YOS 11, 19a

SEAL no. 7134

  • YBC 4601(Yale Babylonian Collection)YBC 4601(Yale Babylonian Collection)
  • YBC 4601 obv. (Yale Babylonian Collection)YBC 4601 obv. (Yale Babylonian Collection)
  • YBC 4601 right edge (Yale Babylonian Collection)YBC 4601 right edge (Yale Babylonian Collection)
  • YBC 4601 lower edge (Yale Babylonian Collection)YBC 4601 lower edge (Yale Babylonian Collection)
  • YBC 4601 rev. (Yale Babylonian Collection)YBC 4601 rev. (Yale Babylonian Collection)
  • van Dijk/Goetze/Hussey 1985, 19 obv.van Dijk/Goetze/Hussey 1985, 19 obv.
  • van Dijk/Goetze/Hussey 1985, 19 rev.van Dijk/Goetze/Hussey 1985, 19 rev.
Copy / Photo
Tablet Siglum
YBC 4601
Yale Babylonian Collection, New Haven
Genre / Classification
Incantations, Lamaštu

CDLI P305834.

First photo Klaus Wagensonner.


1       ez-ze-et ⌈bi?⌉-ša-at [ -a]t x x

2       mu-ut-ta-ad-ri-ra-at TUR?-r[i?]) ...

3       ú-ul a-sà-a-at ú-ra-ak-k[a-as abunntam?]

4       ú-ul ša-ab-sà-at ú-ka-ap-pa-ar š[e]-er-ra-am

5       wa-ra-aḫ e-ri-a-tim im-ta-na-an-nu

6       ba-ba-am ša wa-li-it-tim sa-an-DA-a[k] pa-ri-ka-at

7       ki-ib-sà-at būlim(MÁŠ.ANŠE) ir-te-né-di   

8       i-na uz-zi-im ša li-li-im i-ḫi-a-ar ma-tam

9       i-ṣa-ab-ba-at eṭ-lam i-na šu-li-im

10      wardatam(KI.SIKIL) i-na me-lu-li-im

11      ṣé-eḫ-ra-am i-na bu-ud ta-ri-tim

12      i-mu-ra-ši-ma i-la-an ki-la-al-la-an

13      ú-še-ṣi-a-ši a-pa-ni

14      ú-ša-aḫ-li-pa-aš-ši ṣé-er-re-ni7(NIM)

15      ir-ku-sú-ni-iš-ši i-na gišbīni!([Š]I[NI]G) / [i-n]a! qá-ba-al  ta!-a[m!-tim]

16      [...] A!-ra!-a[ḫ]-tim [...  / ...] x ši [...


Lower edge


17      [KA].inim.ma dLam[štu](D[ÌM.ME.KAM] / (...) še!-er!-[ri-im]


1       She is fierce, she is evil(?), she is...

2       she is roaming around … ...

3       Although she is not a physician, she bandages [the umbilical cord(?)]

4       Although she is not a midwife, she wipes off the new-born,

5       She keeps counting the months of the pregnant women,

6       She is blocking regularly the gate of the woman who is giving birth.

7       She keeps accompanying the stride of the livestock.

8       She is examining the land in a demon's rage:

9       she takes hold of the young man in the street,

10      of the young woman in the dance,

11      of the little-one on the shoulder of the nurse.

12–13         When the two gods saw her they have threw her out of the window,

14      They made her slink through the door socket.

15      They have tied her to a Tamarisk(?) in the middle of the sea.

16      ... in the Araḫtum-canal...

17      Incantation (against) Lamaštu... babi[e(s)].

Word Translation Semantic Line
abunnatum umbilical cord, navel Body/Body parts [3]
amārum (v.) G to see; catch sight of; N pass. of G, be found 12
apāni (cf. apāniš) through the window Fabricated objects 13
Araḫtum GN, major canal in northern Babylonia GN 16
arītum, erītum (PEŠ4) pregnant woman Human activities/actions 5
asâtum female doctor Social status/Groups/Professions 3
bābum (KÁ) doorway, door, gate, entrance Fabricated objects,Locations/Buildings 6
bīnum II (gišŠINIG) tamarisk Flora 15
būdum, pūdum shoulder Body/Body parts 11
būlum (MÁŠ.ANŠE) animals, livestock Fauna (domestic) 7
eṭlum (GURUŠ; ŠUL) manly; young man Human activities/actions,Social status/Groups/Professions 9
ezēzum (v.) G to be(come) angry, rage 1
ḫalāpum (v.) G to slip into, through; Š to make slip into, through; to clad in 14
ḫiārum (v.) G to choose, seek out 8
kapārum II (v.) G to wipe (clean) tears, hands etc. 4
kibsum track, footprint, way Body/Body parts,Nature/Cosmological phenomena 7
Lamaštum (dDÌM.ME) DN Deities/Divine sphere,Diseases/Demons 17
lilium storm demon Diseases/Demons 8
manûm (v.) G to count, calculate, recite; Gtn iter. of G; D=G 5
mēlulum (v.) to play Human activities/actions 10
parākum (v.) to lie across, obstruct, block 6
qablum I hips, middle Body/Body parts 15
rakāsum (v.) G to bind 3
rakāsum (v.) G to bind 15
redûm I (v.) G to accompany, lead, drive, proceed; Gtn to accompany constantly, lead 7
ṣabātum (v.) (DAB5) G to seize, take, hold 9
šabsūtum midwife Social status/Groups/Professions 4
ṣeḫrum I ((LÚ).TUR) little, young, junior-; small, child, servant, baby Qualities/Attributes,Social status/Groups/Professions 11
šerrum young child, baby Social status/Groups/Professions 4, 17
ṣerrum II door socket Fabricated objects 14
šulûm street, lane, alley Locations/Buildings 9
tārītum nurse, nanny Social status/Groups/Professions 11
tiāmtum, tâmtum (A.AB.BA) sea, lake Nature/Cosmological phenomena 15
uzzum anger, rage Emotions/Feelings 8
wālittum one who gives/has given/is about to give birth Human activities/actions,Social status/Groups/Professions 6
wardatum (KI.SIKIL) girl, young woman Social status/Groups/Professions 10
warḫum (ITI) moon, month Time concepts 5
waṣûm (v.) G to go out, depart; Š caus. of G 13
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