Atraḫasis OB II-III (Larsa)

SEAL no. 1518

Copy / Photo
Tablet Siglum
MS 5108
Schøyen Collection, Oslo
Genre / Classification
Epics, Atraḫasis
Larsa (mod. Tell es-Senkereh)

Ms. C0


The Flood Section only.


C0 iv 1'            ⌈i-na-an-na a-a iš-me-a a-na a-wa⌉/{AT{-ta

C0 iv 2'            i-lu-ú iq-bu-ú ga-ma-er-tam

C0 iv 3'            ši-ip-ra-am le-em-nam

C0 iv 4'            a-na ni-ši i-pí-iš dEn-líl

C0 iv 5'            i-na pu-úḫ-ri-im iq-bu-ú

C0 iv 6'            a-bu-ba-am a-na ú-um wa-ar-ḫi-im

C0 iv 7'            {ú-ba-lu-ú} ni-pe-iš / ši-ip-ra-am

C0 iv 8'            Wa-at-ra-am-ḫa-sí-i-sí

C0 iv 9'            ka-ma-s[í-i]š ma-ḫa-ar É-a

C0 iv 10'          i-la-kadi⌉-[ma]-a⌉-šu

C0 iv 11'          É-a pa-a-šu i-pu-ša-am-ma

C0 iv 12'          i-za-kà-ra-am-ma a-na wa-ar-di-/šu

C0 iv 13'          iš-ti-ta-am a-na ni-ši / [t]a-ba-ki-i

C0 iv 14'          ša-ni-ta-amka-am-ša!(TA)-ti

C0 iv 15'          a-di-ri at-ta

C0 iv 16'          i-ba-aš-ši ši-ip-ru-ú

C0 iv 17'          a-na e-pe-ši-im at-ta

C0 iv 18'          a-na aš-ri-im tu-ra-šu

C0 iv 19'          la ti-di-i


col. iv

C0 iv 1'            “Now, they (the people) should not hear the matter,

C0 iv 2'            (for) the gods have commanded an annihilation –

C0 iv 3'–4'       an evil act Enlil will do to the people.

C0 iv 5'–6'       In the assembly they decided about the Flood:

C0 iv 6'–7'       “By the day of the new moon we shall do the task!” (they said).

C0 iv 8'–10'     Atra-ḫasīs, kneeling in the presence of Ea, his tears were flowing.

C0 iv 11'–12'   Ea opened his mouth, addressed his servant:

C0 iv 13'–14'   “Firstly, you are crying for the people; secondly, you are kneeling (in prayer):

C0 iv 15'          You are (indeed) the one who reveres me!

C0 iv 16'–17'   There is a task to be done ­–

C0 iv 18'–19'   but you, you don’t know at all how to bring it to its completion”.

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