OECT 11, 1 (Amurru Rīm-Sîn)

SEAL no. 7489

  • 1923.766 (Weld-Blundell Collection) (CDLI P348900) 	  1923.766 (Weld-Blundell Collection) (CDLI P348900)
  • Gurney 1989, 1 obv.Gurney 1989, 1 obv.
  • Gurney 1989, 1 rev.Gurney 1989, 1 rev.
Copy / Photo
CDLI P348900 (photo)
Tablet Siglum
1923.766 (Weld-Blundell Collection)
7.8 x 10.0 x 1.5
Ashmolean Museum, Oxford
CDLI P348900
Genre / Classification
Hymns and Prayers, Amurru
1       ra-aš-bu-um bu-uk-ri-ì-lí AN ša AN kab-tu[m š]u-nu-du-um la-bi-iš me-le-em-mi
2       Amurru(AN.AN.MAR.TU) bu-uk-ri-ì-lí AN ša AN kab-tu[m š]u-nu-du-um la-bi-iš me-le-im-mi
3       wa-ši-ib (ḫuršāni)HUR.SAG mé-te-qí de-šu-tim ṣe-ru-tim a[t]-ma-ni ša-di el-lu-ti-im
4       še20-mi te-és-li-tim pa-ṭe-er ar-ni-im pa-ṭ[e4-e]r ni-ki-im-tim ga-am-lu-ni-ik-ka
5       be-lí da-ad-ni a-bu i-ši-ya-ru lu-še20-e-pi na-ar-bi-i-ka na-an-za-az-ka?
6       ap-ra-at a-g[e]-e? na-mur-ri-a-tim na-ši-a-at pi-di-a-am i[m?]-tu-uk-ka
7       tu-ka-al ga-am-la-am el-le-tam šu-mé-lu-uk-ka na-di-na-at ba-la-ṭi-im a-na ni-ši x x x
8       ṣa-al-ma-at qá-qá-da-at e-⌈GU⌉-x a-na ni-iš ga-am-li-i-ka i-ba-aš-ši uz4-na-ši-in!
9       ma-al-ku wa-ši-ib ku-us4-si20-a-at g[i?]-zi-im da-ad-ni i--lu i-na ga-am-li-i-ka
10     zi-ik-ru-ka-ma ú-wa-e-ru ni-[ši di-na]m? i-di-in-nu ga-a[m-l]u-ni-ik-ka
11     ra-bu-tum i-gi-i-gu ma-ru i-lu?⌉ i-na ni-iš ga-am-li-i-ka ⌈ni⌉-id-da-ba-šu-nu? x x x
12     šu-ub-ti-šu-un nu-ḫu-uš as-na-[a]n pi-ri-ik-ki-šu-nu i-di-x x x iš-bu-[ú]
13     be-lí e-té-el qá-bu-ú-ka l[a] ú?-ta-ak-ka-aš zi-ik-ra-ka ši-[m]a-at-[ka ...]
14     ra-bi-a ṣí-ra-tum ša at ka la am?⌉ ša ša-na-ni-im-ma š[a] x [
15     ma-ša-an i-la-an ki-la-al-la-an ra-me-a-at šu-pa-a[s?-su?-un?]
16     be-lí iš-ta?-ka na-zu-u[z4-z]um ḫa-a-a-ṭù e-pe-q[um ...]
17     ⌈ša-ap-pi-du ur-ḫa-a-tim ú ba-ma-a-tim mu-x-[…]
18     ⌈re-bi-it ka-ar-ša-am úar-ka-a ḫa-sí-s[à-a-ka?]
19     be-lí li-ib-ba-ka t[a]-ti-i-ri i-ba-ri x […]
20     [Am]urru([AN.A]N.MAR.TU) li-ib-ba-a-[k]a ta-ti-i-ri x […]
21     iš-ti-i-ka⌉-ma i-ba-[x] x x […]
22     [x?] ḫi?-ra-at-ka šar-ra-t[u-um …]
23      [r]a?-ba-a-at ru-uṣ4-ṣú-na-a[t …]
24     dAš-ra-tum ru-uṣ4-ṣú-ut?-ti?⌉ x [...]
25     be-le-e[t] ši-ma-tim x x x [...]
26     dAš-ra-t[um ši?]-ma-tim x x x x x x ar ši x [...]
27     ...
28     be-lí i-na ⌈x⌉-ra-
29     [Am]urru(AN.AN.MAR.T[U…])
30     be-lí
31     Amurru(AN.AN.MAR.T[U…])
32     be-lí
33     ...
34     …
35     ga-am-l[um ] ma-la-at pa ka uš ni el⌉ [x] x x x x
36     ... da-ad-ni⌉ x x x x ta-am-mi x x x x-
37     ⌈ga-am-lum ga- x x⌉ gi [x] tu? [x x] a-atu-na- x x
38     ⌈it?-tir? ša ga-am-li-[i-k]a
39     e-te10-el pí-i?-ka ra? gišTUKUL? tu ni⌉ …
40     i-na n[i-iš g]a-am-li-ka pi-ti-…
41     x [… x [. .] x x x x ḫa-mi-iš ... [i]-na ni-iš ga-am-li-i-ka šu-mé-l[u?-uk?-ka?]
41a    [. ..] ...-tim in-na- x x x
42     šar-r[u-um bi-r]a-am i-ba-ar-ri in-na-a[d-d]i-iš-šum ba-la-ṭù-um a-na da-ri-a-tim
43     dRi-[im-dEN.ZU?] x x li x x i-ša-aq-q[í] iš-šar-ra-ak-šum ba-la-ṭù-um a-na da-ri-a-tim
44     ta-ak-lim-tu-uk-ka i-ka-nu-šu mi-im-ma? p[u]?-[]u?-[u]r? na-ak-ri-š[u] ú-na-aš-ša-qú še20-pi-i-šu-ma
45     Amurru(AN.AN.MAR.TU) tu-ša-ak-na-ša-aš-šum ku-ul-la-at na-ak-ri-i-š[u] i-ka-am-mi-su maḫ-r[i]-š[u]
46     [T]I? DI? ÀM i-na ga-ma-al šu-ba-tim i-na šu-mi-im ša re-i bu-la-at ši? en e
1       The awe-inspiring offspring of the god An of heaven, the honored one, the illustrious one, is clad in splendour.
2       Amurru, offspring of the god An of heaven, the honored one, the illustrious one, is clad in splendour.
3       Who dwells in the mountains, abundant passages(?), lofty shrines, the pure steppelands,
4       who hears the prayer, absolves the sin, ab[sol]ves(?) the … – they please you.
5       Lord of the inhabited world, just father, I will extol your greatness (and) your(?) position.
6       You are crowned with a cr[ow]n(?) of brilliance, you bear relief in your right hand(?).
7       You bear the holy crook in your left hand, that gives life to the people of …
8       The black-headed people … They pay attention to the lifting of your crook.
9       The kings sitting on thrones of gizi-cane(?) ruled the inhabited world with your crook.
10     At your word they governed the pe[ople] rendering the [jugdeme]nt(?). They ⌈please⌉ you.
11     The great Igigu, the divine(?) sons, at the lifting of your crook … thei[r] offerings.
12     They(?) … into their dwelling abundance of corn, into their shrine (and?) were sated.
13     My lord, your command is princely, your word cannot be driven away, your ⌈dest[iny …].
14     Great are … rival ...
15     Both the twin gods – you have taken the[ir?] residence.
16     My lord, it is with you to stand, to inspect and to be merci[ful …].
17     Who … roads and hills, who .[..].
18     You are great(?) with respect to mind and long are [your] ear[s].
19     My lord, your heart …
20     Amurru, your heart …
21     With you ...
22     Your spouse, the queen ...
23     She is great, she is preeminent [...]
24     Ašratum is the preeminent .[..]
25     Mistress of fates ...
26     Ašratu[ of fa]tes
27     ...
28     My lord, ...
29     Amurru ...
30     My lord ...
31     Amurru ...
32     My lord ...
33     ...
34     ...
35     The crook ...
36     ... the inhabtited world ...
37     ... The crook
38     ... of [you]r crook.
39     ⌈Your word(?)⌉ is princely(?) ...
40     When you l[ift] your [cr]ook ...
41     ... When you lift your crook in [your] le[ft hand,]
41a    ...
42     The king observes [the ome]n: Life will be given to him for eternity.
43     Rī[m-Sîn?] ... libates: Life will be granted to him for eternity.
44     On your instruction ⌈all(?)⌉ the enemies kneel (and) kiss his feet.
45     Amurru, you cause all his enemies to kneel before him (and) they bow before him.
46     ... when he spares the habitations, in the name of the shepherd of the subjects of ...
Word Translation Semantic Line
abum father Kinship terms,Social status/Groups/Professions 5
agûm I tiara, crown, crown; crown, tiara 6
Amurrum (dMAR.TU) DN 2, 20, 29, 45
Anum DN Deities/Divine sphere 1, 2
arnum sin, guilt, misdeed, punishment 4
ašnan (ŠE.TIR) grain, cereal, grain, cereals Food/Drink 12
Ašratum DN 26
balāṭum (TI) life, vigour, good health Abstract concepts 7, 42, 43
bamātum open country, plain 17
bēlum (EN) lord, master, proprietor, lord, owner Social status/Groups/Professions 5, 13, 16, 19, 28, 32
bukrum son, child, first born, son, child; son, child; son, first born, son, child; son, child; son, first ... Kinship terms 1, 2
dadmū the inhabited world; villages, settlements, the inhabited world Abstract concepts 5, 9, 36
dārītum perpetuity, eternity 42, 43
dīnum (DI.KU5) verdict, judge, case, decision, judgement, legal decision, judgement, sentence, decision, judgement,... 10
ellum (KÙ.GA) pure, clear, sacred, pure, clear, pure, clear, pure, clear, pure, clear, pure, clear, pure, clear, p... Qualities/Attributes 3, 7
etellum (NIR) lord, pre-eminent; prince, pre-eminent; lord, prince, pre-eminent; lord, prince, pre-eminent; lord, ... Social status/Groups/Professions 13, 39
gamlum bent stick, crook 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 35, 37, 38, 40, 41
ḫasīsum ear, wisdom, intelligent, learned, ear, wisdom, ear, wisdom, ear, wisdom, ear, wisdom, ear, wisdom Body/Body parts 18
ḫīrtum wife 22
ḫuršānu (ḪUR.SAG) mountain(s) 3
igigū DN; DN, the (ten) great gods 11
ilum (DINGIR) god; god, deity, god Deities/Divine sphere 43
išarum I straight, correct, normal 5
kakkum (gišTUKUL) stick, weapon, stick, weapon; weapon; battle, stick; weapon Fabricated objects 39
karšum stomach, interior, womb, mind, understanding, stomach, interior, mind, stomach, interior, mind Body/Body parts 18
kilallān both Abstract concepts 15
kullatum totality; totality, all of ... Abstract concepts 44
kussûm (gišGU.ZA) seat, throne, chair, stool, throne, seat, throne, seat, throne, seat, throne, chair, stool, throne; ... 9
maḫrum II front, presence Abstract concepts 45
malkum I prince, king Abstract concepts,Verbal expressions 9
mārum (DUMU) boy, son, descendant Kinship terms,Social status/Groups/Professions 11
māšum twin (brother/sister) Kinship terms 15
melemmum (ME.LÁM) fearsome radiance 1, 2
nakrum strange, foreign Social status/Groups/Professions 44, 45
namurratum awe-inspiring radiance Deities/Divine sphere 6
nanzāzum, nazzāzum position 5
narbûm greatness, pl. deeds Abstract concepts 5
nindabûm, niddabûm offering of food 11
nīšum I lifting, raising Abstract concepts 8, 11, 40, 41
nišum (UN.MEŠ) people, humanity, population Social status/Groups/Professions 7, 10
nuḫšum abundance, plenty, fertility Abstract concepts 12
pirikkum divine symbol 12
puḫrum assembly Social status/Groups/Professions 44
pûm I (KA) mouth, statement, command, opening Body/Body parts 39
rabûm big, big, great, big; big, great; great, big; big, great; great, big; big, great; great, big; big, g... Qualities/Attributes 11, 14
rašbum terrifying 1
ruṣṣunu beautiful (?) 24
šadûm mountain(s), open country, mountain(s); mountain(s), open country, mountain(s); mountain(s), open co... Nature/Cosmological phenomena 3
ṣalmāt qaqqadim black headed ones; black-headed ones, mankind 8
šamû (AN) heaven, sky, heaven, sky, heaven, heaven; sky, heaven, heaven; sky, heaven, heaven; sky, heaven, sky... 1, 2
šanūdu, šunu’’ udum illustrious, heroic 1, 2
šarratum baby; queen, queen Social status/Groups/Professions 22
šarrum king, baby; king; king, lord, baby; king; king, lord, baby; king; king, lord, baby; king; king, lord... Social status/Groups/Professions 42
šēpum foot, foot; leg, foot, foot; leg, foot, foot; leg, foot, foot; leg, foot, foot; leg, foot, foot; leg... Body/Body parts 44
šīmtum (NAM) what is fixed; will, testament; fate, destiny, what is fixed; will, testament; fate, destiny, what i... Abstract concepts,Rituals/Religious practices 13, 26
ṣīrum august, exalted; exalted, supreme, splendid, outstanding, exalted; exalted, supreme, splendid, outst... 3
šubtum abode, dwelling, place, seat, dwelling, dwelling place; seat, dwelling, dwelling place; seat, dwelli... Abstract concepts,Fabricated objects,Locations/Buildings 12, 15, 46
šumēlum left, left hand 7, 41
šumum name, thirst Abstract concepts,Verbal expressions 46
taklimtum revelation, instruction; display, revelation, instruction, display, revelation, instruction; display... 44
teslītum appeal, prayer; prayer 4
urḫum way, path Locations/Buildings 17
uznum ear, wisdom, understanding Body/Body parts 8
watmānum cella, inner sanctum 3
zikrum, siqrum utterance, name, speech, command; utterance, name, speech, command, fame Verbal expressions 10, 13
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