Gilg. OB Harmal 2

SEAL no. 1527

  • Van Dijk 1976, 45 obv.Van Dijk 1976, 45 obv.
  • Van Dijk 1976, 45 rev.Van Dijk 1976, 45 rev.
Copy / Photo
pls. 12–13
Tablet Siglum
IM 52750 (HL3 295)
Iraq Museum, Baghdad
Genre / Classification
Epics, Gilgameš

 According to unofficial digging records the tablet was found in HL 3-295 R. 211 L. II.



1–2      Missing.

3       x x x x x x [……….]

4       x x ni i x x x ib-ri x x […….]

5       [k]i-ma li-li-si l[i-i]š-ša-pu ri-g[i-im-ka ...]

6       [l]i-ku-nu x x x x di ka [(x)] x x [x x] x […]

7       x […]  x tu hi il ka x x x [x] x x [x x]

8       x x […] ⌈ú-ul x x [x (x) x] x tu [x] x tam [(x)]

9       [x] x […] x [x] x [x x x] x x tu x dBI[L4]

10     [x] x [………] x x [x] x x x ri [x (x) x]

11     […] x […] x x ni-mi-da-am x [x (x)] x [(x)]

12     a-na ṣa-x x x x x x [x] x-tim iš-ta-hu-ut⌉ x x x x [(x)]

13     x x [(x)] x te er x [(x)] x [x (x) dBI]L4? x x x-ri-šu i-x [(x)]

14     ⌈i-nu-ma ib-ri ni-x x x ib ri ša Hu-bi-bi i-ta-l[a-ku]

15     [š]a-ki-in ki-ib-su šu-te-ši-ir pa-da-nu-ma ša na x ki-ib-s[u]

16     [n]e-ta-al-ka aš-šu-ru la a-la-ki-im id-ka [x] x x

17     ⌈i ni-iš-ku-un ka?⌉-ka i-na ba-a-ba Hu-bi-bi x di x [(x)]

18     [x x x] x-bi-a-tum il-qé x x x aš-ṭú ša ṣé-ri

19     [i-sa-qa-r]a-am a-na ib-ri-šu mi-qí-te me-he-e-ma

20     [Hu-bi-bi ki-ma] dAdad(IŠKUR) ⌈i-ša-ha-am a-na ṣé-ri-ni

21     [x x x] x du ku tu ma x x x x x x hu x [x]

22     [x x x] x ka ru hu x x x x e x x x [x]

23     [x x x] x x tu x x x […] x x [x x]

24     [……………]

25     [x x x] šu x [………]

26     [x x] x at x [………]

27–28 Illegible traces.



29     [x x] x [x] x […] x x x […]

30     [x x] im x […] x x x ba-a[l…]

31     x x x [......] x x x ša ap/at ta x [x x x]

32     x x [……] x ha x x x x [x (x) x]

33     [……] x x x ma tam x x [x] x x x [x (x) x]

34     [x x x] x x x [x x x] x x x x x x x [x x x x]

35     x x x-šu a-x […………]

36     ⌈i-na qí-ša-ti-ma x x x x x x x x x x x x

37     x-mi ik-ru-bu-uš pānam(IGI) a-na me-e-lam-mi iš-ta-ka-an x [(x)]-šu

38     ⌈a-na ha-ta-im ba-la-ṭám-ma ú-ul ba-al-ṭà-nu dBI[L4 x] x x-nam?

39     [r]e-qé-et-ka ta-x x [x] mu-ha-šu i-na ba-li hu-x [x (x x)]

40     [n]a-ap-li-ís-ma x [x] x x i-ṣí lu i-pa-li-ìs x [x]

41     [p]u-tu na-pí-iš-ti-ia úṣ?⌉-ra-am-ma dBIL4 i-na x-li-ka

42     ⌈ú-li-id-ka littum(ÁB) ša su-pu-ri Ni-in-su-mu-na

43     la-ma? [te]-te-li-<a>? šadî(KUR)di-ia?⌉ x i?-na x x ša mu-ši-ia a-[(x)] x-ma?

44     i-na pî(KA) dŠamaš(UTU) da-pí-nim qú-ra-di-[im? i]š-me-e bi ir [(x)] x

45     ša-ad-de-e dBIL4ta-ak-t[a]-x x an x [x x x] x

46     [l]u-ra!?-bi-a-ku gišerēnam(EREN) giššurmēnam(ŠU.ÚR.MÌN) ⌈gišsu-pa-lam ši-hu-t[im i-ṣ]í

47     [s]i-ma-tu ekallim(É.GAL) wa-al-da ṣērim(EDIN) ⌈mi-it-lu-kam i-l[e]-i

48     [i]b-ri a-wi-lum Hu-bi-bi ú-ul x x-šu?-tim la x x [x] x

49     [x] x x-nu-tu dSîn(EN.ZU)? 30 i-di ni x ri x ih ni x x x x

50     [x x] x x x du? tu i-ṣí x ni x li x [x (x)] x [x]

51     […] x x x […] x x x mi […]

52     [……] x […] x ma x ri […]

53     [………….] x x […]

54–5    At least two lines missing.


left edge, col. i

56'     x ⌈iṣa lu ti ka x šu da ka ta

57'     [x] x ma ar x ti a-ni-ich a-na zi x i

58'     [x x x x] x x x x ri-ir

59'     [……] x


left edge, col. ii

60'     x x x x ša 30 x x x x [x x]

61'     x x x tam lu ma  x x ru ú  x x

62'     em-qú-ú  x x [x] x x x x

63'     [x x] x x x [……]


13   Missing or too broken for translation.

4       “... my friend ... [...]

5       Let [your] shout boom loud like a kettledrum!

6       Let ... be firm ...”

710 too broken for translation

11     “[...] ... support [...]

12     to ... he has become afraid ...

13     ... Gilgameš ...

14     when, my friend, we ... that uwawa comes and [goes]

15     there is a track, the way is well trodden, ... track.

16     We have come to a place where one should not go! Your arm ...

17     Let us set a weapon in the gate of uwawa! ...”

18     [...] ... took ... The fierce one of the wold

19     [declared] to his friend, “The onslaught of a tempest is

20     [uwawa! Like] Adad he will swoop down on us!”

2135 too broken for translation

36     In the woods ...

37     ... greeted him, he turned his gaze to the radiant auras, to smite

38     its ... “We are not truly alive, O Gilgameš, ...

39     is distant from you, you ..., the top of his head ...[...]

40     Look! ... had he looked at the trees ...

41     Have mercy on my life, O Gilgameš, in your ...

42     The cow of the fold (or “folds”), the goddess Ninsun, bore you.

43     Before you came up my mountains ... in of my night I ...

44     From the mouth of mighty hero Šamaš [I] heard ... [...]

45     the mountains, O Gilgameš, you have ... [...] ...

46     Let me grow for you cedar, cypress, and supālu-juniper, the tallest trees

47     fit to decorate a palace!” The wild born was able to give counsel:

48     “My friend, a man will not ... uwawa ...”

49     ... the moon god ...

Remainder too broken for translation.

Word Translation Semantic Line
Adad (dIŠKUR) DN Deities/Divine sphere 20
ēkallum (É.GAL) palace 47
erēnum (gišEREN) cedar 46
Gilgameš PN 9, 13, 38, 41, 45
Ḫuwawa PN 14, 17, 48
idum (Á) arm; side; strength; wage Body/Body parts 16
iṣum (GIŠ) tree, wood Flora 40, [46]
kakkum (GIŠ.TUKUL) stick, weapon, battle Fabricated objects 17 ?
kibsum track, footprint, way Body/Body parts,Nature/Cosmological phenomena 15
lilissum kettledrum 5
lītum, littum II (ÁB; GU4.ÁB) cow 42
meḫûm storm Nature/Cosmological phenomena 19
melemmum (ME.LÁM) fearsome radiance 37
mūšum (GI6) night(-time) Abstract concepts,Time concepts 43
Ninsun DN 42
padānum way, path Locations/Buildings 15
pānum I (IGI) front, face, earlier times 37
pûm I (KA) mouth, statement, command, opening 44
qištum (GIŠ.TIR) forest, wood Flora,Nature/Cosmological phenomena 36
šadûm I (KUR; ḪUR.SAG) mountain, open country Nature/Cosmological phenomena 43, 45
Šamaš, šamšum (dUtu) DN, sun Deities/Divine sphere 44
ṣērum (EDIN) back, upperside, steppe, open country, towards 18, 47
Sîn DN Deities/Divine sphere 49 ?
supālum juniper 46
supūrum sheepfold Locations/Buildings 42
šurmēnum (ŠU.ÚR.MÌN) cypress 46
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