YOS 11, 5a

SEAL no. 7193

  • YBC 4616 (Yale Babylonian Collection)YBC 4616 (Yale Babylonian Collection)
  • YBC 4616 obv. (Yale Babylonian Collection)YBC 4616 obv. (Yale Babylonian Collection)
  • YBC 4616 rev. YBC 4616 rev. (Yale Babylonian Collection)YBC 4616 rev. (Yale Babylonian Collection)
  • Van Dijk 1985, 5 Van Dijk 1985, 5
  • Van Dijk 1985, 5 rev. lower partVan Dijk 1985, 5 rev. lower part
Copy / Photo
Tablet Siglum
YBC 4616
Yale Babylonian Collection, New Haven
Genre / Classification
Incantations, worm (leeches)

CDLI No. P274696.

Coll. Farber, YOS 11, p. 61.

First photo Klaus Wagensonner.


1         dA-nu ir-ḫi-a-am ša-me-e ša-mu-ú er-ṣe-tam ul-d[u-n]im

2         er-ṣe-tum ú-li-id bu-ša-am bu-šum ú-li-id lu-ḫu-ma-a-am

3         lu-ḫu-mu-um ú-li-id zu!-ba! zu!-u[b]-bu ú-li-id tu-ul-tam

4         tu-ul-tum mārat(DUMU!.SAL!) dGu-la lu-ul-lu-um-tam lu-ub-bu-ša-at da-mi ḫa-ab-ra-at

5         a-ak?⌉-[ki?]-lu da-mi ṣe-eḫ-ri-im ú-pé-el-li-a-am i-ni-i-šu

6         id-⌈di ši-ip-tam dDa-mu ù dGu-la⌉ ú-ni-ra tu-ul-tam⌉ [e?-bi?]-tam?⌉/ iṭ-bu-uḫ-šu-⌈nu-ti⌉ a-na ṣ[e?]-eḫ?!-r[i?-im?]

7         ip-te pí-i-šu iṣ-ṣa-bat tu-la-a-am iš-ši-i-ma i-ni-šu i-[ni?-iq?]

8         ši-ip-tum ú-ul ia-a-tum ši-pa-at dDa-mu ù dGu-la dD[a-m]u [i]d-di-ma a-na-ku el-qé 


1         Anu begot the sky, the sky bore the earth,

2         The earth bore the stench, the stench bore the mud,

3         The mud bore the fly, the fly bore the “worm”.

4         The “worm”, the daughter of Gula, is clad in a l.-garment, thick with blood,

5         The de[vour]er of the child’s blood is reddening his eyes.

6         Damu cast the incantation and Gula slew the [thi]ck “worm”, slaughtered them for the (sake of the) c[hil]d,

7         He opened his mouth, took the (mother’s) breast, raised his eyes, (began to) s[uck].

8         The incantation is not mine, (it is) the incantation of Damu and Gula. Damu cast (it) and I took (it). 

Word Translation Semantic Line
ākilum devourer, that eats Human activities/actions [5]
Anum DN Deities/Divine sphere 1
bu'šum, būšum stench Qualities/Attributes 2
Damu DN Deities/Divine sphere 6, 8
dāmum blood Body/Body parts 4, 5
enēqum (v.) G to suck 7
erṣetum (KI) earth, land, netherworld Nature/Cosmological phenomena 1, 2
Gula DN Deities/Divine sphere 4, 6, 8
ḫabārum II (v.) G to be thick, solid; transf. of command: is weighty, authoritative 4
labāšum (v.) G to clothe, put on; D to clothe 4
leqûm (v.) G to take, take over; Š caus. of G 8
luḫummûm silt, mud Materials 2, 3
lullumtum garment (for travel and battle) Fabricated objects 4
mārtum (DUMU.MUNUS) daughter, girl Kinship terms 4
nadûm III (v.) G to throw down, lay down; N to be rejected 6, 8
našûm (v.) G to lift, carry Materials 7
nêrum (v.) G to strike, kill; D strike, smite, slay 6
petûm II (v.) G to open, expose 7
pûm I (KA) mouth, statement, command, opening Body/Body parts 7
reḫûm (v.) G to pour out, have sexual intercourse 1
ṣeḫrum I ((LÚ).TUR) little, young, junior-; small, child, servant, baby Qualities/Attributes,Social status/Groups/Professions 5, [6]
ṭabāḫum (v.) G to slaughter 6
tûltum worm, leech Fauna (wild) 3, 4, 6
tulûm breast Body/Body parts 7
walādum (v.) G to give birth 1, 2, 3
zubbum fly Fauna (wild) 3
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