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  • Thureau-Dangin 1939 , 12Thureau-Dangin 1939 , 12
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Tablet Siglum
Deir ez-Zor Museum, ?
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Incantations, love?

A bilingual, but not parallel text (Obv. Akkadian- Rev. Hurrian). The Akk. is perhaps a love incantation, showing some similarities to the Isin collection of love incantations (ZA 75). Note the vulgar and argumentative character of the text, as well as the emphasis on the dialogue itself (ll. 7-12). 




1 at-ba-AT-ka ki-ma a-[... ]

2 uk-ta-as-sí-ka ki-ma i[m-ba-ri-im]

3 ad-di-ka šu-bu-ur-[ (x?)]

4 el-qé ma-at-na-am uš-ta-pu ša-ap-ti-[ka]

5 ki ba-ar-ba-ri-im uš-ta-aḫ-ḫi-iṭ-ka

6 ki né-ši-im ru-pu-uš-ti e-li-ka ad-di

7 lu-uq-bi-ma qí-bi-ti el qí-bi-ti-k[a] lu e-[la?-at?]

8 lu-ut-wi-ma ti-wi-ti el ti-wi-ti-ka lu ḫa-ab-r[a-at]

9 ki-ma bu-lu e-li ša-am-ka-ni ḫa-ab-ra-at

10 ki-em qí-bi-ti el qí-bi-ti-ka lu ab-ra-at

11 ki-ma ša-mu-um el qa-aq-qa-ri-im ḫa-ab-ra-at

12 ki-em qí-bi-ti el qí-bi-ti-ka lu ḫa-ab-ra-at

13 ta-as-ni-ib ap-pa-ka aq-qí-na-ti-ka

14 a-ki la am-ta-ḫa-aṣ le-et-k[a]  

1 I have seized(?) you as a...

2 I have enveloped you like a f[og].

3 I have thrown you down, (your?) anus...

4 I have taken a bowstring, I have fastened your lips.

5 I have attacked you like a wolf,

6 I have thrown my excrement over you like a lion.

7 Let me command, let my command be more e[levated(?)] than your command!

8 let me speak, let my utterance be louder than your utterance!

9 Just as the masters are superior to the servants,

10 may my words be superior, in the same way, to your words!

11 Just as the rain is superior to (lit. heavy on) the land,

12 may my words be superior, in the same way, to your words.

14 so that I will not strike your cheek.

Word Translation Semantic Line
appum nose, tip, crown (of tree) Body/Body parts 13
awûm (v.) G to speak; Gt speak, discuss, negotiate 8
barbarum (UR.BAR.RA) wolf Fauna (wild) 5
būlum (MÁŠ.ANŠE) animals, livestock Fauna (domestic),Fauna (wild) 9
elûm (v.) G to go up; D exalt; Š caus. of G [7]
ḫabārum II (v.) G to be thick, solid; transf. of command: is weighty, authoritative 8, 9, 10, 11, 12
imbarum, ibbarum fog, mist Nature/Cosmological phenomena 2
kasûm III (v.) G to bind; G~D bind person, animal, limb 2
leqûm (v.) G to take, take over; Š caus. of G 4
lētum cheek; side Body/Body parts 14
maḫāṣum (v.) G to beat, strike; Gt to fight with each other 14
matnum sinew, tendon; string (of a bow) Body/Body parts 4
nadûm III (v.) G to throw down, lay down; N to be rejected 6
nēšum, nīšum (UR.MAH) lion Fauna (wild) 6
qabûm (v.) (DUG4) G to say, speak, command 7
qaqqarum (KI) earth, ground Locations/Buildings,Nature/Cosmological phenomena 11
qibītum speech, command, utterance, word Verbal expressions 7, 10
qinnatum buttocks, rump Body/Body parts 13
rupuštum phlegm, spittle Body/Body parts 6
ṣabātum (v.) (DAB5) G to seize, take, hold 1
šaḫāṭum (v.) (GUD.DA) G to jump on, attack, escape; D attack; Gtn jump about, jump in succession 5
šamkānum servant Deities/Divine sphere 9
šamûm II rain Nature/Cosmological phenomena 11
sanāpum (v.) G to tie on 13
šaptum lip, rim Body/Body parts 4
šapûm III (v.) G to be silent; D silence enemies 4
šapûm IV (v.) G to wrap up, seal up 4
šuburrum rump, bottom Body/Body parts 3
tiwītum song, utterance Verbal expressions 8
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