PRAK 1 B 472

SEAL no. 1623

Tablet Siglum
Ki. 1063
Arkeoloji Müzerleri, Istanbul
Genre / Classification
Love Literature


col. i

i 1'       [...]x ki [n]i a-na-ku x [...]

i 2'       [tu-ru-ukli-bi-ka ni-gu-[tu/ta/ti...]

i 3'       ti-bé-ma lu-ur-ta-ma-[ka-ma]

i 4'       i-nu-ut-li-ka ra?-ab-bi?

i 5'       ši mu-na-ma-ti

i 6'       da-du-kaṭà-a-bu

i 7'       mu-ú!-ta-an-bu in-bu-ka

i 8'       šà ka-na-ka-ti mu-ni-i ba-lu-ku-ú

i 9'       me--mu re-ši-ni in-a-bu uz-ni-ni

i 10'     šà-di-i bu-di-ni ù la-lu i-ir-ti-ni

i 11'     sí-in-s[í]-nu -ti-ni

i 12'     u-du-šu qá-ab-li-ni

i 13'     bi-la-ma šu-me-le-ek lu-pí-it-ma u-ur-da-at-ni

i 14'     me-li-il tu-li-i-ni

i 15'     [er-ba a-al]-la ap-ti

i 16'     [...]x ti


col. ii

ii 1'      [...]x [...]

ii 2'      [...] bima [...]

ii 3'      [k]wa-ar-i-ka ab/p-[...]

ii 4'      ki UD-mi a-ma-ru-ma ši-ma-[at..]

ii 5'      ar-u-ti ù še-ra-a-an [...]

ii 6'      ki UD-mi ta-a-a-zu i-[...]

ii 7'      an-na ši-tu-um ta-re-[...]

ii 8'      ši-ip-ru-uk li-li-ka-[...]

ii 9'      ši-ip-ru-uk li-li-kam-m[...]

ii 10'    lu-úš-me šu-ul-ma-ka a-na-[ku ...]

ii 11'    i-ú-ru-um tu-šu-di li-[ša?-na?-am?]

ii 12'    qá-ti ta x x x da-mi-iq!-[ta-am]

ii 13'    šu-ri-ni ù ni i[...]

ii 14'    ep-pu-ú[š ...]

ii 15'    ù da-mi-[iq-ta-ka]

ii 16'    na-a-šu [...]



1'         ta-sà-ra-[aq ....]

2'         uḫārum(?)(DI4.DI4.L[A]?) [...]

3'         šiptam?(ÉN?-àm?) ka?-[...]

4'         ta-sà-ra-aq [...]

5'         i-nu-u-ši i-[...]

6'         x ni x [...]



col. i

i 1'       [...] …I am.. [...]

i 2'       [The beating] of your heart – a pleasant tu[ne].

i 3'       Rise and let me make love [with you (or: together)].

i 4'       In your(m.) soft lap,

i 5'       that of waking-time,

i 6'       how sweet is your(m.) lovemaking.

i 7'       Your(m.) fruits are profuse!

i 8'       Of incense is my bed, (smelling of) ballukku-plant.

i 9'       Oh the crowns of our heads, the rings of our ears,

i 10'     the hills of our shoulders, the attraction of our chests,

i 11'     the ‘spadix’ of our hands,

i 12'     The ‘frog’ of our waist.

i 14'     Play(m.) with our breasts!

i 15'     [Enter], I have opened (my) thigh(s)!

i 16'     [...]…


col. ii

ii 1'      [...] … [...]

ii 2'      [...] … [...]

ii 3'      [W]hen your(m.) moon (is visible?) I will […],

ii 4'      In the (or: my) day when I will see the signs of […], signs (or: destiny?) of…

ii 5'      … and in the morning […],

ii 6'      In the (or: my) day when you will grasp … […]

ii 7'      Indeed, sleep will po[ur(?)…]

ii 8'      May your(m.) message arrive [to me…],

ii 9'      May your(m.) message come to me,

ii 10'    so that I, Oh I, will hear your(m.) well-being.

ii 11'    The bird made known(?) the n[ews(?)]

ii 12'    My hand will… fav[or],

ii 13'    Our eyebrows and… […],

ii 14'    I will d[o…].

ii 15'    and your(m.) fa[vor…].

ii 16'    Oh lusty one […].



1'         You(m.) will sprin[kle…]

2'         servant(?) […]

3'         incantation(?) …[…]

4'         You(m.) will sprinkle [...]

5'         In abundance [...]

6'         … [...]

Word Translation Semantic Line
anna yes, certainly Verbal expressions ii7'
anṣabtum ring, earring Fabricated objects i9'
ballukkum tree; an aromatic substance produced by the b. tree Flora i8'
būdum, pūdum shoulder Body/Body parts i10'
dādum I darling, favorite, sexual attractiveness Social status/Groups/Professions i6'
ḫallum crotch; thigh (upper) Body/Body parts i15'
ḫuduššum frog Fauna (wild) i12'
ḫurdatum female pudenda Body/Body parts i13'
inbum fruit, flower, sexual appeal Flora i7'
irtum I (GABA) breast, chest Body/Body parts i10'
iṣṣūrum bird Fauna (wild) ii11'
kanaktum tree (incense-bearing) Flora i8'
lalûm plenty, exuberance, wish, desire, emotion Abstract concepts i10'
mammum tiara i9'
munattum morning slumber Human activities/actions i5'
munûm (a type of bed) Fabricated objects i8'
naḫšum lusty, healthy, thriving Social status/Groups/Professions ii16'
nigûtum joyful song, musical celebration Verbal expressions,Written texts/Literary terms i2'
nuḫšum abundance, plenty, fertility Abstract concepts rev. 5'
qablum I hips, middle Body/Body parts i12'
reḫûm (v.) G to pour out, have sexual intercourse ii7'
rēšum (SAG) head; beginning; slave Abstract concepts,Body/Body parts i9'
šadûm I (KUR; ḪUR.SAG) mountain, open country Nature/Cosmological phenomena i10'
šērum II morning Abstract concepts,Time concepts ii5'
šiprum sending, mission, work, messenger Abstract concepts,Human activities/actions,Verbal expressions ii8', ii9'
šiptum (ḖN; KAxUD) incantation, spell Written texts/Literary terms rev.3'
sissinnum date-palm spadix Flora i11'
šittum sleep Abstract concepts,Human activities/actions ii7'
ṣuḫārum ((LÚ.)TUR; DI4.DI4.LA?) boy, male child, servant, adolescent Social status/Groups/Professions rev. 2'
šulmum well-being, completeness, health; peace Abstract concepts ii10'
šumēlûm left-hand Body/Body parts i13'
šur'um, šūrum eyebrow Body/Body parts ii13'
tulûm breast Body/Body parts i14'
ūmum I (UD) day, daily Abstract concepts,Nature/Cosmological phenomena,Time concepts ii4', ii6'
utlum lap Body/Body parts i4'
uznum ear, wisdom, understanding Body/Body parts i9'
warḫum (ITI) moon, month Time concepts ii3'
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