CUSAS 32, 25a

SEAL no. 7120

  • George 2016 Pl. LXXIGeorge 2016 Pl. LXXI
  • MS 2780 (CDLI P251829)MS 2780 (CDLI P251829)
Copy / Photo
25 (photo, copy)
Tablet Siglum
MS 2780
6.8 x 4.9 x 1.7
Schøyen Collection, Oslo
127 (II.E.6)
Genre / Classification
Incantations, stomach ache

A rectangular tablet with two incantations, each on a different side of the tablet. The obverse contains an incantation against an aching belly, switching between Sumerian and Akkadian, with a passage where the name of the patient, his god and goddess, should be inserted (ll. 6–7). On the reverse: an incantation against a snake in a non-identified language (see George 2016, 118 II.D.14).

CDLI P251829

1          ú-a ab-gig lú-b[u]

2          ú-<a> ab-gig gig an-ta su[r-ra]

3          ki-te-x+KAK in-nu-z[i?-(x)]

4          ki-ma An-nu šar ša-me-e ir-⌈ḫu⌉-[ú]

5          bu-ul dŠákkan rēšam(SAG) [l]u-šu-ri-ma

6          ne-nam dumu ne-n[am] dingir-bi ne­-nam

7          ù ama-­dinnin-[bi] ne-nam

8          lu-ra-ḫi-mi i-di ši-ip-tam

9          dDa-mu be-el ta-ka-la-tim

10        bēlet-ilī(dMaḫ) be-le-et re-mi-im

11        dGu-la a-sú-ut a-we-le-e

12        ⌈kap-pa-šu lu-pu-ut

13        zu-qá-as-sú i-ši ti-bé-e!-mi / qí-bi-šum

14        K[A!-i]nim-ma! šà-gig-ga


1–3      Alas! that man is sick! Alas! that man is sick! A sickness oozing from above, from below it is rising(?).

4–5      Just as Anu, king of heaven, inseminated the herd of Šakkan, may I impregnate and pour magic over the patient (lit. slave, "head")

6-8       so-and-so, son of so-and-so, whose god is so-and-so, and whose goddess is so-and-so! Cast the spell!

9–11    O Damu, lord of the craftiness! O Bēlet-ilī, lady of the womb, O Gula, physician of men!

12–13  Touch his hand, lift his chin! order him: "stand up!"

14         Incantation for aching belly.


Word Translation Semantic Line
Anum DN Deities/Divine sphere 4
arûm (v.) G to be(come) pregnant, conceive; Š to impregnate 5
asûm physician Social status/Groups/Professions 11
awīlum, aʾīlu (LÚ) man, free man, human being Social status/Groups/Professions 11
Bēlet-ilī (DINGIR.MAḪ) DN Deities/Divine sphere 10
bēltum (NIN) lady, mistress, proprietress 10
bēlum (EN) lord, master, proprietor, owner 9
būlum (MÁŠ.ANŠE) animals, livestock Fauna (domestic),Fauna (wild) 5
Damu DN 9
Gula DN 11
KA.INIM.MA incantation formula, incantation 14
kappum wing, hand Body/Body parts 12
kīma like, as; when; that 4
lapātum (v.) G to touch; D ~ G 12
nadûm III (v.) G to throw down, lay down; N to be rejected 8
našûm (v.) G to lift, carry Materials 13
qabûm (v.) (DUG4) G to say, speak, command 13
reḫûm (v.) G to pour out, have sexual intercourse 4, 8
rēmum womb, compassion Body/Body parts 10
rēšum (SAG) head; beginning; slave Body/Body parts 5
Šakkan (dŠakkan, dŠákkan) DN 5
šamû I (AN) sky, heaven Nature/Cosmological phenomena 4
šarrum (LUGAL; EN) king, lord 4
šiptum (ḖN; KAxUD) incantation, spell Rituals/Religious practices,Verbal expressions,Written texts/Literary terms 8
tākaltum bag, stomach Fabricated objects 9
tebûm (v.) G to get up, arise, set out 13
suqtum, zuqtum chin 13
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