YOS 11, 67a (// NABU 2019/43a)

SEAL no. 7212

  • MLC 640 obv. (Yale Babylonian Collection)MLC 640 obv. (Yale Babylonian Collection)
  • MLC 640 lower edge (Yale Babylonian Collection)MLC 640 lower edge (Yale Babylonian Collection)
  • MLC 640 rev. (Yale Babylonian Collection)MLC 640 rev. (Yale Babylonian Collection)
  • MLC 640 (Yale Babylonian Collection)MLC 640 (Yale Babylonian Collection)
  • van Dijk/Goetze/Hussey 1985 , 67van Dijk/Goetze/Hussey 1985 , 67
  • Wagensonner 2019bWagensonner 2019b
  • MLC 334 (Yale Babylonian Collection)MLC 334 (Yale Babylonian Collection)
  • Wagensonner 2019bWagensonner 2019b
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Tablet Siglum
MLC 640 (YOS 11, 67); MLC 334 (NABU 2019/43)
YOS 11, 67:
5.53 × 8.31 × 2.45
NABU 2019/43:
5.43 × 6.6 × 1.83
Yale Babylonian Collection, New Haven
Genre / Classification
Incantations, fertility?

These parallel texts contain two incantations each. The first, mainly in syllabic Sum. ending with an Akk. address to Enlil, and an Akk. procedure. The second is entirely in Sum. presents the well-known seven-times appellations to heaven and earth, and to different officials. (For similar seven-times repetitions, see Farber in van Dijk/Goetze/Hussey 1985, 44 and recently, the two parallel Sum. incantations published by Murad 2016: 8–9). Interestingly, the reverse of MLC 334 (NABU 2019/43) is oriented at 90° to the obverse, i.e. the lines are arranged as columns.

Cunningham (1997, Cat No. 284) suggested that YOS 11, 67a is “possibly directed against evil daimons”. Van Dijk (1985, 44) seems to have taken it an incantation against dogs, for he read dEn-líl muḫ-ur-gi7-ra-ka (ll. 5, 6). As we read these two lines, they contain an Akk. exclamation muḫur zērâka “pray to your begetter!”, a formula which is unknown from other incantations and is more typical of a prayer. In lack of a colophon, two arguments come in favor of seeing the text as an incantation: the rubric kikiṭṭašû (KI.KI.BI, for KÌD.KÌD.BI) and exclamations on the reverse, repeated seven-times each.


YOS 11, 67 = Text A; NABU 2019/43 = Text B



A1 al ⌈mu-mu⌉

B1 al ⌈mu-mu⌉


A2 ki ⌈mu-mu⌉

B2 ki! mu-⌈mu⌉


A3 al-⌈ma⌉  dEn-ki-⌈ke4

B3 al-ma  dEn-ki-⌈ke4


A4 ki-ma ⌈d⌉En-ki-ke4

B4 ki!-ma dEn-ki-ke4


A5 dEn-líl mu-ḫu-ur ze-⌈ra-ka

B5 dEn-líl mu-ḫu-ur ze-ra-ka


A6 mu-ḫu-ur ze-⌈ra⌉-[ka

B6 ⌈mu⌉-ḫu-ur⌉ ze-ra°-ka 


A7 kikiṭṭašû(KI.KI.BI) 2 an-ni-a-tim ⌈i-na? É?⌉ [x]

B7 kikiṭṭašû(KI.KI.BI) 2! an-ni-a-tum i-na ⌈x⌉-⌈nim⌉ [...]


A8 la-bi-ri-impa-ni ⌈x⌉-[x-x]

B8 la-bi-ri-im pa-ni ⌈x-x⌉-[x]


A9 ta-⌈x⌉-[...]

B9 te?-ṣí-ir-ma i-na bi-ti [(...)]


A10 (rev. 1) ù il?-ta-nim i?⌉-[ba?-lu?-uṭ?]

B10 [ù(?)] il-ta-nim i-ba-l[u?-uṭ?]



A11 an an an an an an [an]

B11 (rev. 1) an an an an an an an


A12 ki ki ki ki ki ki ki

B12 ki ki ki ki ki ki ki  


A13 en en en en ⌈en⌉ [en en]

B13 en en en en en en en


A14 išib išib išib išib išib išib [išib]

B14 išib išib išib išib išib išib išib


A15 tùr ⌈tùr⌉ tùr tùr ⌈tùr⌉ [ tùr tùr]

B15 tùr tùr tùr tùr tùr tùr tùr


A16 nu-èš                               ⌈7⌉

B16 nu-èš nu-èš nu-èš nu-èš nu-èš nu-èš nu-èš


A17 la-ga-ge-en ba-ab-x

B17 ⌈la⌉-ga-ge-en ba-ab-du11


A18 gìri x x ud an šà-gal



1–2 The heaven(?) is growing! The earth is growing!

3–4 The heaven(?) ... by Enki; The earth ... by Enki.

5–6 O Enlil! Pray to your begetter! Pray to [your b]egetter!

7–10 Its procedure: You will draw(?) these two in the old  the face of […], as well as in the house, [– in its south side(?)] and north side. He will li[ve].




11 Heaven! Heaven! Heaven! Heaven! Heaven! Heaven! Heaven!

12 Earth! Earth! Earth! Earth! Earth! Earth! Earth! 

13 High priest! High priest! High priest! High priest! High priest! High priest! High priest! 

14 Purification priest! Purification priest! Purification priest! Purification priest! Purification priest! Purification priest! Purification priest!       

15 Courtyard! Courtyard! Courtyard! Courtyard! Courtyard! Courtyard! Courtyard! 

16 Temple dignitary! (Temple dignitary! Temple dignitary! Temple dignitary! Temple dignitary! Temple dignitary! Temple dignitary! )

17–18 .... ....


Word Translation Semantic Line
annûm this, those A 7; B 7
balāṭum (v.) G to live, stat. be alive; D bring back to life, revive B [10]
bītum (É) house A [7]; B 9
Enki DN A 3, 4; B 3, 4
Enlil DN Deities/Divine sphere A 5; B 5
eṣērum (v.) (ḪUR) to draw, design B 9
ištānum, iltānum north wind A [10]; B 10
kikiṭṭûm (KÌD.KÌD.BI; KI.KI.BI) ritual procedure Rituals/Religious practices A 7; B 7
labīrum old Social status/Groups/Professions A 8; B 8
maḫārum (v.) G to face, confront, oppose, receive; N to be accepted, received A 5, 6; B 5, 6
pānum I (IGI) front, face, earlier times A 8; B 8
šina II two A 7; B 7
zārûm, zērûm scattering; winnower; begetter, progenitor Body/Body parts A 5, 6; B 5, 6
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