LAOS 4 No. 1 (A 7478)

SEAL no. 1622

  • A 7478 obv. (Oriental Institute, Chicago)A 7478 obv. (Oriental Institute, Chicago)
  • A 7478 right edge (Oriental Institute, Chicago)A 7478 right edge (Oriental Institute, Chicago)
  • A 7478 rev. (Oriental Institute, Chicago)A 7478 rev. (Oriental Institute, Chicago)
  • A 7478 upper edge (Oriental Institute, Chicago)A 7478 upper edge (Oriental Institute, Chicago)
  • Wasserman 2016, 77Wasserman 2016, 77
  • Wasserman 2016, 78Wasserman 2016, 78
  • Wasserman 2016, 79Wasserman 2016, 79
Copy / Photo
77–80 (copy)
81–85 (photos)
Tablet Siglum
A 7478
Oriental Institute, Chicago
Genre / Classification
Love Literature, dialogue


col. i

i 1        [u]z?-zu?-uk-tam li-di-na-[am?]

i 2        ù i-me-tim da-d[i]-ka

i 3        e-ru-ub i-u-ur-ši-im

i 4        i-ba-lum a-ka-lim a-la-a-ku

i 5        [m]u-ra-mi-ik-ti i-di-ni di-a-ni

i 6        mi-nam ep-še20-e-ti-i-ma

i 7        i-ba-lum a-ka-lim a-la-at

i 8        ki-ma a-aš-u-ri-im ša sí-ma!(Text: ZA)-/a-ni-im

i 9        ša i-pa-an ša-tim it-bu-ku

i 10      i-ni-ib-šu i-ba-a-ú-m[a]

i 11      bi-ir-qú ša dAdad(IM) i-na é-ri-/šu

i 12      ma ib-ta bi-ir-qum

i 13      ša í-a-tim e-li-ia

i 14      ki-ma šu-bu-ul-tim ša la sí-/ma-ni-im!

i 15      šu-pu-uk-tam it-tal-ku

i 16      ù ki-ma e-re-eb ša-tim

i 17      i-su-ú-u lu/šu-[x x] x x

i 18      im-ta-al-ku-ma it-ti [x]-x-/šu

i 19      i-li-ku a-ra-na-am

i 20      a-na-ku a-na ma-ri-im l[i-x-x]

i 21      x-ku?-tam a-si x (x) i-ni-i[m?]

i 22      ú-lai-še-a-am a-mi-ni-x (x)]

i 23      ù? i-ta/ša-a-(vacant) [x]

i 24      it?-ta-[0]-bi-i-ma [x (x)]-

i 25      li-im-ta-al?-[ku? x x] i-na x x-šu

i 26      li-li?-[0]-ku-ma [a-ra-na-am]

i 27      e? -le?-qé x x [x x x]

i 28      a x x [x] ki-tamlum-[nam?]

i 29      x x-am i-ka-la šu-ub-ti

i 30      li-x-x a-na i-lim da-a-a-nu

i 31      ma-a-x x ki le e? šu?-ma

i 32      a za-[x] x-ši-i


Lo. Ed.

i 33      [x? x?] il?-li-am

i 34      [x? x?] ma-x bu?-bu-tim


col. ii

ii 1       [x (x)] ta ti kum e-[li-ia/šu]

ii 2       ki-ma i-ú-ri-i[m x x (x)]

ii 3       ša aš-[š]um ú-um? [x x x (x)]

ii 4       i-ta-na-ap-<ra>-š[u] x [x x] x

ii 5       ki-ma za-bi-il ša-a-ar-[ri]

ii 6       ša ti-ib-ni-im lu-qú-ta-at

ii 7       ka-ba-at-ti i-zi-za-am?!

ii 8       UD-mu-um a-na pa-ša-ri-im

ii 9       ki-ma wu-lu-di!?-im i-na-ak?-ki-ir

ii 10     i-qí-im tu-še20-ši-ba-an-ni

ii 11     a-na-á-al ša-pa-ra-a[m]

ii 12     ša i-ḫa-ti-ia i-ka-la-an-ni

ii 13     ù a-na mi-ni-im ki-ma kasap(KÙ.BABBAR)

ii 14     ḫu-bu-ul-li-im tu?!-s[a?/ga?-x-x]

ii 15     i-a-a-ti a-na a-ma-r[i]-[im?]

ii 16     ù at-ta i-a/za-x x-ru?

ii 17     i-ri-?-tu?-ka

ii 18     i-ta-la-ak-ma i-š[e-e]r

ii 19     ídIdigna im-ma-tim-ma?

ii 20     i-ša-at-ti el-lu-tim me-e

ii 21     il?-la-ak-ma i-mu?-tam

ii 22     í[d]Idigna im-ma-tim i-ša-a[t?-ti?]-am? L[I]

ii 23     a-u-la-ap-ma? [i]q?-bi? [x x x]

ii 24    x-x-imša i-li-k[u] x x [x (x) (x)]

ii 25     x-ub?rēʾû(SIPA)-ma a-na ra-i-im-tim

ii 26     UD?-x x a-nali-bi te-er-ti-im

ii 27     ba x x x xte x x

ii 28     la? i?-ha-x x ra-[i]-im-tim (x)

ii 29     ma-ru?-ma a-x-x (x) le-qí

ii 30     [x x x] za? zi? x x ši x x

ii 31     ki-ša x x x x x x x x (x)

ii 32     a?-ša?-am? da? x x x x x (x)

ii 33     x x x x [x x x x x x]

ii 34     i-li-li-a-tim [(x x x)]

ii 35     x x x x [(x x x x x)]


col. iii

iii 1      (broken)

iii 2      x [x x x x x x x x x]

iii 3      ki-ma?! a-ar [x x x x x x]

iii 4      i-šu-ti(-)ma x [x x x]-a-ši

iii 5      it-ta-am da?-am?-qa?-am

iii 6      i-x x x x x x

iii 7      [x] ša-AK-ti-x [x x]-bi-ka

iii 8      [x] la? ú ta i-ši [x (x)] x

iii 9      aṭ-ú-ul-ma í-a-tu-ka

iii 10    i?-ta x x i x am bi? il?-x

iii 11    ar-a-at? x ši im be-x

iii 12    ú? šu-ti-šu it-ba? x šar?-ru?

iii 13    be-lum e-i-id-ma i-a-t[im] / x ri? x

iii 14    x x x x [ x x x x]

iii 15    k[i] x x x x-am [x x] x

iii 16    a-na ki gi?-ri-im x [x x] x x

iii 17    [x x x x] x ša me-e-r[u x] x x

iii 18    [x x x x] i-a-tim i-x [x x]

iii 19    [x x x x] ùši-nu-nu?-tum? [x x x]

iii 20    [x x x x x] x x [x x]

iii 21    [x x] i [x x] x a [x x x]

iii 22    ki-mabu?-ri-im x [x x x]

iii 23    [x x] x x ṣa-aḫ-ḫa [x x x x]

iii 24    ki-ma? x x ṭì?-id-di-im i-[x x x x]

iii 25    x x x x a? [x x x]

iii 26    ú-a-am-ma a-na i-ḫa-t[i-šu]

iii 27    la i-na-di-na ka-ia-n[a? x x]

iii 28    lu-uš-pu-ur a-ka-pa?- x-ka

iii 29    li-il-ka sú?-ri?-[]

iii 30    na-na-ri-ka!?(Text: RA) am-ma-a[r] im-ri

iii 31    zi-mi-ka lu-mu-ur

iii 32    ù a-na-á-al ru-a-am [x]-ti? lu-pu-/

iii 33    ba-ni qé-er-bi-i-tim

iii 34    x re-ši x-eš-tum

iii 35    [x x] x x [x x] x x x


Up. Ed.

iii 36    i-na x x a-bu-u[k]

iii 37    tu!--ta-am-ri-iṣ


col. iv

iv 1      šabi šu (x) i?-zi-iq-ni-ka

iv 2      ša-ar-ti-ka {TI KA}

iv 3      ša-ak-n[a] ša-ap-ta-a-a

iv 4      um?-ma ša!(Text: TA) du-ri-im lu-pu- / AL

iv 5      ù ma?-ri <i?>-qá-ba-an-ni

iv 6      ù ú-še-e[š-m]i-an-ni

iv 7      a-na um-mi-im ša [x x]-ú

iv 8      ù a-na [x x x x x x]-šu

iv 9      ša ak?-lu? x [x x x-t]im?

iv 10    ù x x x x x x] x-nam?

iv 11    ù? [x x x x x x x]-tim

iv 12    x x x x x x x⌉⌈ta?-am

iv 13    x x [x x x] a-x-ka? ra?-bi?-im?

iv 14    tu?- úr?te-x x-am ra?-bi?-ka

iv 15    ti-i-ba it-tu-úr?-[(x)]

iv 16    i-na šu x ma ta-x-[x]-ni?

iv 17    ù x [x x x]-a?-ni?

iv 18    ki-ma ši? x-[x x x x]

iv 19    i-i-tam!? t[a-x x x]

iv 20    [x x] i-na [x x x x]

iv 21    [x] ti a wi [x x x x x]

iv 22    e ti-di-im [x x x x x] / x-ir

iv 23    ta [x] x [x x x x]-ni

iv 24    ki-i x x [x x x] x x

iv 25    ab [x] ma is x ti x-ri-[i]m

iv 26    ki-ma? i-ṣu-ur u-ri-im

iv 27    il?-li-ik? x am?-ša

iv 28    x x (x) a-na?mi-ma-šu

iv 29    [x x] a-am [x x] ša? x x / x x

iv 30    [x x] x x is? úr? x

iv 31    [x x x x] ṣi-i-ru-tim

iv 32    i-ša-x [x x x] pa?-am?

iv 33    i-ta-na-bi-ra-ma


Up. Ed.

iv 34    ù a-na-ku i-qá-at

iv 35    [r]a-mi-ka


Left ed.

iv 36    i-qá-at <i>-a-ti-ka da-am-qá-tim a-ta-na-ḫa-az pu-uz-ra-am



col. i

i 1        (She:) May he give me the

i 2        of ghee, your(m.) passion!

i 3        I entered into the pantry,

i 4        lying to sleep without eating.

i 5        My washbasin, when judging the judgment (said):

i 6        “Why are you doing so that

i 7        you are lying down to sleep without eating?”

i 8        (She:) Like a ripe apple,

i 9        which in the beginning of the year heaped up

i 10–11 its fruit, and the lightnings of Adad passed over it,

i 12–13 so, indeed, the lightning of lovemaking passed upon me –

i 14      like an ear of barley, which before its appropriate time

i 15      turned into a heap of grain,

i 16–17 and which (one) deducted as an income of the year.

i 18      (Chorus:) They took consult with each other

i 19      (and) took the road.

i 20      (She:) I … my heart(?) to the darling

i 21      … I have… ey[e]?

i 22      He is not seeking why …

i 23      And he…

i 24      he stood up(?)… in(?) him

i 25      (Chorus:) May they confer(?)… in…

i 26      May they take the r[oad].

i 27      (She:) I will take(?) …

i 28      … Justice, ev[il?]

i 29      … in all the dwelling places(?) …

i 30      May the judges ... to the god

i 31      …

i 32      …


Lo. Ed.

i 33      … is going up(?)

i 34      … hunger


col. ii

ii 1       (She?:)…

ii 2       like a bird [of …]

ii 3       which because of … […]

ii 4       is constantly flying around...

ii 5       Like a worker carrying a net

ii 6       for straw you(m.) keep plundering little by little

ii 7       my mood. Stand by me!

ii 8       The day for reconciliation

ii 9       is difficult (lit. hostile) like giving birth.

ii 10     You have made me sit (tied) in string(s):

ii 11     I am looking for a message

ii 12     of my lovemaking, (but) he withholds (it) from me.

ii 13–14 And why, as if it is money of debt, you…

ii 15     (Instead of) striving for (my?) lovemaking?

ii 16     And you(m.), they/he will….

ii 17     Your desire.

ii 18     (Chorus:) He departed and went straight away.

ii 19     Oh the Tigris-river, when

ii 20     will he drink pure water?

ii 21     He is walking in the heat(?)

ii 22     The Tigris-river, when will he dri[nk]?

ii 23     ‘Mercy!’ he said …

ii 24     The… which went …

ii 25     … the shepherd to the beloved-one(f.)!

ii 26     ….. to the message

ii 27     … …

ii 28     He(?) should not … the beloved-one(f.)

ii 29     The darling

ii 30     … …

ii 31     … …

ii 32     … …

ii 33     … …

ii 34     In the evening …

ii 35     … …


col. iii

iii 1      [… …]

iii 2      … …

iii 3      (Chorus?:) Like … …

iii 4      In a dream… … her

iii 5      the sign, the good fortune …

iii 6      he/she … …

iii 7      (She?:)… … your(m.)

iii 8      … …

iii 9      When I gazed at your lovemaking

iii 10    … …

iii 11    (Chorus?:) She is quick …

iii 12    in(!) his dream he rose

iii 13    Oh lord, pay attention and … the lovemaking.

iii 14    … …

iii 15    … …

iii 16    … like a fruit

iii 17    … whose equal…

iii 18    … lovemaking …

iii 19    … and swallows

iii 20    … …

iii 21    … …

iii 22    Like a calf…

iii 23    …small

iii 24    Like… of clay he…

iii 25    … …

iii 26    I am going out towards [his] lov[e-making]

iii 27    (but) he does not give (it) to me regularly.

iii 28    May I send to… your(?) …

iii 29    May he come soon.

iii 30    I am looking at your(! Text: my) luminosity …

iii 31    Let me see your radiant face!

iii 32    Indeed, I will observe – let me make love (to you),

iii 33    Oh beautiful of loins!

iii 34    … …

iii 35    … …

iii 36    In … …

iii 37    you became troubled.


col. iv

iv 1      (She:) … in your beard

iv 2      (and) in your hair

iv 3      my two lips are set,

iv 4      saying: “let me build that of a wall …!”

iv 5      Indeed, my darling is proclaiming me

iv 6      and made me hear (it).

iv 7      To (my) mother who …

iv 8      and to his …

iv 9      which … …

iv 10    … …

iv 11    … …

iv 12    … …

iv 13    … your big

iv 14    Return the … of your big

iv 15    Raise towards me! He turned.

iv 16    In … …

iv 17    And … … me

iv 18    Like … …

iv 19    In the sunrise

iv 20    … in …

iv 21    … …

iv 22    You(f.) should not know

iv 23    You… …

iv 24    Like … …

iv 25    … …

iv 26    Like a rock-partridge

iv 27    He went… her…

iv 28    … to(?) anything of his.

iv 29    … …

iv 30    … …

iv 31    … the exalted ones.

iv 32    … …

iv 33    They keep crossing over.


Up. Ed. + Left Ed.

iv 34–36 And I, through your love and your good lovemaking I find refuge again and again.

Word Translation Semantic Line
aḫāzum (v.) G to take, marry, grasp, seize, learn; Š to make s.o. take, marry, learn iv36
aḫulap (it is) enough! ii23
akālum (v.) G to eat, consume, devastate; Gtn iter. of G; Š caus. of G i4, i7
alākum (v.) (DU) G to go, walk; Gt go off, away; Gtn wander, go repeatedly, roam about, walk; Š caus. of G Written texts/Literary terms i15, i19, i26, ii18, ii21, ii24, iii29, iv27
amārum (v.) G to see; catch sight of; N pass. of G, be found iii30, iii31
ana mīnim (cf. mīnûm) why i6, ii13
anāku I, me Personal prons. i20, iv34
arḫum I fast, quick Fauna (domestic),Time concepts iii11
aššum because (of) ii3
attā you ii16
balum without i4, i7
banûm good, beautiful iii33
barāqum (v.) to lighten, shine i12
bašûm (v.) G to be, exist; Š bring into being, create ii4
bâ'um (v.) G to go along, across, pass, overtake, defeat; Š cause to move along i10
bēlum (EN) lord, master, proprietor, owner Social status/Groups/Professions iii13
berqum, birqum lightning (flash) i11, i12
būrum II calf, (bull) calf iii22
dādum I darling, favorite, sexual attractiveness i2
damqum good Qualities/Attributes iii5, iv36
dayyānum judge Social status/Groups/Professions i30
diānum, dânum (v.) to judge i5
dīnum (DI.KU5) verdict, case, judgement, legal decision i5
dūrum (city) wall, rampart Fabricated objects,Locations/Buildings iv4
ebērum (v.) G to cross over; Š make to cross, bring across iv33
edûm (v.) G to know; D to cause to know iv22
eli, elu on, above, over i13
ellum (KÙ.GA) pure, clear, sacred Qualities/Attributes ii20
emūtum family of the husband, relationship by marriage Social status/Groups/Professions ii21
epēšum (v.) G to do, make, build; Gt to do throroughly; Št be active, work on; N pass. of G i6, iii32, iv4
erēbum (v.) (KU4) G to enter, come in; Š cause to enter, bring in; penetrate i3
ēribum enterer i16
esēḫum (v.) to assign, allocate i17
ešērum (v.) G be straight, direct towards; be or become all right, be fair; Š put in good condition, make straight; Št1 pass. of Š; Št2 put, keep in order ii18
ezēzum (v.) G to be(come) angry, rage ii7
girimmum fruit (a kind of) iii16
gitmālum perfect, ideal, noble Human activities/actions iii13
ḫarrānum (KASKAL) way, road, journey Locations/Buildings i19
ḫašḫūrum apple (tree) Flora,Food/Drink i8
ḫimētum, ḫemētum butter, ghee i2
ḫubbulum indebted ii14
ḫuršum (kitchen) storehouse i3
ina qāt (cf. qātum) by agency of, through iv34
ina ṣērim (cf. ṣērum) on(to), over, towards i11
inbum fruit, flower, sexual appeal Flora i10
iqqāt (cf. qātum) by agency of, through iv34
iṣṣūr ḫūrim (cf. iṣṣūrum) rock partridge ii2, iv26
ittum sign, mark Abstract concepts iii5
kabattum, kabtatum liver, mood, mind, intention Body/Body parts ii7
kalûm V (v.) G to hold (back), detain ii12
kaspum (KÙ.BABBAR) silver, money; price ii13
kayyānum regular, normal, constantly, regularly Abstract concepts,Qualities/Attributes iii27
kīma like, as; when; that i8, i14, i16, i26, ii2, ii5, ii9, ii13, iii3, iii22, iii24, iv18, iv26
laqātum (v.) to gather up, glean ii6
lemnum (ḪUL) evil, bad; evil person, enemy Human activities/actions iii19
leqûm (v.) G to take, take over; Š caus. of G ii29
līliātum evening ii34
lumnum (ḪUL) evil, misery Human activities/actions i28
malākum (v.) G to give advice; Gt to discuss, confer, consider, ponder i18, i25
marāṣum (v.) G to be(come) ill, arduous, difficult; Š to cause trouble, to bring illness iii37
mārum (DUMU) boy, son, descendant Kinship terms,Social status/Groups/Professions i20, ii29, iv5
mati when? Abstract concepts ii19, ii22
meḫrum, miḫrum refrain, answer, person of an equal status, colleague; copy, equivalent iii17
mimma anything, something; everything, all Abstract concepts iv28
mīnum what, what? i6, ii13
mû I (A(.MEŠ)) water Food/Drink,Nature/Cosmological phenomena ii20
murammiktum washbasin i5
nadānum (v.) (SUM) G to give, bestow i1, iii27
nakārum (v.) to be(come) different, strange, hostile; G change; D change, alter ii9
nannārum light of the sky, moon iii30
naṭālum (v.) G to look, gaze; Š to show ii11, iii9, iii32
pānûm first, earlier, front Time concepts i9
pašārum (v.) G to loosen, dissolve, release, free, solve, dissipate; D dispel, disperse; N become reconciled to, forgive ii8
puzrum concealment, hiding-place Abstract concepts,Human activities/actions iv36
qabûm (v.) (DUG4) G to say, speak, command ii23, iv5
qātum (ŠU) hand iv34
qerbītum womb, centre, interior Body/Body parts iii33
rabûm (GAL) I big Qualities/Attributes iv13
râmum love, love-making Abstract concepts,Emotions/Feelings,Human activities/actions iv35
ra'īmum loved, beloved ii25, ii28
rē'ûm (SIPA) shepherd, herdsman Social status/Groups/Professions ii25
ru'āmum love-making; sexual charm of a woman Abstract concepts iii32
šaḫarrum a net for carrying straw, barley Fabricated objects ii5
šakānum (v.) (GAR) to put, place, lay down iv3
ṣalālum (v.) G to lie down, sleep Human activities/actions i4, i7
ṣamārum (v.) to wish, strive for ii15
ṣamûm (v.) to be(come) thirsty, thirst for; D make thirsty iii26
šapārum (v.) G to send, write, govern, administer Verbal expressions ii11, iii28
šaptum lip, rim Body/Body parts iv3
šārtum hair, (animal’s) pelt Body/Body parts iv2
šattum (MU) year Abstract concepts,Time concepts i9
šatûm II (v.) G to drink ii20, ii22
šemûm (v.) G to listen, to hear; Gtn to hear, to listen again and again iv6
ṣērum (EDIN) back, upperside, steppe, open country, towards i11
ṣīḫtum laughter, pl. flirtations, amusements, delights Abstract concepts i13, ii12, ii15, iii9, iii13, iii18, iii26, iv36
simānum I (right) occasion, season i8, i14
ṣīrum exalted, supreme, splendid, outstanding iv31
ṣītum exit, (new) growth of plant, rise Abstract concepts iv19
šubtum, šuptum abode, dwelling, place, seat Abstract concepts,Fabricated objects,Locations/Buildings i29
šubultum ear, spike (of corn) Body/Body parts i14
šuttum dream iii4
tabākum (v.) G to pour (out), lay flat; Ntn repeatedly swoop on i9
târum (v.) (GUR) G to turn, return, become again; D to bring, send, give, pay back iv14
têrtum instruction ii26
tibnum straw, chaff ii6
ṭīdum clay, mud Materials iii24
umma saying iv4
ummum mother Kinship terms iv7
ūmum I (UD) day, daily Abstract concepts,Time concepts ii8
uzzuktum ? i1
walādum (v.) G to give birth ii9
waqûm (v.) G to wait, Dt wait, await, expect, to wait attentively ii10
wašābum (v.) to sit, dwell ii10
zabbilum bearing, bearer ii5
zaqānum (v.) to wear a beard, be bearded iv1
zīmum face, appearance, figure Body/Body parts iii31
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