AS 16, 287f.c

SEAL no. 7228

  • Rm 376 (British Museum)Rm 376 (British Museum)
  • Lambert 1965a, 287f.Lambert 1965a, 287f. obv.
Copy / Photo
287f. (copy)
Tablet Siglum
Rm 376
120 x 110
British Museum, London
Genre / Classification
Incantations, Birth: cow of Sîn

Contains the ‘Cow-of-Sîn’ narrative. The following parallels exist: MB/MA AuOr Suppl. 23, 20: 1'-10'; Iraq 31, pl. V–VIb: 51-62; KUB 4, 13a: 1'-14'; NA KAR 196/BAM 3, 248: iii 10-35; AMT 67/1: iii 4-29

CDLI P282433.





22. ul-ta-aṣ-bi-si pa-nu su-ku-li-ša la-tu i-la-ka-a i-n[a ar-ki-šá]  

23. i-na nu-ru-ub Úmeš i-ra- ʾu-ši i-na saḫ!-ḫ[i!] ša maš-qe-[e …]

24. i-na pu-zu!(KA)-ur SIPA la la-mad ka-pár-ri gu4ÁB il-[ta-ḫi-iṭ]

25. AMAR ek-du ar-ḫi-ša i-na ga-ma-ri UDmeš-šá i-n[a qu-ti-i]

26. gu4ÁB ik-ta-mi-ṣi (-) i-ḫa-al ar-ḫu SIPA ⌈x⌉ […]  

27. u ka-pár-rumeš DÙ.A.BI-šu-nu sa-ap-du-ši sa-ap-[du ...]  

28. []⌈SIPA!na-ši ŠU ù ka-pár-ru ú-ka-na-šá a-na [ik-kil-li-šá]  

29. [ri-g]i-im ḫi-li-šái-na AN iš-ta-ma-a ri-gi-i[m-šá …]  

30. […] MIN-ta dLAMMA AN-e  ú-ri-da-ni il-t[i-it ...]  

31. […] ⌈x⌉ KAŠ? ⌈KÙ⌉.GA! na-šá-[at] Ameššul-me ⌈x⌉ […]  

32. […] ⌈x⌉ ib ḫu ⌈x⌉ ⌈x⌉ šá gu4⌈ÁB⌉ ⌈ša?⌉ […]  

33. […] ⌈x⌉ ⌈x⌉ im-qu-ta qaq! (TA)-qar-šu a-na ḫar?⌉-[…]  

35. […] ⌈x⌉ du ⌈x⌉ ⌈x⌉ ⌈x⌉ […] ⌈x⌉ ⌈x⌉ […]  

36. [e-re-šu l]i-še-er […]  



20. The cow of Sin, Geme-Sîn, she is increased in (her) appearance; she is attractive in (her) physique.

21. Sîn saw her and loved her. The equivalent of Sîn, [filled with?] brilliance.

22. He (has) installed her at the head of her herd. The (other) cows followed [after her.]

23. He used to pasture her in the soft grasses, at the meadow of the watering place [he watered her.]

24. Hidden from the herdsman, not known by shepherd-boys, the wild bull mounted the cow.

25. When her months were completed, when her days came to an end,

26. the cow crouched down, she went into labor. (Her) herdsman […]

27. and the shepherd-boys, they all mourned her […]

28. […] he (the herdsman) lifted his hand (in prayer) and the shepherd-boy cares for her. [At her clamour,]

29. they heard her cry of birth pains in heaven. Her cry [was …]

30. […] two Lamassus of heaven descended. One of them […]

31. […] pure beer?, she carries the water-of-well-being […]

32. […] the cow [...]

33. […] he (the calf) fell on the ground […]

34. […] like Geme-Sîn may she be all right […]

35. […]

36. […] may she be all right […]


Word Translation Semantic Line
alākum (v.) (DU) G to go, walk; Gt go off, away; Gtn wander, go repeatedly, roam about, walk Written texts/Literary terms 22
amārum (v.) G to see; catch sight of; N pass. of G, be found 21
amtum (GÉME) maid, female slave, maidservant, slave girl Social status/Groups/Professions 20, 34
arḫum II (gu4.ÁB) cow Fauna (domestic) 20, 24, 25, 26, 32
būrum II calf, (bull) calf Fauna (domestic) 25
ekdum fierce Qualities/Attributes 25
ellum (KÙ.GA) pure, clear, sacred Qualities/Attributes 31
ešērum (v.) G be straight, direct towards; be or become all right, be fair; Š put in good condition, make straight 34, 36
gamārum (v.) (TIL) to bring to conclusion, complete 25
ḫâlum (v.) G to be in labour 26
ḫīlū labor pains 29
ikkillum clamor, loud cry 28
ištēn (DIŠ) one, single, the first one, first [30]
kalûm II (DÙ.A.BI) all, totality, everything Abstract concepts 27
kamāsum II (v.) G to kneel, squat down 26
kanûm (v.) D treat kindly, to care, praise, honor 28
kaparrum shepherd of low rank, shepherd boy Human activities/actions 24, 27, 28
kazbum luxuriant Qualities/Attributes 20
lamādum (v.) to learn, to become aware 24
lamassatum (dLAMMA) protective spirit, tutelary goddess 30
lītum, littum II (ÁB; GU4.ÁB) cow Fauna (domestic) 20, 22, 24, 25, 32
maqātum (v.) G to fall, drop; Š caus. of G 33
mašqûm watering place 23
minûtum (ŠID) form, physique, recitation; counting number Body/Body parts 20
mû I (A(.MEŠ)) water 31
našûm (v.) G to lift, carry; Gtn iter. Materials 28, 31
nurbum moist place, tender, juicy part 23
pānum I (IGI) front, face, earlier times 22
puzrum concealment, hiding-place Abstract concepts,Human activities/actions 24
qaqqarum (KI) earth, ground Locations/Buildings,Nature/Cosmological phenomena 33
qātum (ŠU) hand Body/Body parts 28
qatûm (v.) G to come to an end, finish; Š complete; Št be completed; complete ? 25
râmum (v.) G to love; Štn to cause to constantly have love 21
rē'ûm (SIPA) shepherd, herdsman Human activities/actions 24, 26, 28
re'ûm (v.) G to pasture 23
rigmum voice, cry, noise Emotions/Feelings,Human activities/actions,Verbal expressions 29
ṣabātum (v.) (DAB5) G to seize, take, hold 22
šaḫāṭum (v.) (GUD.DA) G to jump on, attack, escape; D attack; Gtn jump about, jump in succession 24
saḫḫum meadow, waterlogged land Flora,Nature/Cosmological phenomena 23
šammum (Ú) grass, herb, plant Flora 23
šamû I (AN) sky, heaven 29, 30
sapādum (v.) to mourn 27
šemûm (v.) G to listen, to hear; Gtn to hear, to listen again and again 29
šikarum (KAŠ; KEŠ) beer, ale Food/Drink 31
šiknum appearance, nature; shape Abstract concepts,Body/Body parts 20
Sîn DN Deities/Divine sphere 19
šina II two Abstract concepts 30
sukullum herd Fauna (domestic) 22
šulmum well-being, completeness, health; peace Abstract concepts 31
ūmum I (UD) day, daily Abstract concepts,Time concepts 25
warādum (v.) G to go down, descend; Gt to go down, descend; Š to send, take, bring down 30
warki behind, after Time concepts 22
watārum (v.) G to become outsize, surplus; D to enlarge, make great, maximize; Š to make increase, to make excessive 20
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