") of⌉ toil

b 2'             I cannot lift up my head.

b 3'             On this very day hear me!

b 4'             I cannot sate myself

b 5'             with food,





b 6'             nor do I have a decent garment for myself,





b 7'             nor can I soften my spine with oil.

b 8'             Misery

b 8'–9'        has invaded my heart like ḫé-ri-nu-weed.

b 10'           I want to ⌈complain⌉ [ ]





                       [(…) take(?)]

a 1'             [my] lette[r]

a 2'             to your heart!

a 5'             [Remove]

a 3'             the Asakku-demon, which

a 3'–4'         has slaughtered the backb[one(?)of my(?) ... [......]

a 5'             ......! 


Word Translation Semantic Line
ak(a)lum (NINDA) bread, loaf, food Food/Drink b 4'
asakkum I (Á.ZÁG) disease caused by the asakkum demon (a kind of) a 3'
dullum toil, trouble; work, service Human activities/actions b 1', b 8'
eṣemtum (uzuGÌR.PAD.DU) bone Body/Body parts b 7'
ḫerīnum ḫerīnum-weed, kind of grass b 8'
Ninsiana DN a 1
rēšum (SAG) head; beginning; slave Abstract concepts,Body/Body parts b 2'
šamnum (Ì; Ì.GIŠ) oil, fat, cream Food/Drink,Materials b 7'
ṣubātum textile, garment Fabricated objects b 6'
ṭābum (DU10) good, sweet Qualities/Attributes b 6'
ūmtum certain day b 3'
unnedukkum letter a 1'
Ur-Nanshe PN a 3
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