JCS 26, 174f. (Lamasaga/Baba)

SEAL no. 7501

Copy / Photo
174–175 (photo)
Tablet Siglum
CBS 10986
University Museum, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia
Genre / Classification
Hymns and Prayers, Lamasaga/Baba

CDLI No. P266176



5' [...] i-qá-ab-b[u-ú ...]

6' [...] i-qá-ab-bu-ú x [...]

7' [...] a-la!?-ki-šu ta-ki-i[l ...]

8' [x x] x x [x] x ú-ul i-ša x x [...]

9' a-na ša-r[i]-im ú-u[l] il-la-ak x [...]

10' ú-u[l x x] ki it-ti x ša nu x [...]

11' [e]-le-pu [x x]-tum ša i-ša-ad-dè-ḫu m[i-in-ki la dummuq]

12' [x] x x [x ul]-ṣa na-ši-at dLAMMA m[i-in-ki la damiq]

13' [dLAMMA da-mi-iq-t]um ša dBa-ba6 [te-ek-ni-tum]


14' [...] ši a-l[a-ki-ša]

two lines traces

17' [...] x i-na i-di-šu ša-ki-[in]

18' [... ta-ad]-di-ni-šum-ma

19' [...] ta-na-ad-di



i[n? …] pa-at-sú x x ba?-nu ú-ul i-ik-lu5-šu 

i[k? x x (x)] ⌈ša?⌉-ak-nu-šum-ma a-na ša-a-ši-im i-ik-mi-i-is-sí-im?

ma-ak-kur-šu šar-ru UD-mi-ša a-na še-pi-ša ša-pi-ik

i-na i-mi-it-ti-šu? x x ki ṭa-ba-am be-el-ti i-za-[az]

bi-it ni-gu-tim ša ta-ši-il-tam ma-lu-ú NIN mi-in-ki l[a dummuq]

6 UD-um ri-ša-tim ṣí-rum ša ma-ti dLAMMA mi-in-ki la [damiq]

dLAMMA da-mi-iq-tum ša dBa-ba6te-ek-n[i-tum]

8 MUNUS ZI ru-ba-tum ka-mi-is-tum ša ba-la-as-sà i[q-bu-ú]

i-na ma-ti-ma i-na a-tál-lu-ki i-na at-w[i-i-ša]

10 i-na ki-ma še-er-tim i-na ku-te-en-ni-i ZU x x a n[a …]

11 šum-ki ki-ma ku-uk-ki šam-ni ù líl-di pi-a-am ma-[li]

12 mi-im-ma ša iš-tu sú-qí-im i-na ba-ba-li-ša SIPA-eš-ti […]

13 ša re-e-eš gišKIRI6-ša lu-ḫir-ši-im i-qá-ab-b[i]

14 UD-mi-ša i-na bi-tim Gir-ši-im i-na-aṭ-ṭa-[al]

15 UD-mi-ša n[am]-ri-iš i-na maḫ-ri-ki i-[ta-na-(al-)la-ak]

16 dLAMMA a-na a-wi-il-tim ša-a-ti mu-tam ki-ma [a-bi ta-ad-di-ni-šim-ma]

17 mu-tam ki-ma a-bi ta-ad-di-ni-šim-ma […]

18 bi-x-sà ú x ma mi-im-ma ⌈x x⌉ […]


5' [...] they sa[y...]

6' [...] they say x [...]

7' [... when(?)] he is going(?) he is trustworthy.

8' ...

9' She(?) does not go to the rich .[..]

10' ...

11' The [..]. [b]oat which crosses [the sky], w[hat of yours is not as beautiful?]

12' ... bears [j]oy. Oh Lamma, w[hat of yours is not as beautiful?]

13' [Benefic]ient [Lamma] of Baba, [the honored one].


14' [... her] go[ing].

two lines traces

17' [..]. is set at his side.

18' [... you ga]ve him and

19' [...] throw


1 … they did not hold him back.

2 [..] are put(?) for him and he/she has gathered for her(?).

3 … daily the king lies powerless(?) at her feet.

4 At his(?) right side … good, my lady is sta[nding.]

5 The house of celebration, full of pleasure, what of yours is n[ot as beautiful?]

6 The lofty day of rejoicing of the land, Lamma, what of yours is not as [beautiful?]

7 Beneficient Lamma of Baba, the honored [one],

8 true woman, kneeling mistress, whose life sh[e (Baba) has ordained]!

9 Whenever she goes about (and) sp[eaks],

10 in the morning when (she) honors (Baba) …:

11 “Your name has fi[lled] the mouth like cakes, oil and cream.”

12 Everything, which is from the market street, when she brings (it) is of high quality […].

13 “May I choose for her (Baba) the best of her garden”, she says.

14 Daily she looks around in the house of Girsu.

15 Daily she brightly g[oes about] in front of you (Baba).

16 Lamma, [you have given] to this lady (Baba?) a husband instead of [a father],

17 You have given her a husband instead of a father.

18 … everything …

Word Translation Semantic Line
abum father r. 16, r. 17
alākum (v.) (DU) G to go, walk; Gt go off, away; Gtn wander, go repeatedly, roam about, walk o. 7, o. 9, o. 14, r. 9, r. 15
awīltum woman r. 16
awûm (v.) G to speak; Gt speak, discuss, negotiate r. 9
balāṭum (v.) G to live, stat. be alive; D bring back to life, revive r. 8
bēltum (NIN) lady, mistress, proprietress r. 4
bītum (É) house r. 5, r. 14
damāqum (v.) G to improve (intrans.) D to improve (trans.) o. 11, o. 12
damqum good o. 13, r. 5, r. 6, r. 7
eleppum (//ma) ship, boat o. 11
ḫiārum (v.) G to choose, seek out r. 13
idum (Á) arm; side; strength; wage o. 17
imittum right hand, right side r. 4
izuzzum (v.) (GUB) G to stand; Gtn iter. of G; Š cause to be present, appoint r. 4
kalûm V (v.) G to hold (back), detain r. 1
kamāsum I (v.) to gather in r. 2
kamāsum II (v.) G to kneel, squat down r. 8
kanûm (v.) D treat kindly, to care, praise, honor r. 10
kukkum cake r. 11
lišdum cream r. 11
maḫrum II front, presence r. 15
makkūrum property, possession(s) r. 3
malûm IV (v.) G to become full, fill up; D fill (up); Št to provide r. 5, r. 11
matīma whenever, sometime r. 9
mātum (//kalam) land, country r. 5
mimma anything, something; everything, all r. 12, r. 18
mīnum what, what? o. 11, o. 12, r. 5, r. 6
mutum husband; man, warrior r. 16, r. 17
nadānum (v.) (SUM) G to give, bestow o. 18, r. 16, r. 17
nadûm III (v.) G to throw down, lay down; N to be rejected o. 19
namrum (//gír) bright, splendid r. 15
našûm (v.) G to lift, carry; Gtn iter. o. 12
naṭālum (v.) G to look, gaze; Š to show r. 14
nigûtum joyful song, musical celebration r. 5
pûm I (KA) mouth, statement, command, opening r. 11
qabûm (v.) (DUG4) G to say, speak, command o. 5, o. 6, r. 8, r. 13
rēštûm first, pre-eminent, prime, firstborn r. 12
rēšum (SAG) head; beginning; slave r. 13
rīštum rejoicing, celebration r. 6
rubātum princess r. 8
šadāḫum (v.) to move in procession o. 11
šakānum (v.) (GAR) to put, place, lay down o. 17, r. 2
šamnum (Ì; Ì.GIŠ) oil, fat, cream r. 11
šapākum (v.) to heap up, pour on r. 3
šarrum (//lugal) king, lord r. 3
šarûm rich o. 9
šēpum foot, leg r. 3
šērtum II morning r. 10
ṣīrum exalted, supreme, splendid, outstanding r. 6
šumum (MU) name; son; line of text r. 11
sūqum (SILA) street r. 12
ṭābum (DU10) good, sweet r. 4
takālum (v.) to trust, to encourage o. 7
tašīltum celebration r. 5
teknītum (taknī'ātišu) (//mí) loving care r. 7
ulṣum pleasure, rejoicing o. 12
ūmišam daily r. 3, r. 14, r. 15
ūmum I (//u4) day r. 6
wabālum (v.) G to carry, bring; Š send, deliver; Št pass. of Š r. 12
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