PRAK 2, pl. 3 (C1)

SEAL no. 7115

  • de Genouillac, PRAK 2 c1de Genouillac, PRAK 2 c1
Copy / Photo
Tablet Siglum
AO 10621
Louvre, Paris
Genre / Classification
Incantations, /against a bleating goat (parody?)

A parody of a Sumerian incantation? (cf. Geller 2002).

CDLI No. P274689. (Note that CDLI states - erroneously?-  that the tablet is now in Istanbul.)




1 ud dEn-[ki?           ] ma? ab? [  ]

i-nu-ma dEn-ki?                       ]

dEn-líl [                                  ]

dEn-líl [               ] za? [            ]

3 níg il x x [            ] an x [        ]

i-na mi-im-ma š[a?] b[i?          ]

4 ùz-e x-nu [                              ]

e-za i-mu-ur-m[a                     ]

5 ùz-e tu-ra KA-bi nu!-bi [(x)]

e-zu ma-ar-ṣa-[a]t-ma KA? ?! ú-l[i?

6 igi-lib sipa nu-dúr-dúru-na

i-da-al-li-ip re-e-ú ù-li i-ṣa-al-la-al

7 ka-pár-ri al-gi4-ba

ka-pa-ri-šu [i]-da-li-ip

8 šú-šú-ba níg-ud [gi6?] mu-un-lu-lu

ša i-[t]a-na-la-ku ú-mi ú mu-ši ir-te-e-ú

dEn-ki-ke4 igi du8-ni-ta

dEn-ki i-na a-ma-ri-šu

10 lú-kù-zu gù ba-an-dé á-gal ba-an-ši-in-ak

e-em-qá-am i-si-ma ra-bi-iš ú-te-e-ir

11 ùz-e tùr-ra amaš-a gi6 mu-sá-e

e-zu-um i-na ta-ar-[ba-ṣí (ù?)] sú-pu-ri ú-š[a?]-<am>-ša i-da-li-pa-an-ni

12 gin-na na-ma-an du11-du11-da

a-li-ik la i-da-al-li-pa-an-ni

13 šurim-bi šu ba-e-te



ru-bu-sà le-eq-[e?]

14 géštu-bi ù-mu-ni-in-gar

a-na uz-ni-ša ša šu!(text: )-me-li <li>-iš-ku-[u]n-ma

15 ùz-e ù-sá-ni-gin7 ḫé-ug5-ga

e-zu ki-ma ṣa-la-li-ša li-mu-ut

16 dSumuqan lugal máš-anše!-ke4

dŠakkan be-el bu-li-im dŠakkan

17 [níg]-nu-gar-ra na-ma-ni-gar

[x x] mi-im-ma a-i iš-ku-un

18 [ini]m?-šè mu-ri-gi4

a-na a-wa-a-tim la i-ṣa-ba-ta-an-ni

19 erín kalam-e ḫé-si-li-dè

ṣa-bu ù ma-tum da-li-li-ka i-da-la-lu

20 nam-á-gal-zu dingir-gal-gal-e-ne si-li-TE

e-ú-ut-ka i-lu ra-bu-ut-tum i-da-al-/la-lu


1 When Ea [  ],

2 Enlil [      ],

3 Among all [four legged creatures …  ],

4 He saw a goat,

5 The goat is sick, its mouth cannot [  ]

6 It keeps (everyone) awake, the shepherd cannot sleep,

7 It keeps the shepherd boys awake,

8 Those who go about, shepherding day and night.

9 When Ea saw this,

10 He called the Wise One, and instructed him grandly:

11 "The goat in the pen or fold is [spending the night (awake)], keeping me awake,

12 "Go, so that it should not keep me awake!

13 "Take its dung,

14 "May he place it on its left ear,

15 "May the goat die instead of (?) sleeping,

16 "May Šakkan, lord of the beasts,

17 "Hold nothing against me,

18 "May he not take me to litigation.

19 "May the people of the land sing your praises,

20 "May the great gods praise your power!"

Word Translation Semantic Line
alākum (v.) (DU) G to go, walk; Gt go off, away; Gtn wander, go repeatedly, roam about, walk Written texts/Literary terms 8, 12
amārum (v.) G to see; catch sight of; N pass. of G, be found 4, 9
awātum (//inim) word, matter, legal case, lawsuit Abstract concepts 18
bēlum (//lugal) lord, master, proprietor, owner Social status/Groups/Professions 16
būlum (//máš-anše) animals, livestock Fauna (domestic) 16
dalālum (v.) G to praise 19, 20
dalāpum (v.) G to stir up; N become restless; to be sleepless, to be kept awake 6, 7, 11, 12
dalīlum praise Rituals/Religious practices 19
Ea (//dEn-ki) DN Deities/Divine sphere [1], 9
emqum (//lú-ḫù-zu) wise, clever Human activities/actions 10
Enlil (//dEn-líl) DN Deities/Divine sphere 2
enzum (//ùz) goat, she-goat Fauna (domestic) 4, 5, 11, 15
ilum (DINGIR) (//dingir) god, deity Deities/Divine sphere 20
kaparrum (//ka-pár-ri) shepherd of low rank, shepherd boy Social status/Groups/Professions 7
lē'ûtum (//nam-á-gal) competence, skill, power Abstract concepts 20
leqûm (v.) G to take, take over; Š caus. of G 13
marāṣum (v.) G to be(come) ill, arduous, difficult; Š to cause trouble, to bring illness 5
mātum (//kalam) land, country Locations/Buildings,Nature/Cosmological phenomena 19
mâtum (v.) G to die 15
mūšum (//gi6) night Abstract concepts 8
rē'ûm (//sipa) shepherd, herdsman Social status/Groups/Professions 6
re'ûm (v.) G to pasture 8
rubṣum (//šurim) litter, bedding, dung Locations/Buildings 13
ṣabātum (v.) (//gi4) G to seize, take, hold 18
ṣābum (//érin) people, troops Social status/Groups/Professions 19
šakānum (v.) (//gar) to put, place, lay down 14, 17
Šakkan (//dSumuqan) DN Deities/Divine sphere 16
ṣalālum (v.) G to lie down, sleep Human activities/actions 6, 15
šasûm (v.) G to shout, call (out), read (out); Gtn iter. of G 10
supūrum (//amaš) sheepfold Locations/Buildings 11
tarbaṣum (//tùr) animal stall, courtyard Locations/Buildings 11
ūmum I (//u4) day Time concepts 8
uznum (//géštug) ear, wisdom, understanding Body/Body parts 14
wârum (v.) G to go (up to); D instruct, govern 10
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