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SEAL no. 7075

  • Spurlock Museum 1913.14.1465 (previously: UIOM 1059) (https://www.spurlock.illinois.edu/collections/search-collection/details.php?a=1913.14.1465)Spurlock Museum 1913.14.1465 (previously: UIOM 1059) (https://www.spurlock.illinois.edu/collections/search-collection/details.php?a=1913.14.1465)
  • Goetze 1955, 9Goetze 1955, 9
Copy / Photo
Tablet Siglum
Spurlock Museum 1913.14.1465 (previously: UIOM 1059)
Spurlock Museum, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
8–11 (text A)
Genre / Classification
Incantations, diseases (various)

CDLI No. P274661. According to CDLI provenance of the tablet is "Umma".



1          [sí-ik-ka-tum i-š]a-tum

2          a-[šu-ú-um z]i-iq-tum

3          ⌈mi-iq-tum⌉ ṣé-nu

4          ša-ma-gu sa-ma-nu

5          ge-er-gi-šu ṣe-ni-tum

6          sí-mu ma-at-qum e-ke-tum

7          ri-ši-tum ni-ṭù

8          šu-ru-pu-ú ša-ag-ba-nu

9          ù ša-ša-ṭù

10        iš-tu zi-qú-ra-at ša-me-e ur-du-ni

11        úḫ-ta-mi-iṭ i-me-ri ka-lu-mi

12        uḫ-ta-di-<ir?/ru?> ṣú-ḫa-re-e i-na bu-ud ta-ri-tim

13        ma-an-na lu--pu-ur ù lu-wa-ir

14        a-na ma-ra-at A-ni 7 ù 7

15        ša ka-nu-ši-na ḫurāṣum(KÙ.GI) ka-<ar>-pa-tu-ši-na

16        uq-nu-ú el-lu

17        li-<il>-qí-a-ni ka-ni-ši-na ša ḫuraṣim(KÙ.GI)

18        ka-<ar>-pa-ti-ši-na ša uq-ni e[l-li]

19        li-sà-ba-ni me-e ta-⌈me⌉-[time-lu-ti



20        li-is-lu-ḫa li-bé-le-e

21        sí-ik-ka-tam i-ša-tam

22        a-ša-a zi-iq-ta

23        mi-iq-ta ṣé-na

24        ša4-ma-ga-am sa-ma-na

25        ge-er-gi-ša ṣé-er-ni-tam 

26        sí-ma ma-at-qá-a

27        e-ke-tam ri-ši-tam

28        ni-ṭa šu-ru-pa-a

29        ša-ag-ba-na ù ša-ša-ṭa

30        tu-tu ellu(KÙ) ša dDa-mu ù dNin-ni-ka-ra-ak

31        ši-ip-tum ú-ul ia-a-tum

32        ši-pa-at dNi-gi-ri-ma

33        dEn-ki dA-sa-lú-ḫi

34        ša Ni-gi-ri-ma i-du-ma

35        [a-na-k]u el-qú-ú 


1–9      [The sikkatum-disease (pox?), fe]ver, the ašûm-disease, the ziqtum-disease, bad collapse, the šamagu-disease, the sāmānu-disease, the gergiššu-disease (skin disease), the ṣennettum-disease (leprosy?), the sweet simmu-disease, the ekketum-disease (scabies?), the rišītum-disease (redness), bloody feces, shivering, the šagbānu-disease and the šaššaṭu-disease (joints sickness?)

10–12  came down from the ziggurat of heaven, burned up the sheep, the lambs, caused the children on the shoulders of the nurse to be somber.

13–16  Whom should I send and assign to the Daughters of An, seven and seven, whose vessels are gold, their jars pure lapis-lazuli?

17–18  Let them take for me their vessels of gold, their jars of pure lapis-lazuli,

19–20  Let them draw for me pure water of the se[as], let them sprinkle, let them extinguish

21–29  the sikkatum-disease, fever, the ašû-disease, the ziqtu-disease, bad collapse, the šamagum-disease, the samānu-disease, the gergiššum-disease, the sernettum-disease, the sweet simmu-disease, the ekketum-disease, the rišītum-disease, the bloody feces, shivering, the šagbānu-disease, the šaššaṭu-disease.

30        A pure spell of Damu and Ninkarrak.

31–35  The incantation is not mine, it is the incantation of Nin-girima, Enki (and) Asalluḫi, which Nin-girima has cast and [I] have taken.

Word Translation Semantic Line
adārum I (v.) G to be dark, gloomy; D to darken, look gloomy 12
Anum DN Deities/Divine sphere 14
Asarluḫi/Asalluḫi DN Deities/Divine sphere 33
ašûm disease affecting the head (a kind of) Diseases/Demons 2, 22
belûm (v.) G to be extinguished, come to an end 20
Damu DN Deities/Divine sphere 30
Enki DN Deities/Divine sphere 33
ekketum itching, scabies Diseases/Demons 6, 27
gergiššum, girgiššum red skin disease (a kind of) Diseases/Demons 5, 25
ḫamāṭum (v.) G to hasten, be quick; D burn up, make burn 11
ḫurāṣum (KÙ.SIG17; KÙ.GÌ) gold Materials 15, 17
immerum (UDU) sheep Fauna (domestic) 11
išātum fire, fire (of heart), inflammation, fever Diseases/Demons,Nature/Cosmological phenomena 1, 21
kalūmum lamb Fauna (domestic) 11
kannum I vessel-stand, large vessel (kind of), pot stand; jar Fabricated objects 15, 17
karpatum (DUG) clay pot Fabricated objects 15, 18
leqûm (v.) G to take, take over; Š caus. of G 17
mārat Anim daughter of An Deities/Divine sphere 14
miqtum ṣēnu falling sickness, epilepsy Diseases/Demons 3, 23
miqtum, meqtum fall, collapse; kind of desease, epilepsy 3, 23
mû I (A(.MEŠ)) water Food/Drink 19
nadûm III (v.) G to throw down, lay down; N to be rejected 34
Ningirim DN Deities/Divine sphere 32, 34
Ninkarrak DN Deities/Divine sphere 30
nīṭum bloody faeces Diseases/Demons 7, 28
rišûtum redness, reddening skin disease Diseases/Demons 7, 27
sâbum (v.) G to draw water 19
šagbānum disease (a kind of) Diseases/Demons 8, 29
salāḫum (v.) G to sprinkle with 20
šamagum illness (a kind of) Diseases/Demons 4, 24
samānum, šamānum disease of men and animals (a kind of) Diseases/Demons,Fauna (wild) 4, 24
šamû I (AN) sky, heaven Nature/Cosmological phenomena 10
šapārum (v.) G to send, write Verbal expressions 13
šaššaṭum disease of the joints (a kind of) Diseases/Demons 9, 29
ṣēnum I evil, malevolent 3, 23
ṣernettum (AŠ) boil (on skin), skin disease (a kind of) Diseases/Demons 5, 25
sikkatum II serious illness (a kind of), pox? Diseases/Demons 1, 21
simmum matqum sweet (i.e. discharging) wound Diseases/Demons 6, 26
šiptum (ḖN; KAxUD) incantation, spell Rituals/Religious practices,Verbal expressions,Written texts/Literary terms 31
ṣuḫārum ((LÚ.)TUR; DI4.DI4.LA?) boy, male child, servant, adolescent Kinship terms,Social status/Groups/Professions 12
šuruppûm frost, chills, shivers Diseases/Demons 8, 28
tārītum nurse, nanny Social status/Groups/Professions 12
tiāmtum, tâmtum (A.AB.BA) sea, lake Nature/Cosmological phenomena 19
tutûm incantation, spell Rituals/Religious practices 30
uqnûm (na4ZA.GÌN) lapis lazuli, turquoise Materials 16, 18
warādum (v.) G to go down, descend; Gt to go down, descend; Š to send, take, bring down 10
wârum (v.) G to go (up to); D instruct, govern 13
ziqqurratum ziggurat, temple tower Locations/Buildings 10
ziqtum disease of sting-marks or pimples (a kind of), sting, sharp point Body/Body parts,Diseases/Demons 2, 22
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