YOS 11, 15 // YOS 11, 29b

SEAL no. 7191

  • YBC 4588 obv. (Yale Babylonian Collection)YBC 4588 obv. (Yale Babylonian Collection)
  • YBC 4588 rev. (Yale Babylonian Collection)YBC 4588 rev. (Yale Babylonian Collection)
  • YOS 11, 29 (https://collections.peabody.yale.edu/search/Record/YPM-BC-018662)YOS 11, 29 (https://collections.peabody.yale.edu/search/Record/YPM-BC-018662)
  • van Dijk/Goetze/Hussey 1985, 15van Dijk/Goetze/Hussey 1985, 15
  • van Dijk/Goetze/Hussey 1985, 29van Dijk/Goetze/Hussey 1985, 29
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Tablet Siglum
YBC 4588; YBC 4597
YOS 11, 15:
6.2 x 7.7 x 2.3
YOS 11, 29:
9.3 x 7.9 x 2.7
Yale Babylonian Collection, New Haven
Genre / Classification
Incantations, witchcraft

YOS 11, 15 = CDLI P305825

YOS 11, 29 = CDLI P305318

Coll. Farber, YOS 11, pp. 63, 74.

YOS 11, 29 is a medical text, listing different diagnoses.

YOS 11, 15 = Text A; YOS 11, 29 r. 23–29 = Text B


A1 e-pi-iš le-em-né-tim le-em-né-tu-šu ú-ul i-še-et-ta-ša°

B23 e-pi-i[š!                le-em-n]é!-t[i-šu] ú-ul i-še-et-ta-šu


A2 lu-mu-un-šu pi-ri-iḫ-šu ú-ul ú-wa-aš-šar

B23 lu-mu-un-šu pi-ri-iḫ-šu ú-ul ú!-wa-šar


A3 za-a-ri lum-nim i-iṣ-ṣi-da qá-ta-[šu]

B24 za-ri lu-um-nim i-ṣi-da qá-ta-šu 


A4 awāt(INIM-a-at) uṣ-ṣi-a     ú![a!]-a[n!-nu]-ú! [...].

B24 awāt(INIM-a-at) uṣ-ṣi-a-am ú-ša-an-nu-ú ap-lu-šu


A5 ú-ul i-ḫa-di bar-ba-ra-[...

B25 ú-ul i-ḫa-ad-di ba-ar-ba-ru i-mi-ṣi-ni


A6 ù ne-ša-am ša-gi-[ma-am ...   

B25 ù né-ša-am ša-gi!-ma-am id-mu-[um?] ia-a-tim


A7 ú-ul ú-šal-lam! d[a! ...                 

B26 [                  ] x b/pu-ul!? ši-r[x]


A8 ú-ul ú-[...

B26                    ] na-zi-iq-tim


A9 a-na ḫa-ab-[li?-im?...

B27 [          ] ša ki x [     


A10 a-na [ ...   

B27 [                  ] i-di-im-[(x)]


A11 ḫa-ab-[lu/li-um/im...

B28 [                       ]


A12 ù! t/ša [...

B28 [                    ]-at



A13 a-na li-[...

B29 [                       ]


A14 GA-x[ ...

B29 [                    ]-ar


A15 na-ši [...

A16 x [x x (x) x] i-na ma-a-at x[ ]

A17 8? ḫalluru(GÚ.GAL) 7 kiššenu(GÚ.NÍG.ḪAR.RA) 9 Nisaba(ŠE.NAGA)

A18 7 ŠE sikillu(Ú.SIKIL) billatu?(KAŠ.Ú!.SA!) (Text: SA.Ú) ù ṭabā[tu](A.GEŠTI[N.NA])

A19 i-na ṣi-ir-ri daltim(gišIG) te-te-me-e[r

A20 ki-iš-pu ša a-na bīti(É)-šu i-né-pu-šu! ú?-[...

A21 šumma(DIŠ) it-ta-na-ad-la-aḫ ù du!-bu-ub!-tum    

A22 ša-ak-na-sú li-bi-it-tam ša askuppi(I.LU)-šu              

A23 i-na-sà-aḫ a-na ki-nu-nim i-ša-ka-an-ma

A24 du-bu-ub-ta-šu in-na-sà-aḫ 


A1=B23 The evil-doer, his evil deeds will not leave him (Text A: her),

A2=B23 his wickedness will not leave his offspring.

A3=B24 He who sows wickedness, his hands will reap (it).

A4=B24 The word which came out against me - his (the evil-doer's) sons will repeat(?).

A5=B25 The torn-eyed wolf shall not rejoice,

A6=B25 and as for the roaring lion - he will moan to me.

A7=B26 The... will not be well...

A8=B26 ... will not... the howling...

A9=B27 To the wro[nged person(?) ....who like...

A10=B27    To the... hand(?)...

A11=B28    The wro[nged person(?) ...

A12=B28    ... ...

A13=B29    To the...

A14=B29    ... ...

A15 He who carries(?)...

A16 ... in the ...

A17 8 peas, 7 (grains of?) K.-vegetable, 9 (grains of?) wheat,

A18 7 grains of S.-plant, (mixed in) B.-liquid (and) vinegar

A19 you will bury in the socket for the doorpost -

A20 Witchcrafts which were done against this house will [...]

A21–22  If the man is constantly troubled and worry is set upon him -

A22–23  he will tear out a brick from his threshold and place it in his stove;

A24 Thus will his worry be torn out.

Word Translation Semantic Line
aplum (TUR.UŠ) heir, son Kinship terms,Social status/Groups/Professions 24
askuppum, askuppatum (I.LU.KUN4) (threshold) slab Locations/Buildings 22
barbarum (UR.BAR.RA) wolf Fauna (wild) 5 // 25
billatum (KAŠ.Ú.SA) mixture, Bab. (a dry substance used in the preparation of beer) Fabricated objects 18
bītum (É) house Locations/Buildings 20
dalāḫum (v.) G to disturb, stir up; N pass. be made turbid, be stirred up; Ntn iter. of N 21
daltum (GIŠ.IG) door Fabricated objects 19
damāmum (v.) G to wail, moan 25
dubbubtum (troublesome) negotiation(s), complaint(s) Abstract concepts 21, 24
epēšum (v.) G to do, make, build; Gt to do throroughly; Št be active, work on; N pass. of G 1 // 23, 20
eṣēdum (v.) G to harvest, reap 3 // 24
ḫadûm III (v.) G to be joyful, rejoice 5 // 25
ḫallūrum (GÚ.GAL) peas Food/Drink 17
imiṣ īni torn-eyed, torn (said of eye) Body/Body parts 25
kinūnum brazier, fireplace, oven; kiln Fabricated objects 23
kišpum sorcery, evil spell Rituals/Religious practices 20
kiššanum/kiššenum (GÚ.NÍG.HAR.RA) leguminous vegetable (a kind of) Food/Drink 17
lemuttum evil, wickedness Human activities/actions 1 // 23
libittum (SIG4) brick, mudbrick Fabricated objects 22
lumnum (ḪUL) evil, misery Human activities/actions 2, 3 // 23, 24
mātum (KUR; KALAM) land, country Locations/Buildings,Nature/Cosmological phenomena 16
nasāḫum (v.) G to tear out, pull out, remove; G~D; N pass. be extracted, torn out 23, 24
nāziqum, f. nāziqtum howling, creaking Qualities/Attributes 26
nēšum, nīšum (UR.MAH) lion Fauna (wild) 6 // 25
Nisaba DN Deities/Divine sphere 17
per'um bud, shoot Flora 2 // 23
qātum (ŠU) hand Fabricated objects 3 // 24
šāgimum roaring, (he, who) roars Qualities/Attributes 25
šakānum (v.) (GAR) to put, place, lay down 22, 23
šalāmum (v.) G to be(come) healthy, intact; D keep well, intact, pay off in full 7
šanûm III (v.) G to do twice, do for a second time; D repeat, report 4 // 24
ṣerrum II door socket Fabricated objects 19
šêtum (v.) G to be/leave remaining (trans. & intrans.) 1 // 23
še'um (ŠE) barley, grain (also a measure) Flora 18
sikillum (Ú.SIKIL) plant (a kind of) Flora 18
ṭābātum (A.GEŠTIN.NA) vinegar Food/Drink 18
temērum (v.) G to cover (in earth), bury 19
uṭṭatum, uṭṭetum grain, barley, seed(s) Flora 18
wašārum (v.) G to sink down; D to release, set free 2 // 23
waṣûm (v.) G to go out, depart; Š caus. of G 4 // 24
zarûm (v.) G to sow 3 // 24
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