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SEAL no. 7149

  • IB 1554 obv./rev. (Iraq Museum)IB 1554 obv./rev. (Iraq Museum)
  • IB 1554 lower/upper/left edge (Iraq Museum)IB 1554 lower/upper/left edge (Iraq Museum)
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Tablet Siglum
IB 1554
Iraq Museum, Baghdad
202–204: 78–99
Genre / Classification
Incantations, anger (love?)
The tablet was found broken and sealed inside a vase in the corner of a wall. The present tablet was originally cut of a 3-columns tablet, before(?) our text was inscribed on it.

CDLI No. P355910.    



78        [uz-zu-um] uz-zu-um

79        i-t[a?-na-za]-az i-na li-ib-bi-šu

80        lu-uš-qì-ka [me]-e ka-ú-ú-tim

81        lu-uš-qì-ka šu-ri-pa-am ta-ak-í-a-tim

82        [l]i-ib-ba-ka ki-ma barbarim(U[R.B]AR.RA) ba-aš-tum

83        [ki-ma] nēšim(UR.MAH-im) š[a]-l[um-m]a-tum li-ik-l[a?]-ka

84        še-[i-i] uz-zu-u[m š]a dNa-na-a


85        uz-z[u-u]m uz-zu-um

86        i-i[l-la-ka-am] ri-ma-ni-iš

87        iš-t[a!-na-i-a-am] ka-al-ba-[n]i-i[š]

88        k[i-ma nēšim(UR.MAH-im) e-ez] a-l[a?-ka-am]

89        k[i-ma barbarim(UR.BAR.RA) la-k]a-ta-am ú?-ša-[ar?]

90        [x x x x x x x] (-) me-e ka-ba-at-tim

91        i[-pi KU-li-a-am] ša li-ib-bi-šu

92        ti-[tu-ra-am lu]-ba e-li-i-šu

93        ša-p[a]-a[l-šu] ídIdiglat na-ru-um

94        še-i-i[uz-zu-um] ša dNa-na-a


95        uz-zu-um [(x x x)] uz-zu-um

96        ki-ma as-[k]u-u[p-p]a-t[i]m lu-ka-bi-is-k[a]

97        ki-ma qá-aq-[qá-ri-i]m lu-te-et-ti-iq-ka

98        še-i-i[uz]-zu-um ša dNa-na-a


99 lag.mun.kam



78        [Anger!], anger!

79        Keeps s[tand]ing in his heart!

80        Let me give you(m.) cold water to drink!

81        Let me give you(m.) ice and cool drinks to drink!

82        May dignity, like (of) a wolf, (restrain) your heart,

83        May radiance, like (of) a lion, restrain you(m.)!

84        Jump! Oh anger of Nanāya!


85        Anger! anger!

86        Co[mes to me] like a wild bull,

87        Ke[eps jumpin]g on me like a dog.

88        Like a lion, (anger) is fierce-ranging,

89        Like a wolf, (anger) breaks into a run.

90        [...] water(?) of the liver.

91        I[t has broken the K.] of his heart.

92        Let me cross over the b[ridge], over it (anger)!

93        Beneath it (anger) is the Tigris, the river!

94        Jump! Oh anger of Nanāya!


95        Anger! anger!

96        I will trample over you like (over) a threshold!

97        As (I pass over) the soil I will pass back and forth over you!

98        Jump! Oh anger of Nanāya!


99        Incantation of the salt-lump.

Word Translation Semantic Line
askuppum, askuppatum (I.LU.KUN4) (threshold) slab Locations/Buildings 96
barbarum (UR.BAR.RA) wolf Fauna (wild) 82, 89
bāštum dignity, pride Abstract concepts 82
bâ'um (v.) G to go along, across; Š cause to move along 92
etēqum (v.) G to go past, cross over; Gtn iter.; Š caus. of G 97
ezēzum (v.) G to be(come) angry, rage [88]
ḫepûm (v.) G to break, ruin, destroy; N to be broken [91]
Idiglat GN, Tigris GN 93
izuzzum (v.) (GUB) G to stand; Gtn iter. of G 79
kabāsum (v.) G to tread, trample; D tread, walk over 96
kabattum, kabtatum liver, mood, mind, intention Body/Body parts 90
kalbum (UR.GI7) dog Fauna (domestic),Fauna (wild) 87
kalûm V (v.) G to hold (back), detain 83
lakādum, lakātum (v.) G to run [89]
mû I (A(.MEŠ)) water Food/Drink 80, 90
Nanāya DN Deities/Divine sphere 84, 94, 98
nārum I (ÍD) river, watercourse, canal Nature/Cosmological phenomena 93
nēšum, nīšum (UR.MAH) lion Fauna (wild) 83, 88
qaqqarum (KI) earth, ground Locations/Buildings,Nature/Cosmological phenomena 97
qu(l)lium vessel (a kind of) Fabricated objects 91
rīmum (AM) wild bull Fauna (wild) 86
šaḫāṭum (v.) (GUD.DA) G to jump on, attack, escape; D attack; Gtn jump about, jump in succession 84, [87], 94, 98
šalummatum radiance Nature/Cosmological phenomena 83
šaqûm III (v.) (NAG) G to give to drink, irrigate 80, 81
šizbum (GA) milk Food/Drink 77
šurīpum ice, frost Nature/Cosmological phenomena 81
takṣâtum, takṣiātum cold weather, frost Nature/Cosmological phenomena 81
titūrum bridge Fabricated objects 92
uzzum anger, rage Emotions/Feelings 78, 84, 85, 94, 95, 98
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