YOS 11, 86

SEAL no. 7061

  • YBC 4603 (Yale Babylonian Collection)YBC 4603 (Yale Babylonian Collection)
  • YBC 4603 obv. (Yale Babylonian Collection)YBC 4603 obv. (Yale Babylonian Collection)
  • YBC 4603 rev. (Yale Babylonian Collection)YBC 4603 rev. (Yale Babylonian Collection)
  • YBC 4603 right edge (Yale Babylonian Collection)YBC 4603 right edge (Yale Babylonian Collection)
  • van Dijk/Goetze/Hussey 1985, 86van Dijk/Goetze/Hussey 1985, 86
Copy / Photo
Tablet Siglum
YBC 4603
13.5 x 5.5 x 2.5
Yale Babylonian Collection, New Haven
Genre / Classification
Incantations, childbirth

CDLI P305836.

This incantation for a woman in labor is followed by a Sumerian incantation against Lamaštu.

First photo Klaus Wagensonner.


1 i-na me-e na-a-ki-im

2 ib-ba-ni e-ṣé-em-tum

3 i-na ši-i-ir [še20]-er-ḫa-nìm

4 ib-ba-ni [l]i-il-li-du-um

5 i-na me-e ayabba(A.AB.BA) ša-am-ru-tim

6 pa-al-ḫu-ú-tim

7 i-na me-e ti-a-am-tim ru-qú-ú-tim

8 a-šar ṣe-eḫ-ru-um ku-us-sà-a i-da-a-šu

9 qí-ir-bi-is-sú la-a uš-na-wa-ru

10 i-in ša-am-ši-im  

11 i-mu-ur-šu-ú-ma dAsar-lú-ḫi ma-ri dEn-ki

12 ip-ṭù-ur ma-ak-sí-i-šu

13 ku-uṣ-ṣú-ru-ú-tim

14 ṭù-ú-da-am iš-ku-un-šum

15 pa-a-da-na-am ip-te-e-šum

16 [pu?-ut?]-tu-ku-um ṭù-ú-du

17 pa-a-da-nu(-)mu[š?-te-ši-r]a-ku-um

18 wa-aš-ba-at-ku-um Bēlet-ilī(dMAḪ⌉) a-sú-tum

19 ba-a-ni-a-at [mi?-n]a?-mi-i-i[m]      

20 ba-ni-a-at ka-li-i-ni

21 a-na ši-ga-ri-im            

22 ta-aq-ta-bi wu-uš-šu-r[a-a]t

23 [pa-a]ṭ-ru sí-ik-ku-ru-[(x)?]        

24 [ru-um]-ma-a da-la-t[u-(x)]

25 [li]-im-ḫa-aṣ [si-ip-pí]

26 ki-ma da-di-[im]              

27 šu-ṣí ra-ma-an-ka


28 KA.inim.ma munus ù-tu-da-kam


1–2 In the fluid of intercourse the substance was created.

3–4 In the fleshy tissue the homunculus was created.

5–6 In the water of the ocean, so fierce, so frightening,

7 in the water of the sea, so remote,

8 a place where the little-one, his hands are bound,

9–10 a place which is not lit by the eye of the sun –

11   (there) Asarluḫi, the son of Enki, noticed him.

12–13  He loosened his shackles so tight,

14–15  set for him the road, opened for him the path, (saying:)

16–17  “The road (and) the path are open for you: I have set (them) in order for you!

18–19  Bēlet-ilī, the medicine-woman, is sitting for you, the creatrix of everything,

21–24  the creatrix of all of us said to the bolt: “You are released! [un]bolt are the bars, loosened are the door[s]!”

25 - “[May] he break the [door jambs]!”

26–27 - “Come out by yourself like a good boy!”


28 Incantation for a woman in labor.

Word Translation Semantic Line
a(y)yabba sea Nature/Cosmological phenomena 5
amārum (v.) G to see; catch sight of; N pass. of G, be found 11
Asarluḫi/Asalluḫi DN Deities/Divine sphere 11
banûm (v.) G to build, create; N be created, made 2, 4
bānûm, f. bānîtum creator, begetter Fauna (wild) 19, 20
dādum I darling, favorite, sexual attractiveness Human activities/actions,Social status/Groups/Professions 26
daltum (GIŠ.IG) door Fabricated objects 24
Enki DN Deities/Divine sphere 11
eṣemtum (uzuGÌR.PAD.DU) bone Body/Body parts 2
idum (Á) arm; side; strength; wage Body/Body parts 8
īnum (IGI) eye Nature/Cosmological phenomena 10
kalûm II (DÙ.A.BI) all, totality, everything Abstract concepts 20
kasûm III (v.) G to bind; G~D bind person, animal, limb 8
lillidum offspring Kinship terms 4
maḫāṣum (v.) G to beat, strike; Gt to fight with each other 25
maksûm bandage (medical), fetter, shackles Fabricated objects 12
mīnamîm, mīnummê all (of), everything Abstract concepts 19
mû I (A(.MEŠ)) water Food/Drink 1, 5, 7
nawārum (v.) G to be(come) bright, shine; D make bright; Š cause to shine; ŠD lighten, gladen 9
niākum (v.) G to have sexual intercourse 1
padānum way, path Locations/Buildings 15, 17
paṭārum (v.) G to loosen, release; G~D; N to be loosened 12, 23
petûm II (v.) G to open, expose; Š to cause to open 15
qabûm (v.) (DUG4) G to say, speak, command 22
qerbītum womb, centre, interior Body/Body parts 9
ramānum self Abstract concepts,Body/Body parts,Personal prons. 27
ramûm III (v.) G to slacken, become loose; D release, let go 24
rūqum distant 7
Šamaš, šamšum (dUtu) DN, sun Nature/Cosmological phenomena 10
ṣeḫrum I ((LÚ).TUR) little, young, junior-; small, child, servant, baby Qualities/Attributes,Social status/Groups/Professions 8
šer'ānum, šir'ānum (SA) vein, artery, ligament, tendon, nerve, sinew Body/Body parts 3
šigarum (wooden) clamp, (neck-)stock, door lock, bolt Fabricated objects 21
sikkūrum (GIŠ.SAG.KUL) bar, bolt (as locking device) Fabricated objects 23
sippum (door-)jamb Fabricated objects [25]
šīrum (UZU) flesh, body; entrails; kinsman, blood relative, meat; ominous sign Body/Body parts,Kinship terms 3
tiāmtum, tâmtum (A.AB.BA) sea, lake Nature/Cosmological phenomena 7
ṭūdum way, path Locations/Buildings 14, 16
wašārum (v.) G to sink down; D to release, set free 22
waṣûm (v.) G to go out, depart; Š caus. of G 27
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