AoF 18, 10f. (Praise of Babylon)

SEAL no. 7590

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Copy / Photo
Pls. 11-13
Tablet Siglum
HS 1893
6.9 x 4.3
Hilprecht Sammlung, Jena
Genre / Classification
Hymns and Prayers, Praise of Babylon

Describes a variety of games



a-li KÁ.DINGIR.RAki ša-du-ú ša ṣur-ri

it-tab-ši i+na ŠÀ-šú

e-le-lum mu-um-mé-el-lum 3 ù an-za-li-lum

ke-ep-pu-ʾ-ú an-ḫu-us-su!?(ZUM) 4 ù bi-it-ta-at

bu-kùr ra-pa-du ù IN.NU ḫar!?⌉-rum

ša-ak-ki šebu-kàt ù ar-si-ik-ki

il-li-lum šu-ši-šin ù ni-ši-lu-ú

iš-ḫu-up-pu ga-pa-aḫ-šu ù ḫu-up-pu

šar-ra-ḫu-tu gu-taš-šu-ru ù šar-ra-pu-tum

šu-ta-pu-ḫu šu-tar-ru-ḫu ù ri-ik-sa-tu

10 ši-in-ṣu pi-iq-ru ù na-mu-tu

11  se-e-gu te-el-tum ù šer9(ŠAR)-gi-tu

12 ša-lu-ú na-pa-gu ù bu-ru-bu-ru

13 kit-pu-lum la-sa-mu ù ta-ba-ak ḫaṭ-ṭi

14  a-na pi-i ša-bi-iṭ a-ba-ri ú-šal-lam ri-iq-di

15 a-na zi-im-ri ša-ḫu-un-ni i-sa-pi-id ir-ta

16 e-le-i mé-lu-la ša ba-tu-la-a-ti

17 a-se-gu-ta a-li-lu-ú-a ù ki-ṣe-el-le-tum

18 [ḫ]a-aṣ-ba-ti ḫa-am-bi(-)is-qí ù kur-si-in-na-bu-ú

19 ⌈se?-ri qá-ti ḫu-ub-ti li-pi-i ù bu-ul-li e-pe-ri

20 [ma?]-gi-il-la a-du-ur ši-ḫi-iṭ ù am-bi-is-su

21 [x] ⌈x an ḫu-su-ḫu-su ù tu-pu-tu-pu



1 [x x x (x)] ⌈x pi iš? tu/li iš x ri

2 [x x x (x)]-bé-e a-na? nu?-ru⌉-ub

3 [x x x] x⌉ ka mi

4 [x] tar? mu?nu-ga-ti e-li-ni-ti ša man-ni

5 [x x] nu bi-it ma-an-ni ma-la-aḫ-ma-la-aḫ

6 [x x r]u? ù šu-us-sa-as-se-e-a

7 [x]-x⌉-ru-ú man-nu i+na mu-ši

e-niš ù ḫu-ur-ru mu-ša-ṭi-ka bi-la



1 My city Babylon, the mountain of obsidian:

2 In its midst emerged,

playing, the player, 3and the anzalīlu-entertainer;

3 the skipping rope, its fatigue, 4and “daughters”;

4 “son”, running around and straw-(and)-ditch;

5 “(my-)harrowed(-field)!”, “(a)bukkatu-rush!” and “(my-)millet!”;

6  jubilation, sixty-(and)-two, and the oath-taker;

7 the rogue one, the proud one, and the acrobat;

8 (showing) arrogance, showing-oneself-superior-in-strength, and making-fires;

blowing-at-each-other, boasting, and (games with) knots/strings;

10 taunting, (making-a-)claim, and mockery;

11 (crying-a-)lamentation, (telling-a-)saying, and (reciting-a-)šergida;

12 submerging, hiding, and buru-buru;

13 wrestling, running, and stick-heaping;

14 At the command of the one who strikes the lead, he (i.e. the winner) completes (his) dances!

15 At the song of lament, he (i.e. the loser) beats (his) breast!

16 I am (also) competent to do the play of girls!

17 a-se-gu-ta, “alleluʾa!”, and (games with) astragals;

18 potsherds, , lots, and naming-kursinnu(-bones);

19 “smear?-my-hand!”, “dig-out-my-fat!”, and “stir-up-my-dust!”;

20 “fear-the-[mons]ter!”, “attack!”, and “escape-him!”

21 …, husu-husu and tupu-tupu;



1.       …

2....... [....... ]-toward-the-soft-

3....... [....... ] …

4....... [....... ]–(of)-wrath, enchantress-of-someone;

5....... [....... ] house-of-someone, “sailor!-sailor!”;

6....... [....... ] and “šu-us-sa-as-se-e-a”;

7....... [....... ], someone-in-the-night;

8  “(O)-weak-and-stupid-bring-me-your-haircombings!”

Revision History
Hess, Christian W.
Streck, Michael P.
Zomer, Elyze
Corrections, Transliteration, Translation
Wasserman, Nathan