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SEAL no. 7071

  • BM 17305 obv. (British Museum)BM 17305 obv. (British Museum)
  • BM 17305 rev. (British Museum)BM 17305 rev. (British Museum)
  • Figulla 1959, 32 pl. 41Figulla 1959, 32 pl. 41
  • Geller/Wiggermann 2008 , 151Geller/Wiggermann 2008 , 151
Copy / Photo
32 pl. 41 (copy)
Tablet Siglum
BM 17305 (1894,0115.19)
British Museum, London
Genre / Classification
Incantations, diseases (various)

CDLI No. P283754.

According to BM catalogue: acquisition date 1894.


1          lu-di-kum šiptam(TU6ṭà-ri-da-at ka-la mu-úr-ṣe-e

2          ša dEn-líl-bàn-da iš-ku-nu mu-ši-im ši-ma-tim!

3          li-di-kum É-a šipat(TU6ba-la-ṭi4-im

4          dNu-<dím>-mud ù dNammu e-le-et An-ni-im! (Text: IḪ)

5          li-di-kum šiptam(TU6dNin-níg-erím-me-e be-le-et ši-pa!-tim! (Text: TUM)

6          i-di šiptam(TU6dNin-níg-erím-me-e be-le-et ši-pa-tim

7          i-te-bi mar-ṣú-um i-na tu-i-ša ú-ul ú-ša-na-ah

8          li-ir-ku-ús-ka dNin-kar-ra-ak i-na ra-ba-tim qá-ti-ša

9          dDa-mu ma-na-ah-ta-ka li-še20-te-eq el-ka

10        mar-tam pa-ši-tam dLamaštam(DÌM.ME) ek-ke-em-tam ni-ši-ik kalbim(UR.GI7.RA) ši-in-ni a-wi-lu-tim

11        li-di-iš An-nu-ni-tum i-na tu-i-ša


12        dAdad dŠakkan dNisaba dUTU dÍd hur?-sa-an

13        ilū(DINGIR.RA) qá-aš-du-tum!: šu-nu li-il5-li-lu-ka

14        el-le-et dEn-líl-lá li-il5-li-lu-ka

15        Māšum(MAŠ) ù MAŠ-tum mārū(DUMU.MEŠ) dSîn dUTU ù Iš8-tár

16        dab-bi- ša-ba-ši-tum dal-pu-um ep-ša-tum ù gún-nu-ṣum

17        ù la li-bi i-la e-li-ka li-iš-bu-ús

18        šar(LUGAL) Apsîm(ZU.AB) maš-maš ilī(DINGIR.RA) el-lu {TU6-a}

19        šiptam(TU6) ša la ta-pa! (Text: AP)-ra-sú li-di-kum

20        li-še20-bi-ir ana sú-rím ma-na-ah-ta-ka-ma a-na erṣetim(KI⌉-[t]im)

21        ad-di-kum šiptam(TU6ṭà-ri-da-at ka-la mu-ur-ṣé


1          Let me cast on you(m.) a spell driving out all diseases,

2          which Enlilbanda, the one deciding all fates, placed (for me).

3          Let Ea cast on you(m.) a life-bestowing spell,

5          Let Ningirimma, mistress of spells, cast on you(m.) a spell.

6          Ningirimma, the mistress of spells, has cast a spell:

7          the patient is getting up; with her incantation, he grieves no more.

8–9      Let Ninkarrak bind you with her hands so gentle, let Damu remove your suffering.

10–11  As for murdering bile, Lamaštu, the Snatcher, a dog bite, a human tooth – may Annunītu trample them with her incantation.


12        Adad, Sumukan, Nisaba, Šamaš, Nāru, and Huršānu,

13        the holy gods, may they purify you(m.)!

14        With the authority of Enlil, may they purify you –

15        the twin-brother and twin-sister, Sin’s children, Šamaš and Ištar.

16        The gossipy person, the enraged woman, the restless man, the sorceresses, and the sneering man,

17        or the person rejected by (his personal) god – should (one of these) be angry with you,

18–19  may the Lord of the Apsû, the pure exorcist of the gods cast on you a spell that you cannot unknot.

20        May it convey your agony to the Netherworld immediately.

21        I have cast on you(m.) a spell driving away all diseases.

Word Translation Semantic Line
Adad (dIŠKUR) DN Deities/Divine sphere 12
anāḫum (v.) G to become tired; Š trouble, exert, strain; Št be depressed 7
Annunītum DN Deities/Divine sphere 11
Anum DN Deities/Divine sphere 4
Apsûm (ZU.AB) underground water (cosmic) Deities/Divine sphere,Nature/Cosmological phenomena 18
awīlūtum humanity, mankind Abstract concepts 10
balāṭum (TI) life, vigour, good health Abstract concepts 3
bēlet šipātim lady of spells Deities/Divine sphere 5, 6
dābibum gossiping man Human activities/actions 16
dalpum sleepless man Human activities/actions 16
Damu DN Deities/Divine sphere 9
diāšum (v.) G to tread down, thresh, to trample 11
Ea DN Deities/Divine sphere 3
ebērum (v.) G to cross over; Š make to cross, bring across 20
ekkimum rapacious, thieving Diseases/Demons 10
elēlum II (v.) G to become pure, free; D purify 13, 14
ellēt with the authority (of DN) 4, 14
ellum (KÙ.GA) pure, clear, sacred Qualities/Attributes 18
Enlil DN Deities/Divine sphere 14
Enlilbanda DN Deities/Divine sphere 2
ēpištum, ēpšātum sorceress Diseases/Demons 16
erṣetum (KI) earth, land, netherworld Nature/Cosmological phenomena 20
etēqum I (v.) G to go past, cross over; Gtn iter.; Š caus. of G 9
gunnuṣum nose-wrinkling, sneering person Social status/Groups/Professions 16
Ḫursānum DN Deities/Divine sphere 12
ilum (DINGIR) god, deity Deities/Divine sphere 17
ilum (DINGIR) god, deity Deities/Divine sphere 13, 18
Ištar DN Deities/Divine sphere 15
kalbum (UR.GI7) dog Fauna (domestic),Fauna (wild) 10
kalûm II (DÙ.A.BI) all, totality, everything Abstract concepts 1
Lamaštum (dDÌM.ME) DN Deities/Divine sphere,Diseases/Demons 10
mānaḫtum weariness, fatigue, toil, work Abstract concepts 9, 20
marṣum sick, troublesome Human activities/actions 7
martum bile Kinship terms 10
martum pāšittum exterminating bile, obliterator, (said of Lamaštum) Diseases/Demons 10
mārum (DUMU) boy, son, descendant Kinship terms 15
mašmašum incantation priest Social status/Groups/Professions 18
Māštum DN, twin goddess, twin-sister Kinship terms 15
māšum twin (brother/sister) Kinship terms 15
murṣum (TU.RA) illness, sorrow, distress Diseases/Demons,Human activities/actions 1, 21
mušīm šīmātim one who decides destinies Deities/Divine sphere 2
nadûm III (v.) G to throw down, lay down; N to be rejected; Š caus. of G 1, 3, 5, 6, 19, 21
Nammu DN Deities/Divine sphere 4
Nārum (dÍD) DN, GN, Divine River Deities/Divine sphere 12
Ninkarrak DN Deities/Divine sphere 8
Ninnigerimmê DN Deities/Divine sphere 5, 6
Nisaba DN Deities/Divine sphere 12
niškum, neškum bite Diseases/Demons 10
Nudimmud literary epithet of Ea, DN Deities/Divine sphere 4
parāsum (v.) G to cut (off), decide, divide; Gtn continually block 19
pāšittum obliterator Rituals/Religious practices 10
qašdum holy 13
qātum (ŠU) hand Body/Body parts 8
rabbum soft, gentle Qualities/Attributes 8
rakāsum (v.) G to bind 8
šabāsum, sabāsum (v.) G to be angry 17
šabbasûm very angry Human activities/actions 16
šakānum (v.) (GAR) to put, place, lay down 2
Šakkan (dŠakkan, dŠákkan) DN Deities/Divine sphere 12
Šamaš, šamšum (dUtu) DN, sun Deities/Divine sphere 12, 15
šarrum (LUGAL; EN) king, lord Social status/Groups/Professions 18
šīmtum (NAM) fate, what is fixed, destiny Abstract concepts,Rituals/Religious practices 2
Sîn DN Deities/Divine sphere 15
šinnum tooth Body/Body parts 10
šiptum (ḖN; KAxUD) incantation, spell Rituals/Religious practices,Verbal expressions,Written texts/Literary terms 1, 3, 5, 6, 19, 21
ṭarādum (v.) G to send off, despatch, send away 1, 21
tebûm (v.) G to get up, arise, set out; Š set in motion, remove 7
tûm, tuʾum incantation(-formula) Rituals/Religious practices 7, 11
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