Gilg. OB Harmal 1

SEAL no. 1526

  • Van Dijk 1976, 43Van Dijk 1976, 43
Copy / Photo
Tablet Siglum
IM 52615 (HL3 286)
Iraq Museum, Baghdad
Genre / Classification
Epics, Gilgameš

According to unofficial digging records the tablet was found in HL 3-286 R. 211 L. II.



1       ⌈e-li-i-ma a-na ṣú-ri-im ša šadîm(KUR) na-ap-li-ìs x [x] x x x x x

2       ši-ta-am ša i-li a-na-ku ek-mé-ku

3       ⌈ib-ri šu-tam a-ṭú-ul ki la-?>-ta-at ki ne-ma-at ki da-al-ha-at

4       a-na-ku rīmī(AM)meš ṣé-ri-im aṣ-ṣa-ab-ta-nim

5       i-ša-se-šu qa-qa-ra-am i-le-te tar-bu-u’-ta-šu i-ta-ki-ip ša-me-e {x}

6       i-na pa-ni-šu a-na-kual?-tu-ud

7       i-ṣa-ba-at na-x [x x x x x-i]ala-wi-at a-hi-ia

8       x-ia iš-lu-pa-a[n-ni x x x] x-im i-na du?-ni (x) ki x

9       u-sú-ki il-l[i]/t[u]-x [x x] x-ti-ia me-e na-di-šu [iš-q]í-a-ni



10     [i-l]um ib-ri ša ne-la-ku-šum

11     ú-ul ri-mu-um-ma nu-ku-ur mi-im-ma

12     zi-mu ša ta-mu-ru dŠamaš(UTU) na-am-ru-um

13     i-na da-an-na-tim i-ṣa-ba-at qa-at-ni

14     ša me-e na-di-šu iš-qú-ka

15     ìl-ka mu-ka-bi-it qa-qa-di-ka

16     dLugal-bàn-da ne-[i]n-ne-mi-id-ma

17     iš-ti-a-at ne-pé-iš ši-ip-r[a]-am ša la i-ba-aš-šu-<ú> i-n[a] -tim



1       “Go up on to the mountain crag and

         look at [...] ...”

2       “I have been robbed of the sleep of the gods!

3       My friend, I saw a dream:

         how ominous it was, how ..., how confused!

4       I took hold of (some) bulls from the wild

5       (one) was cleaving the ground with its bellowing,

         the cloud of dust it made thrusted into the sky.

6       in front of it I leaned myself forward.

7       It seized ... [...] had enclosed my arms.

8       ... he pulled [me] forth [...] ... by force ...

9       My cheek ... [...] my ...,

         [he gave] me water to drink from his waterskin.”




10     “My friend, the [god] to whom we are going,

11     is he not the wild bull, is he not very strange?

12     The countenance that you saw was shining Šamaš,

13     he will take our hand in adversity.

14     The one who gave you water to drink from his waterskin

15     was your god who honours you,

16     Lugalbanda.

         We hall join forces and

17    do a thing unique,

        a feat that does not (yet) exist in the land!”


Word Translation Semantic Line
aḫum II arm, side; bank (of river) 7
ibrum, ebrum friend, colleague Human activities/actions,Social status/Groups/Professions 3, 10
Lugalbanda DN; PN 16
mû I (A(.MEŠ)) water Food/Drink,Nature/Cosmological phenomena 9, 14
nādum waterskin 9, 14
qātum (ŠU) hand Body/Body parts 13
rīmum (AM) wild bull 4, 11
šadûm I (KUR; ḪUR.SAG) mountain, open country Nature/Cosmological phenomena 1
Šamaš, šamšum (dUtu) DN, sun Deities/Divine sphere 12
šamû I (AN) sky, heaven Nature/Cosmological phenomena 5
ṣērum (EDIN) back, upperside, steppe, open country, towards Abstract concepts,Body/Body parts,Locations/Buildings,Nature/Cosmological phenomena 4
šittum sleep Abstract concepts,Human activities/actions 2
ṣūrum cliff, rock 1
šuttum dream 3
tarbu'(t)um dust (storm), whirl-wind, sand dune 5
usukkum temple, upper cheek Locations/Buildings 9
zīmum face, appearance, figure Body/Body parts 12
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Streck, Michael P.
Translation, Commentary
Hess, Christian W.
Hess, Christian W.
Streck, Michael P.