OECT 11, 2

SEAL no. 7049

  • Gurney 1989, 2Gurney 1989, 2
Copy / Photo
Tablet Siglum
Bod AB 215
7.7 x 5.3 x 2.0
Ashmolean Museum, Oxford
Genre / Classification
Incantations, baby

 CDLI No. P274664 (no photo).


1         [a]t-ta-a-ma ṣ[e]-e[]-ru[m?]

2         [w]i-il!-du-um ša a-wi-lu-ú-[tim]

3         lu-ú ta-at-ta-ṣ[i]-a-am

4         lu-ú ta-ta-mar dUTU nu-r[a-am?]

5         a[m]-mi-ni i-na li-ib-bi um-[m]a-ka

6         ki-a-am la te-te-ep-pu-uš

7         ki-i ša du-um-qá-am [t]e-pu-šu a-ba-k[a]

8         s[u-qá]-am ša ni-ši um-ma-ka tu-uš-bi-ʾu5

9         tu-uš-ta-aʾ-di-ir ta-ri-ta-am

10       ta-ad-da-li-ip mu-še-ni-iq-ta-am

11       i-na ri-ig-mi-ka i-li bi-tim

12       ú-ul i-ṣa-al-la-al

13       iš-ta-ar bi-tim

14       ú-ul i-ḫa-az ši-it-tum

15       [m]a-an-na-am lu-uš-pu-ur

16       a-na En-ki-du10

17       ša-ki-in ša-la-a-aš-ti

18       a-na ma-aṣ-ṣa-ra-tim

19       li-iṣ-ba-as-[s]ú-ú-mi

20       ⌈ša iṣ-ba-tu-ú ṣabitam(MAŠ.DÀ)

21       l[i]-ka-as-sí-[š]u-mi

22       š[a] ú-ka-as-sú-ú ar-wi-[am]

23       ⌈i?-na?⌉ ṣe-e-ri-im li-id-di-i[š?-šum?]

24       [m]é?-e-ḫi-ru-um ši-na-as-s[ú]

25       a-li-ik warki(EGIR) alpī(GUD.ḪÁ) ši-it-ta-šu

26       li-zi-ib-šum

27       a-di um-ma-šu i-de-ku-ú-šu

28       a-a i-ig-ge-el-ti


29       KA.inim.ma l[ú]-tur!(Text:I) ír-šeš4-[a-kam?]


1–2     Oh you little-one, a human child,

3–4     you have verily come out, you have verily seen the Sun, the light.

5–6     Why have you not done so in your mother's womb?

7–8     Instead of doing good to your father, letting your mother pass (quietly) in the people's street,

9–10   you have caused the nanny trouble, you have deprived of sleep the wet–nurse.

11–12 Through your crying the god of the house cannot sleep!

13–14 Slumber does not catch the goddess of the house!

15–16 - Whom should I send to (summon) Enkidu,

17–18 the creator of the three night watches, (saying:)

19–20 “He who caught the deer may catch him (too) (i.e. the baby)!

21–22 He who bound the gazelle may bind him (too)!

23–24 May his fellow contestant (i.e. Gilgameš) in the field give him his sleep!

25–26 May (the constellation of) the One-walking-behind-the-cattle leave for him his sleep!”

27–28 Until his mother wakes him up, may he not awake!


29        Incantation for a crying baby.

Word Translation Semantic Line
abum father Kinship terms,Social status/Groups/Professions 7
adārum II (v.) G to be afraid, fear, be worried, disturbed; Š to cause annoyance, frighten; Št to become frightened, worried 9
aḫāzum (v.) G to take, marry, grasp, seize, learn; Š to make s.o. take, marry, learn 14
ālikum going, goer 25
alpum (GU4) bull, ox Fauna (domestic) 25
arwûm, armûm gazelle (male) Fauna (wild) 22
awīlūtum humanity, mankind Abstract concepts 2
bâ'um (v.) G to go along, across, pass, overtake, defeat; Š cause to move along 8
bītum (É) house Fabricated objects,Locations/Buildings 11, 13
dalāpum (v.) G to stir up; N become restless; to be sleepless, to be kept awake 10
dekûm (v.) G to raise, wake up, call up, unleash, move (to), shift 27
Enkidu PN PN 16
ezēbum (v.) G to leave, leave behind; Š to save 26
ili bītim god of the house Deities/Divine sphere 11
ištar bītim goddess of the house Deities/Divine sphere 13
kasûm III (v.) G to bind; G~D bind person, animal, limb 21, 22
māḫirum opponent, antagonist, enemy Human activities/actions 24
maṣṣartum observation, guard Human activities/actions,Social status/Groups/Professions 18
mušēniqtum wet nurse Social status/Groups/Professions 10
nadānum (v.) (SUM) G to give, bestow 23
nagaltûm (v.) N to awake, wake up 28
nišū (UN.MEŠ) people, humanity, population Social status/Groups/Professions 8
nūrum I (ZÁLAG) light Abstract concepts,Nature/Cosmological phenomena 4
rigmum voice, cry, noise Emotions/Feelings,Human activities/actions,Verbal expressions 11
ṣabātum (v.) (DAB5) G to seize, take, hold 19, 20
ṣabītum gazelle Fauna (wild) 20
ṣalālum (v.) G to lie down, sleep Human activities/actions 12
Šamaš, šamšum (dUtu) DN, sun Deities/Divine sphere 4
šapārum (v.) G to send, write, govern, administer Verbal expressions 15
ṣeḫrum I ((LÚ).TUR) little, young, junior-; small, child, servant, baby Qualities/Attributes,Social status/Groups/Professions 1
ṣērum (EDIN) back, upperside, steppe, open country, towards Abstract concepts,Body/Body parts,Locations/Buildings,Nature/Cosmological phenomena 23
šittum sleep Human activities/actions 14, 24, 25
sūqum (SILA) street Locations/Buildings 8
tārītum nurse, nanny Social status/Groups/Professions 9
ummum mother Kinship terms 5, 8, 27
wildum offspring, young Kinship terms 2
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