Anzu OB II

SEAL no. 1512

  • Scheil 1938, 20 Scheil 1938, 20
  • Scheil 1938, 21Scheil 1938, 21
  • Vogelzang 1988, 92-93Vogelzang 1988, 92-93
Copy / Photo
Tablet Siglum
Sb 9470
Louvre, Paris
Genre / Classification

The photo shows that some signs which were still visible to Scheil (1938) are now lost.



1       dEn-líl-lu-tam i-te-ki-im na-du-ú pa-ar-ṣú

2       a-bu-um ma-li-ik-šu-nu šu-ḫa-ru-ur⌉ dEn-líl

3       it-ta-at-ba-akna-mu-ur-ra-tum ša-ki-in qú-lum

4       ú-te-eš15-ši kúl-la-at ka-li-šu-nu I-gi-gi

5       ki-iṣ-ṣú iš-ta-ḫa-aṭ na-mu-ur-ra-as-sú

6       i-lu ma-tim ip-ta-na-aḫ-ḫu-ru a-na ṭe-mi-im

7       dA-nu-um pa-šu i-pu-ša-am

8       is-sà-aq-qá-ra-am a-na i-li ma-ri-šu

9       i-lu ma-an-nu-um An-za-am li-né-er-ma

10     i-na ku-ul-la-tim lu-ša-ar-bi šu-um-šu

11     GÚ.GAL iš-su-ú DUMU AN.NA ša-ki-in ṭe-mu a-na ša-ši is-sà-qar-šu[m]

12     x x BI TAR x a ti qá-bal-ka šu-ub-ri-iq An-za-am i-na ka-ki-ka

13     [šum-ka li-ir-bi] i-na i-li ra-bu-tim

14     [i-na bi-rit i-li aḫ-ḫi-ka] ma-ḫi-ra-am e ta-a[r-ši]

15     [ši-it-ra-aḫ i-na ma-ḫar] i-li g[a-aš-ru lušum-ka

16     [GÚ.GAL a-na A-nim a-bi-šu i]⌈s-[]-a[q-qar-šum]

17     [a-bi a-na ša-ad la aʾ-a-ri] ⌈li-[ḫi-iš] m[a-an-nu(-um)]

18     [ma-an-nu-um k]i-m[a An]-z[i-i]i-na ma-ri-[ka]

19     [x x] i-te-ki-im i-lam dE[n-líl-lu-us-sú]

20     [ip-pa-ri-iš-ma ša]-di-ís-su it-ta-ši re-ši-š[u]

21     [it-ta-ab-ši qí-b]i-is-sú ki-ma i-lim Dur-an-ki

22     [iq-bi ša ir-ra-r]u i-wi ṭi-iṭ-ṭi-iš

23     [iš-mu-ú qí-bi-i]s-su i-li is-sà-aḫ-ḫi-i[ḫ-ḫu]

24     [ip-si-il u]r-ḫa-am la a-la-kam iq-b[i]

25     [dBIL.G]I iš-sú-ú bu-kur An-nu-ní-ti[m]

26     [ša-k]i-in ṭe-mu-um a-na ša-ši-im is-sà-qar-š[um]

27     ⌈dŠara iš-sú-ú bu-kur Iš8-t[ár]

28     ⌈ša-ki-in ṭe-mu-um a-na ša-ši-im is-sà-qar-šu[m]

29     ip-pa-aš-ḫu-ma [id-du]-ú i-lu mi-il-kam

30     pa-aḫ-ruI-gi-gu i-[qá-at-t]u-ru da-al-ḫu-ma

31     be-el uz-nima-ši-ib ZU.AB [dEn-ki] et-pu-šum

32     a-wa-at li-ib-bi-šu [a-na A-nim a-]bi-šu is-sà-qar-šum 

33     [l]u-ud-di-mi qí-b[i-tam ù ka-mi An]-zi-im lu-we-di i-na pu-uḫ-ri

34     [i]š-mu-ú i-l[u ma-tim an-ni-a-am q]á-ba-a-šu

35     [id-da-a]r-ru-[ma iš-ši-qú] še20-pí-šu

36     [iš-si-i-m]a Dingir-maḫ N[I]N [ú]-ṣú-r[a-t]i šu-ur-bu-sà i-ta-wi i-na pu-uḫ-ri


Lo. Ed.

37     [id-ni-mi] ga-aš-ra-am šu-pa-am na-ra-am-ki

38     [ra-a]p-ša-am i-ir-tim mu-ta-ab-bi-lu se-bé-tam qá-ab-li

39     ⌈dN[in-gí]r-su ga-aš-ra-am š[u]-pa-[a]m na-ra-am-ki

40     [r]a-ap-ša-am i-ir-tim mu-ut-ta-ab-bi-lu se-bé-tam qá-ab-li



41     [iš-me]-e-ma an-ni-a-am qá-ba-šu šu-ur-bu-tum Dingir-maḫ ⌈an-nami-pu-

42     [a-n]a i-pi-iš pi-ša iḫ-du i⌉-lu ma-tim id-ru-ru-ma iš-ši-še20-pí-šu

43     [i]š-si-i-ma i-na pu-uḫ-ri-im ša i-li

44     ma-ra-ša na-ra-am li-ib-bi-ša ú-wa-e-er-šu is-sà-qar-šum

45     ma-ḫarA-nim ù dDa-gan te9-lu-tim

46     a[l-k]a-ka-at pa-ar-ṣi-šu-nu i-ta-wu-ú i-na pu-uḫ-ri

47     [I-gi-g]i-mi kúl-la-at-sú-nu ú-wa-al-li-id

48     [ab-ni pu-u]ḫ-ra-am ša i-li a-na-ku dMa-am-mi

49     [dEn-líl-lu-tam a-n]a a-ḫi-ia ù a-na A-nim šar-ru-ut ša-me-e uš-we-ed-di

50     [uš-ši An-zu-um šar-r]u-ut -we-ed-du-ú a-na-ku

51     [dEn-líl-lu-tam i-te-k]i-im a-ba-ka iṣ-ṣe-er

52     [bi-ri-iq ur-ḫa-a]m šu-ku-un a-na!-da!-am

53     [a-na i-li šu-ut a]b-nu-ú na-wi-ir-tam šu-ṣi

54     [gu-um-mu-ur-tam] de-ki qá-ba-al-ka

55     [šu-ub-ri-iq im-ḫul-l]i-ka li-GU-lu ḪI SAG MU

56     [mu-up-pa-ar-ša-am] An-za-am ku-šu-ud-ma

57     [ri-ḫi-iṣ KI ib-ba-n]u-ú šu-pa-as-sú sú-uḫ-ḫi-i[]

58     [ap-lu-uḫ-tum l]i-ir-ta-ḫu-ša e-li-š[u]

59     [... qá-ba-al-ka li]-ir-ta-aḫ-ḫu-[ub-šum]

60     [...]

61     [...]

62     [...] A? ŠU? [...]

63     [tu-lu-u]giš[BAN šu-ku-du i]m-tam li-ib-lu

64     ar-ra-at ri-[ig]-mi-ka ta-d[i-ir-tam l]i-id-di-šum

65     li-iḫ-bu-[ut] ek-le-tamli-in-[né-ši di]-gi-il5-šu li-im-ṭi

66     a-ia ip-pa-ar-ši-id-ka i-na mi-it-ḫu-ri a-bar-šu li-im-qú-ut

67     gal-la-ni li-iš-ta-nu-ú pa-nu-ka šu-ṣi im-ba-ra zi-mi-ka a-ia ú-we-ed-di

68     a-ia ip-pu-u[n[ap-pa-]ḫu e-le-nu UD-mu nam-rum da-um-ma-tam li-wi-šum

69     šu-ri-iḫ na-ap-ša-as-sú An-za-am ku-mu-ma

70     ša-ru kap-pí a-na bu-sú-ra-tim li-ib-lu-nim

71     mu-ti-iš É-kur a-na ṣe-er a-bi-ka

72     ša-ru kap-pí a-na bu-sú-ra-tim li-ib-lu-nim

73     sí-qir um-mi-šu iš-mi-a-am qú-ra-du-um

74     qí-it-ru-ud ta-ḫa-zi-im ig-da-pu-uš ša-di-iš-šu⌉ [ig-gu-uš]

75     mu-uš-ta-aṣ-mi-da-at 7 [im-ḫul-li]

76     ⌈mu-um-m[i-la-at e]p-ri-im se-bé a-ša-am[a-tim]

77     [Dingir-maḫ... ] mu-uš-ta-aṣ-mi-da-at 7 im-ḫul-li

78     [...] qá-ba-al-šu

79     [ú-ša-ab-ri-iq im-ḫul-l]i i-GU-lu i-lu ḪI SAG MU

80     [i-na ša-ḫa]-⌈at KUR An-zi-im i-lum it-ta-an-mar

81     i-mu⌉-[ur-šu-ma] A[n-zu-u]m i-ru-ba-aš-šu

82     ik-ṣu-uṣki-ma UD-mi-im me-lem-ma-šu ša-di-i [u]š-ta⌉-al-wi




1       He had stolen the power of Enlil, the rites were abandoned.
2       The father, their counselor Enlil, was despondent,
3       Fearsome splendor was poured out, silence emplaced.

4       Each and every one of the Igigū(-gods) was thrown in disarray.
5       The shrine had cast off its radiance.

6       One by one the gods of the land gathered for a plan.
7       Anum opened his mouth,
8       spoke to the gods, his children:

9      “O gods, who will slay Anzûm?

10     I will make his name great among all.”

11    They called for the irrigator, the son of Anum. A report was delivered. (Then) he said to him:

12    ... your battle, flash lightning on Anzûm with your weapon!

13     [Your name shall become great] among the great gods.

14    You shall ha[ve] no equal [among the gods, your brothers.]

15     [Be pre-eminent among] the gods, [let] your name [be ‘Mighty’.”]

16     [The irrigator said to Anum his father:]

17    “[My father], w[ho] co[uld hurry to an inaccessable mountain?]

18     [Who is like Anzûm] among [your] sons?

19     [He got hold of the tablets of destinies], took away from the god [his Enlil-ship].

20     [He has soared off to his mo]untain, has lifted high his head.

21     His [word has become] like that of divine Dur-an-ki.

22     [If he has spoken, the one he curs]es will turn to clay.”

23     [When they heard] his [wo]rd, the gods became more and more despondent.

24     [He turned around] on the way, refused to go.

25     They called [Girr]u, first born of Annunītum.

26     A report [was deliver]ed, he said to him:

27     They called Šara, first born of Iš[tar].

28     A report was delivered, he spoke to him.

29     The gods fell silent and [abando]ned the plan.

30     The Igigū-gods were assembled, [became evermore deject]ed, were in a turmoil.

31     The lord of wisdom, who dwells in the Apsûm, [Enki], the wise one,

32     said [to Anum] his father the words in his mind:

33    “Let me give a comm[and and] I will appoint Anzûm’s [capturer] in the assembly.”

34    The god[s of the land] heard [this] speech of his.

35     [They ran tog]eth[er and kissed] his feet.

36    [He summoned] Dingir-maḫ mistre[ss of divine] plans. He proclaimed her supremacy in the assembly:

37    “[Give the] mighty one, your superb beloved,

38     broad of chest, who lead the seven battles,

39     N[ing]irsu, the mighty one, your su[per]b beloved,

40     broad of chest, who lead the seven battles.”



41    The most exalted one [he]ard this speech of his, Dingir-maḫ assented.

42     [A]t her utterance the gods of the land rejoiced. They ran together and kissed his (Ningirsu’s) feet.

43     In the assembly of the gods she summoned and

44     commissioned her son, her heart’s beloved, she said to him:

45    “Before Anum and Dagan, the able ones,

46     they discussed in the assembly the [st]ate of their divine authority.

47     The [Igi]gu-gods, I gave birth to all of them.

48     It was [I], Mammi, who [bore a]ll of the gods.

49     I had assigned [the Enlil-ship t]o my brother and to Anum the kingship of heaven.

50     [Anzûm has thrown in disarray the king]ship which I had assigned.

51     [He took] away [the Enlil-ship] from your father (and) became exalted.

52     Flash lightning on the path, set the date(!),

53     make light come out for [the gods I] created!

54     Launch your [fullest] attack,

55     [Make] your [ill wind]s [flash]! ...
56     Conquer [soaring] Anzûm,

57     [Devastate the earth, where he was cr]eated, make tremble his abode!

58     May [the armor] sway above h[im].

59     [May your ... battle r]ag[e against him].

60     [...]
61     [...]
62     [...]

63     [Equip the] bo[w, let the arrows] bear [po]ison.

64     May the curse of your roar cast fear upon him.

65     May he grope through the darkness, become confu[sed], his [si]ght grow dim.

66     May he not escape you, in confrontation may his wing fall.

67     Like (that of) a gallûm-demon may your face change! Release a mist, that he not recognize your appearance.

68     May the ever-blazing one not blaze on high, that for him the brilliant day turn to gloom.

69     Make short shrift of his life! Bind Anzu fast!

70     Let the winds bear the wings as good tidings hither.

71     Before the Ekur, towards your father,

72     Let the winds bear the wings as good tidings hither.”

73    The hero heard his mother's word.

74     He, warlike in battle, swelled up, [drew near] to his mountain.

75     She who harnesses the seven storms,

76     (the winds) which make [the du]st [dance], the seven sand sto[rms,]

77     [Dingir-maḫ, ...] who harnesses the seven storms,

78     [...] his battle.

79     [He made the ill wind]s [flash] …

80     [On the] flank of Anzu's mountain the god appeared.

81     A[nzu] saw [him], as he advanced towards him.

82     He gnashed his teeth like a demon of storms, enshrouded the mountains with his aura.

Word Translation Semantic Line
abrum II wing 66
abum father Kinship terms,Social status/Groups/Professions 2, 32, 51, 71
aḫum I brother Kinship terms 49
Annunītum DN Deities/Divine sphere 25
Anum DN Deities/Divine sphere 7, 11, 45, 49
Anzû DN 9, 12, 18, 33, 56, 69, 80, 81
Apsûm (ZU.AB) underground water (cosmic) Nature/Cosmological phenomena 31
ašamšūtum dust storm 76
Bēlet-ilī (DINGIR.MAḪ) DN Deities/Divine sphere 36, 41
bukrum son, child, first born Kinship terms 25, 27
Dagan DN 45
Duranki TN 21
Ekur TN GN,Locations/Buildings 71
Ellilūtum power of Enlil, divine supremacy 1, 19
Enlil DN Deities/Divine sphere 2
eperum (SAḪAR.ḪI.A) earth, soil, dust Materials 76
gallûm demon 67
Gibil DN 25
gugallum (GÚ.GAL) canal-inspector, irrigation controller Deities/Divine sphere 11
ḫuršānum (ḪUR.SAG) mountain(s) 55, 79
Igigû DN, the (ten) great gods Deities/Divine sphere 4, 30, 47
ilum (DINGIR) god, deity Deities/Divine sphere 6, 8, 9, 13, 15, 19, 21, 23, 29, 34, 42, 43, 48, 80
imbarum, ibbarum fog, mist Nature/Cosmological phenomena 67
imḫullum destructive wind, storm 55, (75), 77
imtum poison, venom Body/Body parts 63
irtum I (GABA) breast, chest Body/Body parts 38, 40
Ištar DN Deities/Divine sphere 27
kakkum (GIŠ.TUKUL) stick, weapon, battle Fabricated objects 12
kappum wing, hand Body/Body parts 70, 72
kiṣṣum shrine 5
libbum (ŠÀ) heart, mind; inner body Body/Body parts 32, 44
Mammi DN 48
mārum (DUMU) boy, son, descendant Kinship terms,Social status/Groups/Professions 8, 11, 18, 44
mātum (KUR; KALAM) land, country Locations/Buildings,Nature/Cosmological phenomena 6, 34, 42
melemmum (ME.LÁM) fearsome radiance 82
namurratum awe-inspiring radiance Deities/Divine sphere 3, 5
napištum (ZI) throat, life Abstract concepts 69
nappāḫum ever-blazing 68
Ningirsu DN 39
pānum I (IGI) front, face, earlier times Abstract concepts,Body/Body parts 67
parṣum office, (cultic) ordinance, divine powers, rites Deities/Divine sphere,Locations/Buildings,Rituals/Religious practices 1, 46
puḫrum assembly Social status/Groups/Professions 33, 36, 43, 46, 48
pûm I (KA) mouth, statement, command, opening Body/Body parts 7, 42
qablum II (ŠEN.ŠEN) battle, fight 12, 38, 40, 54, 78
qaštum (GIŠ.PAN) bow, bow-star, arch 63
qurādum hero, warrior Human activities/actions,Social status/Groups/Professions 73
rēšum (SAG) head; beginning; slave Abstract concepts,Body/Body parts 20
šadûm I (KUR; ḪUR.SAG) mountain, open country Nature/Cosmological phenomena 20, 74, 80, 82
šamû I (AN) sky, heaven Nature/Cosmological phenomena 49
Šara DN 27
šārum (IM) wind, breath Nature/Cosmological phenomena 70, 72
šēpum foot, leg Body/Body parts 35, 42
tāḫāzum (ME; ME6) battle, combat 74
tele'ûm very competent 45
ṭīdum clay, mud Materials 22
ummum mother Kinship terms 73
ūmum I (UD) day, daily Abstract concepts,Nature/Cosmological phenomena,Time concepts 68, 82
urḫum way, path Locations/Buildings 24, 52
uznum ear, wisdom, understanding Body/Body parts 31
zīmum face, appearance, figure Body/Body parts 67
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