To Nabû (JAOS 103, 205f.)

SEAL no. 1647

Tablet Siglum
Ni. 13088
Genre / Classification
Literary Letters, Sîn-nādin-šumim to [Nabium]
Nippur (mod. Nuffar)



1       [a-na b]e-lí-ia [dNa-bi-um]

2       [ša] ta-ar-si-is-s[u ......]

3       [pu]-uq-qù as-ma-t[im(?)......]

4       qí-bí-[ma]

5       ga-am-ma-li a-zi-ri ta-a-a-[ri]

6       ša ar-ḫiš na-ap-šu-ru ba-[aš-ta-šu]

7       šu-un-ni-šum-[ma]

8       ki-ma šu-mi-šu-ma šu-ma-am ṣi-ra-a[m na-bi]

9       iš-tu sa-as-su-ri-šu ši-im-tum ṭà-[a]b-t[u]m

10     ši-ma-as-sú šu-ul-[li]s-súm-ma

11     be-lí le-iu-um tu-ša(!)(TA)-ru(?)

12     etel(NIR.GÁL)-lum ša sì-qar-šu ki-na-tum at-ta-ma

13     en-ma dSîn(EN.ZU)-na-din-šu-mi-im

14     ab-du pa-li-ḫu-um

15     ša a-na qí-bi-ti-ka ma-di-iš i-na-ak-ku-du

16     UD-mi ù mu-ši ma-ḫar ili(DINGIR) ù iš-ta-ri

17     su-pé-e-ka ṣa-ab-tu4

18     warad(ÌR)-ka-ma

19     be-lí a-na ša la i-da-a-ku

20     e-li-ia iš-bu-us-ma

21     mu-ḫa-as-si-sa-am ul ar-ši

22     i-na-an-na be-lí

23     ia-ši tu-še20-ep-pa-am-ma

24     ma-ar-ṣa-at im-ḫur-an-ni

25     a-na be-lí-ia lu-ta-mi

26     [i]š-tu UD-um ṣe-eḫ-re-e-ku

27     [a]-na pa-an pIb-ni-dEn.lí[l ......] x

28     x ul [......]




(rev.29–30   missing)

(31–40   no reading possible)


41     [.........] KI i ba ra [x]

42     [......] x ul i-za-an-nu-nu

43     [be-lí ki-ma wa]-ar-di-šu pa-ni-šu e-li-ia

44     u[l iš-ku-un-ma (...) i-na] aḫ-ḫi-ni

45     x [....] x e-ṭí-ra-am ul ar-ši

46     eš-[te]-i-ma ma-am-ma-an qa-ti ul iṣ-bat

47     nu-u[g-g]a-at be-lí-ia lip-šu-ḫa-am-ma

48     be-lí [š]u-bar-ra-a-a liš-kun-ma

49     a-na sì-qar [be-lí-i]a

50     [m]a-di-iš l[u-uk-ru-ub




1                 To my lord [Nabium]

2                 of whom it is said, that a prayer to h[im ......]

3                 (and) who is attentive to (thepro[perness(?) ......]

4                 say;

5                 To the merciful one, to the helper, to the one who forgives,

6                 whose att[ribute] it is to pardon quickly,

7                 say secondly;

8                 As to his name, [he is called] by a magnifice[nt] name,

9                 from his (mother’s) womb onwards

9–10           his fate is a good fate, to him say for a third time:

11               My mighty well-disposed master,

12               a lord, whose word is truth, you are.

13              Thus (says) Sîn-nādin-šumim,

14               a reverent servant,

15               who is very anxious about your word

16               (and) day and night before god and goddess

17               occupied with prayers to you,

18               your slave:

19               My lord, for (reasons) that I do not know,

20               has become angry with me and

21               I have not obtained any advocate.

22               Now, my lord,

23               you are asking for me, therefore

25               I will tell my lord

24               the difficulties that faced me.

26               Since the days of my youth,

27               in front of Ibni-Enlil [......]

28               ...... [.........]




29–30         (missing)

31–40         (no translation possible)

41               [.........] ...... [...]

42               [.........] they do not care for.

43               Toward me, [as his ser]vant, [my lord]

43–44         [has no]t [turned] his face [and (...) among] my brothers

45               I have not obtained any rescuer [(or) ......].

46               I was constantly searching but nobody took my hand.

47               May the anger of my lord calm down for me and

48               may my lord grant me freedom! Then

50               I wi[ll pray a] lot

49               to the name of m[y lord]!


Word Translation Semantic Line
abdum slave 14
aḫum I brother Kinship terms 44
wasmum fitting, suitable 3
bāštum dignity, pride Abstract concepts 6
etellum (NIR) lord, prince, pre-eminent Social status/Groups/Professions 12
ēṭirum rescuer 45
Ibni-Enlil PN 27
ištarum goddess Deities/Divine sphere 16
kittum I steadiness, reliability, truth, justice Abstract concepts 12
lē'ûm powerful competent (in: lā lē'ûm, "weak, powerless"), mighty, able, capable, skilled; skillful,... 11
mūšum (GI6) night(-time) Abstract concepts,Time concepts 16
Nabû DN 1
napšurum appeasement, forgiveness 6
nuggatum anger 47
pānum I (IGI) front, face, earlier times Abstract concepts,Body/Body parts 27, 43
qibītum speech, command, utterance, word Verbal expressions 15
šassūrum, sassūrum womb Body/Body parts 9
ṣeḫrum II youth 26
šīmtum (NAM) fate, what is fixed, destiny Abstract concepts,Rituals/Religious practices 9, 10
Sîn(EN.ZU)-nādin-šumim PN 13
šubarrû (tax) exemption 48
šumum (MU) name; son; line of text Abstract concepts,Verbal expressions 8
supûm, suppûm prayer Rituals/Religious practices 17
tarsītum prayer 2
ūmum I (UD) day, daily Abstract concepts,Nature/Cosmological phenomena,Time concepts 16, 26
wardum (SAG.ÌR; ÌR) slave, servant 18, 43
zikrum, siqrum utterance, name; mention of the name; reputation 12, 49
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