MC 17, 443f. // AuOr Suppl. 23, 18g

SEAL no. 7280

  • BM 120022 obv.BM 120022 obv.
  • BM 120022 rev.BM 120022 rev.
Tablet Siglum
BM 120022 // RS 25.420 + RS 25.440 + RS 25.445 + RS 25.447 + RS 25.456A + RS 25.459C
BM 120022
11.4 x 6.0
British Museum, London
Genre / Classification
Incantations, Lamaštu

Edition to be published by Farber. Translation based on Farber 1987.

1       Incantation;

2       She is very great, the daughter of Anu, darkening little children.

3       Her hands are a hunting net, her arm crooks are death.

4       She is furious (lit.: teeth-gnashing), she is strong, she is vindictive, she is snatching,

5       she is goring, she is trampling, she is the one who takes away: the daughter of Anu.

6       She touches the innermost part of childbearing women,

7       she pulls away the baby from the nursemaid,

9       A ‘pure one’ is she amongst the gods, her brothers - the daughter of Anu.

10      Great are her weapons, her muscles are agile.

11      Her head is the head of a lion, the teeth of a donkey are her teeth.

12      Her teeth are a storm wind, she is pouring out death.

13      From all of the great mountains she is descending,

14      she keeps bawling like a bitch, she is howling,

15      she is roaring like a lion, she keeps howling.

16      Anzu is her face, she appears from above.

17      In the siesta, in the stillness of the day,

18      she turns up at corner after corner,

19      she keeps bowing down to crossbar after crossbar,

20      she keeps leaning on recesses after recesses,

21      she keeps circling around the handsome young man and the pretty young girl.

22      Asarluḫḫi, the son of Ea, the wise, saw her,

23      (and) reported the matter to his father, Ea.

24      - "I saw the daughter of Anu, who collects babies."

25      - "Go, my foremost son, Asarluḫḫi,

26      by an incantation and a ritual approach her!

27      weaken the muscles of her body!
28      you will set her on the cross-road,

29      you will give her a comb, a spindle and a fibula,

30      you will present her sandals and boots,

31      you will let her be surrounded all alone by her (own) plan.

32      You will dig seven, indeed seven rivers against her,

33      you will put in her way seven, indeed seven mountains."

34      - "To so-and-so, son of so-and-so, you will not come close, you will not get near!

35     The ritual drives you away, Nabu walks over you, in the river he pours  himself out on you!

36     Your are conjured, daughter of Anu, by the foremost, Asarluḫḫi!
37     Ea, king of faiths, confronts you!
38     The foremost, Ninurta, confronts you!
39     Marduk and Ṣarpānītu confront you!
40     King Šamaš confronts you!
41     You will not enter the house you have left,
42     you will not turn back to the road you have left!

43     The plants [growing] everywhere may restrain you!

44     the earth and heaven may restrain you!
45     the stones on the mountains may capture you!
46     the reed of the alfa-grass may pierce your feet.
47     Rise to the mountains of sweet scents!
48     Snatch the livestock: the onager, the gazelle,
49     the wild bulls, the mountain goats, the deer, the wild goats.

50     Assist at the birth to the livestock of Šakkan, the animals of the steppe! 

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