CUSAS 32, 30d

SEAL no. 13429

  • CDLI no. P252102MS 3093
Copy / Photo
CDLI P252102
Tablet Siglum
MS 3093
12.0 x 13.5 x 3.2
Schøyen Collection, Oslo
Genre / Classification
Incantations, Scorpions

ii1  [na-al]-⌈ba⌉-[an] ⌈uq⌉-[ni-i-im]

ii2  ⌈ki-iš⌉-ki-ir e-eb-b[i-im]

ii3  ša-⌈ap⌉-ra ma-ar ili(DINGIR)-[šu]

ii4  zuqaqīpum(GĺR.TAB) iz-qú-[]

ii5  ⌈ma⌉-ar ši-ip-ri-[im]

ii6  me-e ši-qí-i-[ma]

ii7  a-⌈li⌉-ik ur-ḫi-im la ka-[]

ii8 a-la-ka-am li-pu-u[š]

ii9  ši-ip-tumú⌉-ul ia-tum

ii10 ši-pa-at dEn-ki dAsal-lú-ḫe

ii11 ù dEn5-si-gal-abzu

ii12 i-na qí-bi-it dEn-⌈ki⌉ 

ii13 dAsal-lú-ḫe ù dEn5-si-gal-abzu

ii14 ma-aḫ-ṣú-um li-ib-lu-uṭ-ma

ii15 qí-bi-it dEn-ki l[i-ši-i]r

ii16 šum-ma ma-aḫ-ṣú-umit⌉-ta-⌈al-kam

ii17 li-ša-am a-na ša-ḫa-ti-⌈šu

ii18 a-na ri-bi-ti-i-⌈šu

ii19 ta-ša-ak-ka-an

ii20 šum-ma ma⌉-ar ši-ip-ri-im

ii21 i-la-ka-ak-kum

ii22 ši-ip-ta-am a-na me-e ta-na-ad-⌈di⌉-ma

ii23 i-ša-at-ti

ii24 ki-a-am ta-qá-ab-bi-šum

ii25 um-ma an-na-an-na-ma

ii26 ba-al-ṭa-⌈ti

ii27 ⌈ka⌉-inim-ma GĺR.TAB


Col. ii

1 Brick mould of lapis lazuli,

2 brick board of pure (silver):

3-4 a scorpion stung an envoy, son of [his] god.

5-6      (Give) the messenger water to drink,      

7 so that the traveller is not held up!

8 Let him continue travelling!

9 The incantation is not mine,

10  it is an incantation of Enki, Asalluḫe

11  and Ensigalabzu.

12  By command of Enki,

13  Asallube and Ensigal-Abzu

14  may the stung person get better,

15  and Enki's command come true!

16  If a stung person comes (to you),

17-19   you place dough in his armpits and his groin(?).

20 If a messenger

21 comes to you,

22 you cast the spell over water

23 and he drinks it.

24 You say to him as follows,

25 "So-and-so,

26 you are alive and well!"

27 Incantation formula for a scorpion.

Word Translation Semantic Line
alākum (v.) (DU) G to go, walk; Gt go off, away; Gtn wander, go repeatedly, roam about, walk; Š caus. of G 8, 16, 21
ālik urḫim traveller, wayfarer 7
ālikum going, goer 7
annanna, f. annannītum so-and-so, such-and-such 25
Asarluḫi/Asalluḫi DN 10, 13
balāṭum (v.) G to live, stat. be alive; D bring back to life, revive, let live, support, provide for 14, 26
Enki DN 10, 12, 15
ebbum bright, pure 2
Ensigalabzu DN 11, 13
epēšum (v.) G to do, make, build; Gt to do throroughly; Št be active, work on; N pass. of G 8
ešērum (v.) G be straight, direct towards; be or become all right, be fair; Š put in good condition, make straight; Št1 pass. of Š; Št2 put, keep in order 15
ilum (DINGIR) god, deity 3
KA.INIM.MA incantation formula, incantation 27
kalûm V (v.) G to hold (back), detain 7
kīam so, thus 24
kiškirrum a wooden board 2
līšum dough 17
maḫṣum smitten, beaten 14, 16
mār šiprim messenger 5, 20
mārum (DUMU) boy, son, descendant 3, 5, 20
mû I (A(.MEŠ)) water 6, 22
nadûm III (v.) G to throw down, lay down; N to be rejected; Š caus. of G 22
nalbanum brick mould 1
qabûm (v.) (DUG4) G to say, speak, command 24
qibītum speech, command, utterance, word 12, 15
rebītum square, open place; abdomen 18
šaḫātum hiding place, armpit 17
šakānum (v.) (GAR) to put, place, lay down 19
šaprum envoy, messenger 3
šatûm II (v.) G to drink 23
šiprum sending, mission, work, messenger 5
šiptum (ḖN; KAxUD) incantation, spell 9, 10, 22
šīqum watering, irrigation 6
šumma if 16, 20
uqnûm (na4ZA.GÌN) lapis lazuli, turquoise 1
yā'um my, mine 9
zaqātum (v.) G to sting 4
zuqiqīpum, zuqaqīpum (GÍR.TAB) scorpion 4, 27
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