Gilg. OB Schoyen 2

SEAL no. 1532

Copy / Photo
Pls. 8–9
Tablet Siglum
SC 3025
Schøyen Collection, Oslo
Genre / Classification
Epics, Gilgameš


1       dGIŠ sa-ki-ip ni-il šu-na-tam mu-ši-ia-tum ub-l[a?]u?

2       i-na qá-ab-li-tim ši-it-ta-šu ú-ga-al-li-is-sú

3       it-bé i-ta-wa-a a-na ib-ri-šu

4       ib-ri a-ta-mar šu-ut-tam am-mi-nim la te-ed-ki-a-ni ma-di-iš pa-al-ha-[at]

5       i-na bu-di-ia e-mi-da-am ša-di-a-am

6       ša-du-um i-qù-pa-am-ma i-si-ha-an-[ni]

7       bi-ir-ki-ia il-ta-wi lu-tum

8       a-hi-ia ša-lum-ma-tum ud-da-an-ni-in

9       iš-te-en eṭ-lum la-bi- [pal]â(BALA)-a-am

10     i-na ma-tim na-wi-ir-ma d[u-u]m-qá-am-ma d[a-mi-iq?]

11     iṣ-ba-at-ma ku-bu-ur e-m[u-q]í-ia

12     ša-ap-la-nu ša-di-im-ma iš-ta-al-pa-an-ni

13     dEN šu-ut-tam i-pa-aš-ša-ar is-sà-aq-qá-ra-am-ma a-na d⌉GIŠ

14     i-na-an-na ib-ri ša ni-il-la-ku-šum

15     ú-ul ša-du-um-ma-a nu-uk-ku-ur mi-im-ma

16     i-na-an-na dHU.WA ša ni-il-la-ku-šu[m ú-u]l šadûm(KUR)-[m]a nu-uk-ku-ur m[i-im]-ma

17     te-en-né-em-mi-da-ma iš-ti-a-at te-ep-pu-uš

18     ú!?-ṣa-am ša mu-tim ši im? x x x ka ri

19     ur-ta-aʾ-a-ab uz-za-šu e-li-ka

20     ú-la-wa pu-lu-uh-ta-šu bi-ir-ki-ka

21     ù ša ta-mu-ru-šu dŠamaš(UTU)-ma šar-ru

22     i-na u4-mi ša da-an-na-tim i-ṣa-ab-ba-at qá-at-ka

23     dam-qá-at dGIŠ šu-ut-ta-šu ih-du

24     i-li-iṣ li-ib-ba-šu-ma pa-nu-šu it-ta-am-ru

25     ma-la-ak ūmakkal(UD.1.⌈KAM⌉) ši-na ù ša-la-ši-im

26     šu-nu iṭ-hu-<ú> a-na ma-ti Ib-la

27     i-li-ma dG[I]Š a-na ṣe-er šadîm(KUR)

28     it-ta-na-ap-la-ás ka-li-šu-nu hur-sa-MI

29     i-na ki-im-ṣi-šu ú-um-mi-dam zu-qá-[a]s-sú

30     ši-it-tum ra-hi-a-at ni-ši im-qù-us-sú

31     i-na qá-ab-li-tim ši-it-ta-šu ú-ga-al-li-is-sú

32     it-bé i-ta-wa-am a-na ib-ri-[š]u

33     ib-ri a-ta-mar ša-ni-tam e-li šu-ut-tim ša a-mu-ru pa-ni-tim pa-al-ha-at

34     is-si dAdad(IŠKUR) er-ṣe-tum i-ra-am-mu-um

35     u4-mu iʾ-a-pi-ir ú-ṣi ek-le-t[u]m

36     [i]b-ri-iq bi-ir-qum in-na-pí-ih i-[š]a-tum

37     [n]a-ab-lu iš-pu-ú i-za-an-nu-un mu-t[u]m

38     a-n[a] ri-gi-im dAdad(IŠKUR) en-ni-iš7 a-na-ku

39     i-ṭù-ma u4-mu e-mi a-al-la-ku ú-ul i-de

40     a-di-ma ki-a-am-ma šu-up-pu-tum ib-te-li i-ša-tum

41     [n]a-ab-lu im-ta-aq-qù-tu i-tu-ru la-aʾ-mi-iš

42     [e]k-le-tum it-ta-wi-ir dŠa[maš(UTU) i]t-ta-[]i

43     x x x x ir-di-a-am-ma ú-x x [(x)] x

44     [dEN šu-ut-ta]m i-pa-aš-ša-[a]r is-sà-a[q-qá-ra-a]m-ma a-na dGIŠ

45     [x x x x] x-ma dAdad(IŠKUR) i-ta-ás-[x]


Lo. Ed.

46     [x x x x x] x x x x x x-a-al

47     [x x x x x] x x x x x x x

48     [x] x x [x x] x ma x x x x na ši x



49     [i]-ša?-tum?⌉ [ša it?-t]a?-ap-pa-hu-kum el-le-tum

50     x x x [x n]a-ab-li ù ka-ak-[k]i-šu

51     x ⌈ša⌉ x x nam a-na ki?-da il-li

52     da-am-[qá š]u-na-tu-ka i-lum id-ka

53     ⌈ši-ib-[qá-t]i?-ka ta-ka-aš?-ša?⌉-ad ar-hi-

54     ir-t[a-a]h-ṣ[ú] u4-ma-am ù mu-ši-tam

55     x x am x x id x ú ma re-ši-im x x x

56     x x x ur ⌈ú⌉ um x x bu

57     [u4]-mi-ša-am [i] š-[t]e-né-em-mu-ú ri-gim d⌉HU

58     i-[d]e?-šu-[m]a m[a]-aṣ-ṣ[a-a]r e-re-nim

59     ⌈ša ú-[]r-ru k[a-l]i-ši-na i-ra-tim

60     [dHU.WA m]a-a[]-ṣa-ar e-re-nim ša ú-[t]ár-ru ka-li-ši-na i-ra-tim

61     [x x x] x ⌈ni?⌉ x i ga x x e?-r[e-ni]m?

62     [x x x] x x x ⌈šu-ur-me-ni

63     k[i-ma na-a]k-sí-im i-ri- pa-[n]u-[šu]

64     i-r[u-ub a-d]i-ir-tum a-na [l]i-ib-[b]i-š[u]

65     ⌈d⌉GIŠ i[t-b]a-la-am pa-ni-šu is-sà-aq-qá-r[a-a]m-ma a-na dEN

66     ⌈am-mi-ni ib-ri i-ri-qù pa-nu-k[a]

67     ⌈i-r[u-u]b a-di-ir-tum a-n[a l]i-ib-bi-ka

68     ⌈dEN pa-šui-pu-ša-am-m[a i]s-sà-aq-qá-ra-am-ma⌉ [a-n]dGIŠ

69     aš-ši-ma ib-ri i-x x a ta x x [x k]am?

70     a-ši-ma x x ti ⌈im⌉ ih x x in?

71     ma-an-nu-um-[m]a ilam(DINGIR) ša-ti i-ge-er-[r]e-[š]u

72     ⌈ša da-an-nu ka-ak-ka-šu i-na qá-[t]i-š[u]

73     ⌈d⌉HU ša-ti ni-ge-er-re-[šu]

74     ⌈ša da-nu-um ka-ak-ka-šu i-n[a qá-ti-š]u

75     ⌈ù ki-[a-a]m-ma ib-ri i-r[i]-qù pa-nu-[a]

76     i-ru-[ub] a-di-ir-tum a-na l[i]-ib⌉-[b]i-[ia]

77     dGI[Š p]a-šu i-pu-ša-am-ma is-sà-aq-q[á-ra]-am-ma a-na [dE]N

78     ú-u[l?] x [x] hi iš ši x x x ma x [(x)] x x [x] x x

79     x x x iq-bi a-na?⌉ [(x)] x ak? mi? id [(x)]

80     ⌈e ta-du-ur dE[N] x x ia-a-ti

81     [?]-ab-[l]am? š[a] la ti-du-ú ú-še-pi-iš x x x

82     nu-ba-at-tam is-ki-p[u] i-ni-lu

83     ⌈it-[be]-ma dGIŠ! šu-ut-ta-šu i-pa-aš-ša-a[r-šu]m

84     ⌈ib-ri a-ta-mar ša-lu-uš-tam




1       Gilgameš had lain down at rest; the night brought him a dream.

2       In the middle watch of the night his sleep startled him,

3       he arose, talked to his friend:

4       “My friend, a have seen a dream. Why did you not rouse me? It was very frightning!

5       With my shoulder I propped up a mountain;

6       the mountain collapsed on me and girt me around.      

7       Feebleness surrounded my knees,

8       (but) a radiant brightness gave strength to my arms.

9       There was a man, clad in a royal [mantle,]

10     he was shining brigthest in the land and was most [comely] in beauty.

11     He took hold of my upper arm,

12     from under the mountain itself he pulled me forth.”

13     Enkidu explained the dream, said to Gilgameš:

14     “Now, my friend, the one to whom we go,

15     is he not the mountain, is he not very strange?

16     Now, uwawa to whom we go, is he not the mountain, is he not very strange?

17     You and he will come face to face and you will do something unique.

18     The one of death came forth ...

19     His fury will be enraged against you,

20     terror of him will encircle your legs.

21     And the one you saw was king Šamaš,

22     in times of peril he will take your hand.”

23     It being favourable, Gilgameš was happy with his dream,

24     his heart became merry and his face shone bright.

25     A journey of one whole day, two, then three,

26     they drew near to the land of Ebla.

27     Gilgameš climbed up to the top of a hill,

28     he looked around at all the mountains.

29     He rested his chin on his knees,

30     the sleep that spills over people fell on him.

31     In the middle watch of the night his sleep startled him,

32     he arose, talked to his friend:

33     “My friend, I have seen a second (dream). It was more frightening than the previous dream I saw.

34     Adad cried aloud, while the land was rumbling,

35     the day shrouded itself, darkness went forth.

36     Lightning flashed down, fire broke out,

37     flames flared up, while death was raining down.

38     From the voice of Adad (i. e., thunder) I grew ever weaker,

39     the day went dark, I did not know where to go.

40     At long last the fire that flared so high died down,

41     the flames diminished little by little, they turned to embers.

42     The gloom brightened, the sun shone forth,

43     ... he led here and ...”

44     [Enkidu] explained the [dream,] said to Gilgameš:

45     “[...] ... Adad ...”


lower edge

46–48 ...



49     “The bright fire [that] broke out for you everywhere,

50     ... flames and his weapons,

51     ... he will go outside.

52     Your dreams are favourable, a god is your arm (i. e., strength),

53     you will quickly achieve your plans.”       

54     On they sped day and night,

55     ... head ...

56     ...,

57     daily they heard the voice of uwawa.

58     He knew him, the guardian of the cedar,

59     him who turns back chests, all of them (i.e., repels every advance).

60     [uwawa, the] guardian of the cedar, him who turns back chests, all of them.

61     [...] ... cedar,

62     [...] ... cypresses.

63     [His] face turned pale, like a hewn (branch),

64     terror entered his heart.

65     Gilgameš took pity on him, said to Enkidu:

66     “Why, my friend, did your face turn pale,

67     and terror enter your heart?”

68     Enkidu opened his mouth and said to Gilgameš:

69     “I lifted, my friend, ...,

70     I lifted ...

71     Who can withstand that god,

72     whose weapon is mighty in his hand?

73     Shall we withstand that uwawa,

74     whose mighty weapon is in his [hand?]

75     And so, my friend, my face turned pale,

76     terror entered my heart.”

77     Gilgameš opened his mouth and said to Enkidu:

78     “Not ...,

79     ... he spoke ...

80     Do not fear, O Enkidu, ... me!

81     I have undertaken ... a battle that you do not know.”

82     They pitched camp for the night, they lay down;

83     Gilgameš arose and revealed his dream to him:

84     “My friend, I have seen a third (dream)!”

Word Translation Semantic Line
Adad (dIŠKUR) DN Deities/Divine sphere 34, 38, 45
aḫum II arm, side; bank (of river) 8
berqum, birqum lightning (flash) 36
birkum knee Body/Body parts 7, 20
būdum, pūdum shoulder Body/Body parts 5
Ebla GN 26
Enkidu PN 13, [44], 65, 68, 77, 80
erēnum (gišEREN) cedar Flora 58, 60, [61]?
erṣetum (KI) earth, land, netherworld Nature/Cosmological phenomena 34
eṭlum (GURUŠ; ŠUL) manly; young man Human activities/actions,Social status/Groups/Professions 9
Gilgameš PN 1, 13, 23, 27, 44, 65, 68, 77, 83
ḫuršānum (ḪUR.SAG) mountain(s) Nature/Cosmological phenomena [28]
Ḫuwawa PN 57, 73
Ḫuwawa PN 16, [60]
ilum (DINGIR) god, deity Deities/Divine sphere 52, 71
irtum I (GABA) breast, chest Body/Body parts 59, 60
išātum fire, fire (of heart), inflammation, fever Diseases/Demons,Nature/Cosmological phenomena 36, 40, 49?
kakkum (GIŠ.TUKUL) stick, weapon, battle Fabricated objects 50, 72, 74
kimṣum shin, lower leg 29
la'mum, lāmum glowing embers 41
mālakum I walk, way, course Human activities/actions 25
mušītum night(-time) Abstract concepts,Time concepts 1, 54
nablum flash of fire, flame, fire-arrow Nature/Cosmological phenomena 37, 41, 50
palûm (BALA) reign, period of office 9
pānum I (IGI) front, face, earlier times Abstract concepts,Body/Body parts 24, 63, 66, 75
pûm I (KA) mouth, statement, command, opening Body/Body parts 68, 77
qātum (ŠU) hand Body/Body parts 22, 72, 74
šadûm I (KUR; ḪUR.SAG) mountain, open country Nature/Cosmological phenomena 5, 6, 12, 15, 16, 27
Šamaš, šamšum (dUtu) DN, sun Deities/Divine sphere 21, 42
šarrum (LUGAL; EN) king, lord Social status/Groups/Professions 21
šittum sleep Abstract concepts,Human activities/actions 2, 30, 31
šurmēnum (ŠU.ÚR.MÌN) cypress 62
šuttum dream 1, 4, 13, 23, 33, [44], 52, 83
ūmum I (UD) day, daily Abstract concepts,Nature/Cosmological phenomena,Time concepts 22, 35, 54
suqtum, zuqtum chin 29
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