CT 4, 8

SEAL no. 7065

  • BM 92518 obv. (NW)BM 92518 obv. (British Museum)
  • BM 92518 lower edge (British Museum)BM 92518 lower edge (British Museum)
  • BM 92518 rev. (British Museum)BM 92518 rev. (British Museum)
  • BM 92518 rev., upper edge (British Museum)BM 92518 rev., upper edge (British Museum)
  • Steinert/Vacin 2019, 717Steinert/Vacin 2019, 717
  • Steinert/Vacin 2019, 719Steinert/Vacin 2019, 719
Copy / Photo
716-718 (photo, copy)
8a (copy)
Tablet Siglum
BM 92518 (88-5-12, 51)
9.5 x 5.4
British Museum, London
Genre / Classification
Incantations, constipation

Ea-Marduk type. CDLI No. 355757 (no photo).



1 šà gig-ga {⌈IN⌉} gi-pisan!-gin7 kéš-da

li-ib-bu ma-ar-ṣú ša ki-ma pí-ša-an-ni ka-at-m[u]


2  a íd-da-gin7 al-du-un nu-zu

ki-ma me-e na-ri-im e-ma i-il-la-ku ú-ul [i-di]


3 a pú-gin7 a-ĝe6-a {⌈GIN7⌉} nu-tuku

ki-ma me-e bu-ur-ti a-gi-a ú-ul i-šu


4 gakkùl-gin7! ⌈ka-bi⌉ ba-dul

ki-ma ka-ak-ku-li [?-šu?] ka-ti-im


5 a nu-mu-un-da-ku4-ku4 ninda nu-mu-un-da-ku4-ku4

a-ka-lu ù mu-ú ú-ul i-ir-ru-bu-šum


dAsar-lú-ḫi igi-ni im-ma-an-sì

 dMarduk(AMAR.UTU) ip-pa-li-ís-su-ma


7 a-a-ni dEn-ki-kegù mu-un-na-dé-e

a-na a-bi-šu dÉ-a i-ša⌉-ás-si


8 a-a-ni šà gig-ga {IN} gi-pisan-gin7 kéš-da

a-bi li-ib-bu ma-ar-ṣú ša ki-ma pí-ša-an-ni ka-at-mu


9 a íd-da-gin7 al-du-un nu-zu

ki-ma me-e na-ri-im e-ma i-il-la-ku ú-ul i-di! (Text:ŠU)


10  a pú-gin7 a-ĝe6-a {GIN7} nu-tuku

ki-ma me-e bu-ur-ti a-gi-a ú-ul i-šu



11 ⌈gakkùl⌉-[gin7 ka-b]? ba-⌈dul?⌉

 ki-ma ka-ak-ku-l[ip[í?-šuka-ti-im


12 a nu-mu-un-da-ku4-ku4 ninda nu-mu-un-da-ku4-ku4

akalu(NINDA) ù mu-ú ú-ul i-ir-ru-bu-šum


13  dEn-{LÍL}-ki-ke4 dAsar-lú-ḫi mu-un-na-ni-íb-gi-gi

dÉ-a dMarduk(AMAR.UTU) i-ip-pa-al


14 dumu-ĝu10 a-na-àm nu!(Text:NE)-zu a-na-àm ma-ra-ab-daḫ-e

ma-ri mi-i-na la ti-di-ma mi-i-na-am lu-ṣi-ib-šu


15 níĝ ĝe26-e zu-ĝu10 ù za-e ĝá-zu

ša a-na-ku i-du-ú {Ú} at-ta ti-di


16 ù za-e ĝá-zu níĝ ĝe26-e zu-ĝu10

ša at-ta ti-du-ú a-na-ku i-di


17 lú ḫé-a ⌈gu4 ḫé-a⌉ udu ḫé-a

lu-ú a-wi-lu-tum lu-ú al-pu lu-ú im-me-ru


18 lag mun ù ḫa!-še-na ù-un-daḫ ù-bí-⌈in⌉-[šub]

ki-ir-ba-an ṭa-ab-ti ù ḫa-ši-i us-ḫa-a[m x x x]


19 še10-<gin7> ki-šè ḫé-si-il-le ki-ma ši-it-[ti-im liddi?]

20 bu-lu-úḫ-gin7 ḫé?-si-il-le ki-ma g[i-šu-ú-tim li-ig-šu]

21 im-gin7 gu!(Text:ŠE)-du-šè è-íb-ta ki-ma š[a-ri-im li-še-ṣi]

ši-pa-at KA [x x x x x]


22 ša-ri-ìš 4 libbi(ŠÀ-bi) libbi(ŠÀ) šamê(AN) erṣetim (KI) t[u?-x x x x]

23 i-nu-ma a-na awīlim(LÚ) qáb-la-{DU}-t[umlu-⌈x⌉-[x x x]

24 [i]-na-ad-di-šu-ú LÀL?? i-le-em-m[x x x x x x]

25 li-ib-bu i-na-aḫ l[i-x x x x x]


26 2 EME ša li-ib-bi 


(Trans. of Akk. only)


1–3 Aching belly which is covered like a box, like the water of a river it does not know where to go, like the water of a well it has no flow.

4–5 Its [opening?] is covered like a brewing jar: food and water cannot enter into it.

6–7  Marduk observed it and called to his father, Ea (saying):

8–12 “Oh my father! (There is an) aching belly which is covered like a box, like the water of a river it does not know where to go, like the water of a well it has no flow. (Rev.) Its opening is covered like a brewing jar: food and water cannot enter into it".


13 Ea answers Marduk:

14–16 “My son, what do you not know? What can I add to it? What I know, you know; What you know, I know!

17–18 (As for the patient) – be he a human being, or a bull, or a sheep – ex[tract] (out of him) a lump of salt and thyme!”

19–21 “[May he drop (it)] in the form of excre[ment]! [May he eject it] in the form of a b[elch]! [May he make it go out] in the form of w[ind!"]

                         Incantation of the opening of [… …]

22 To the wind (you say) 4 (times): "O my belly! O my belly! Heaven (and) earth ... […]"

23 When into the (sick) person, the middle of the body ... [...]

24 He will drop it. He will consume honey(?).

25 The belly will come to rest; The b[elly will recover].


26 Two incantations for a belly.

Word Translation Semantic Line
abum (//a-a) father Kinship terms 7, 8
agûm II (//a-gi6-a) wave, flood Nature/Cosmological phenomena 3
ak(a)lum (//ninda) bread, loaf, food Food/Drink 5, 12
alākum (v.) (DU) G to go, walk; Gt go off, away; Gtn wander, go repeatedly, roam about, walk; Š caus. of G Written texts/Literary terms 2, 9
alpum (//gu4) bull, ox Fauna (domestic) 17
apālum (v.) (//gi-gi) G to answer, to pay 13
awīlūtum (//lú) humanity Abstract concepts 17
būrtum (//pú) cistern, well, fish pond, source (of river), hole, pit Fabricated objects 3, 10
Ea (//dEn-ki) DN Deities/Divine sphere 7, 13
edûm (v.) (//zu) G to know 2, 9, 14, 15, 16
erēbum (v.) (//ku4) G to enter, come in; Š cause to enter, bring in 10, 24
erṣetum (KI) earth, land, netherworld 22
gešûm (v.) (//si-il) to belch [20]
gišûtum (//bu-lu-úḫ) eructation, belch Diseases/Demons 20
ḫašûm (//ḫa-še) thyme Flora 18
immerum (//udu) sheep Fauna (domestic) 17
inūma, enūma (UD) when, at the time of 23
išûm (v.) (//tuku) G to have 3, 10
kakkullum (//gàkkul) mash-tub Fabricated objects 4
katāmum (v.) (//kéš) G to cover, close 1, 8
kirbānum (//lag) lump Nature/Cosmological phenomena 18
lemûm I (v.) G to consume, eat and drink 24
libbum (ŠÀ) heart, mind; inner body Body/Body parts 22, 25, 26
libbum (ŠÀ) (//šà) heart, mind; inner body Body/Body parts 1, 8
Marduk (//dAsar-lú-ḫi) DN Deities/Divine sphere 6, 13
marṣum (//gig) sick, troublesome Human activities/actions 1, 8
mārum (//dumu) boy, son, descendant Kinship terms 14
mû I (//a) water Food/Drink 2, 3, 5, 9, 10, 12
nadûm III (v.) G to throw down, lay down; N to be rejected; Š caus. of G 24
nâḫum (v.) G to rest; D to calm 25
nārum I (//íd) river Nature/Cosmological phenomena 2, 9
nasāḫum (v.) G to tear out, pull out, remove; G~D; N pass. be extracted, torn out 18
palāsum (v.) (//igi ~sì) G to look at; N look, gaze, consider 6
pišannum (//gi-pisan) box, chest Fabricated objects 1, 8
qablītum center, central part, middle (watch) of the night 23
šamû I (AN) sky, heaven 22
šāriš in the wind 22
šārum (//im) wind, breath [21]
šasûm (v.) (//gù ~dé) G to shout, call (out), read (out); Gtn iter. of G 7
šiptum (ḖN; KAxUD) incantation, spell 21
šittum IV (//še10) excrement Body/Body parts [19]
ṭabtum (//mun) salt 18
waṣābum (v.) G to add, increase 28, 36
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