RA 22, 170f. (Ištar Ammī-ditāna)

SEAL no. 7495

  • AO 4479 obv. (Louvre)AO 4479 obv. (Louvre)
  • AO 4479 rev. (Louvre)AO 4479 rev. (Louvre)
  • AO 4479 edge (Louvre)AO 4479 edge (Louvre)
  • Thureau-Dangin 1925 obv.Thureau-Dangin 1925 obv.
  • Thureau-Dangin 1925 rev.Thureau-Dangin 1925 rev.
Copy / Photo
Tablet Siglum
AO 4479
Louvre, Paris
Genre / Classification
Hymns and Prayers

1           [i]l-ta-am zu-um-ra-a ra-šu-ub-ti i-la-tim

2           li-it-ta-i-id be-le-et ni-ši ra-bi-it I-gi-gi

3           8-⌈tár zu-um-ra ra-šu-ub-ti i-la-tim li-it-ta-i-id

4           be-le-et i-ši-i ra-bi-it I-gi-gi


5           ša-at me-le-ṣi-im ru-à-ma-am la-ab-ša-at

6           za-aʾ-na-at in-bi mé-qí-a-am ù ku-uz-ba-am

7           8-tár me-le-ṣi-im ru-à-ma-am la-ab-ša-at

8           za-ʾ-na-at in-bi mé-qí-a-am ù ku-uz-ba-am


9           [ša]-ap-ti-in du-uš-šu-pa-at ba-la-ṭú-um pí-i-ša

10          si-im-ti-iš-ša i-ḫa-an-ni-i-ma ṣi-ḫa-tum

11          šar-ḫa-at i-ri-mu ra-mu-ú re-šu-uš-ša

12          ba-ni-à-a ši-im-ta-à-ša bi-it-ra-a-ma i-na-ša ši-it-a-ra


13          el-tu-um iš-ta-à-ša i-ba-aš-ši mi-íl-ku-um

14          ši-ma-at mi-im-ma-mi qá-ti-iš-ša ta-am-ḫa-at

15          na-ap-la-su-uš-ša ba-ni bu-a-ru-ú

16          ba-aš-tum ma-aš-ra-ḫu la-ma-as-su-um še-e-du-um


17          ta-ar-ta-mi te-eš-me-e ri-tu-ú-mi ṭú-ú-bi

18          ù mi-it-gu-ra-am te-be-el ši-i-ma

19          ar-da-at ta-at-ta-du! um-ma ta-ra-aš-ši

20          i-za-ak-ka-ar-ši i-ni-ši i-na-ab-bi šu-um-ša


21          a-ia-um na-ar-bi-à-aš i-ša-an-na-an ma-an-nu-um

22          ga-aš-ru ṣi-i-ru šu-ú-pu-ú pa-ar-ṣú-ú-ša

23          8-tár na-ar-bi-à-aš i-ša-an-na-an ma-a[n]-nu-um

24          ga-aš-ru ṣi-i-ru šu-ú-pu-ú pa-ar-ṣú-ú-ša


25          pí-a-at i-ni-li a-ta-ar na-az-za-zu-uš

26          ka-ab-ta-at a-ma-as-sà el-šu-nu ḫa-ap-ta-at-ma

27          8-tár i-ni-li a-ta-ar na-az-za-zu-uš

28          ka-ab-ta-at a-ma-as-sà el-šu-nu ḫa-ap-ta-at-ma


29          šar-ra-as-su-un uš-ta-na-ad-da-nu si-iq-ri-i-ša

30          ku-ul-la-as-su-nu ša-aš ka-am-su-ú-ši

31          na-an-na-ri-i-ša i-la-ku-ú-ši-im

32          iš-šu-ú ù a-wi-lum pa-al-ḫu-ši-i-ma


33          pu-uḫ-ri-iš-šu-un e-te-el qá-bu-ú-ša šu-tu-úr

34          a-na AN-nim šar-ri-šu-nu ma-la-am aš-ba-as-su-nu-<ši>

35          uz-na-am ne-me-qé-em ḫa-si-i-sa-am er-še-et

36          im-ta-al-li-i-ku ši-i ù ḫa-mu-uš


37          ra-mu-ú-ma iš-té-ni-iš pa-ra-ak-ka-am

38          i-ge-e-gu-un-ni-im šu-ba-at ri-ša-tim

39          mu-ut-ti-iš-šu-un i-lu-ú na-zu-iz-zu-ú

40          ep-ši-iš pí-šu-nu ba-ši-à-a uz-na-šu-un


41          šar-ru-um mi-ig-ra-šu-un na-ra-am li-ib-bi-šu-un

42          šar-ḫi-iš it-na-aq-qí-šu-nu-ut ni-qí-a-šu el-la-am

43          Am-mi-di-ta-na el-la-am ni-qí-i qá-ti-i-šu

44          ma-aḫ-ri-i-šu-un ú-še-ep-pé li-i ù ia-li na-am-ra-i-i


45          iš-ti AN-nim ḫa-we-ri-i-ša te-te-er-ša-aš-šu-um

46          da-ri-a-am ba-la-ṭa-am ar-ka-am

47          ma-da-a-tim ša-na-at ba-la-à-ṭí-im a-na Am-mi-di-ta-na

48          tu-ša-at-li-im 8-tár ta-at-ta-di-in


49          si-iq-ru-uš-ša tu-ša-ak-ni-ša-aš-šu-um

50          ki-ib-ra-at er-bé-e-em a-na še-pí-i-šu

51          ù na-ap-ḫa-ar ka-li-šu-nu da-ad-mi

52          ta-aṣ-ṣa-mi-su-nu-ti a-ni-ri-i-ši-ú


53          bi-be-el li-ib-bi-i-ša za-ma-ar la-le-e-ša

54          na-ṭú-um-ma a-na pí-i-šu si-iq-ri É-a i-pu-is-si

55          ìš-me-e-ma ta-ni-it-ta-a-ša i-ri-us-su

56          li-ib-lu-uṭ-mi šar-ra-šu li-ra-am-šu ad-da-ri-iš


57          8-tár a-na Am-mi-di-ta-na šar-ri ra-i-mi-i-ki

58          ar-ka-am da-ri-a-am ba-la-ṭa-am šu-úr-ki

59          {⌈li-ib-lu⌉} li-ib-lu-uṭ


60          giš-gi4-gál-bi


1           Sing of the goddess, (most) awe-inspiring of goddesses;

2           Let the mistress of people, great(est) of the Igigi be praised;

3           Sing of Ištar, (most) awe-inspiring of goddesses; Let

4           the mistress of women, great(est) of the Igigi be praised.


5           She of joy is clothed in charm;

6           She is adorned with seductiveness, cosmetics and appeal;

7           Ištar of joy is clothed in charm;     

8           She is adorned with seductiveness, cosmetics and appeal.


9           She is sweet-lipped, her mouth is life;

10          Laughter blooms on her features;

11          She is glorious, carcanets placed upon her head;

12          Beautiful are her colors, splendid her eyes (and) iridescent.


13          The goddess – with her there is (good) advice;

14          She holds the destinies of all in her hands;

15          At her glance prosperity is created –

16          Dignity, splendor, protective spirit (and) genius.


17          She alone controls mutual love, obedience, passion, good will

18          and harmony;

19          A girl who ... will acquire a mother;

20          One mentions her among the people/women, calls her name.


21          Who is it? Who can equal her greatness?

22          Strong, august (and) brilliant are her divine powers;

23          Ištar – Who can equal her greatness?

24          Strong, august (and) brilliant are her divine powers.


25          She is the spokeswoman among the gods, her position is foremost;

26          Weighty is her word, she/it prevails over them;

27          Ištar – her position is foremost among the gods;

28          Weighty is her word, she/it prevails over them.


29          They give thought to the orders of her queen.

30          All of them kneel before her;

31          They proceed towards her luminary;

32          Women and men revere her.



33          Noble in their assembly is her speech, foremost;

34          She sits among them as an equal to Anum, their king;

35          In intelligence, wisdom (and) understanding she is wise;

36          They take counsel with each other, she and her family head.


37          They dwell together on the dais;

38          In the temple, an abode of joy,

39          the gods stand before them;

40          They eagerly wait for their speech to begin.


41          The king, their favourite, their hearts’ beloved

42          does ever proudly perform for them his pure offering.

43          Ammī-ditāna makes a pure offering from his hands

44          resplendent before them: fat bulls and rams.


45          From Anum, her husband, she has requested for him

46          a life long and everlasting.

47          Numerous years of life for Ammī-ditāna

48          has Ištar granted (and) given.


49          Due to her order she subjugated for him

50           the four regions of the world at his feet

51          and the whole of the inhabited world

52          she has harnessed to his yoke.


53          Her heart's desire, the song of her beauty

54          are suitable for his mouth, he executed Ea's words for her.

55          He has heard her praise and rejoiced in him;

56          "May his king live! May his king love him forever!"


57          O Ištar, grant Ammī-ditāna, the king who loves you

58          a long, everlasting life!

59          May he live!


60          (Its antiphon)

Word Translation Semantic Line
Ammīditāna RN PN 43, 47, 57
Anum DN Deities/Divine sphere
awātum, amātu (INIM) word, matter, speech Abstract concepts,Verbal expressions 26, 28
awīlum, aʾīlu (LÚ; LÚ.ÙLU) man, free man, human being Social status/Groups/Professions 32
ayyalum stag, deer 44
balāṭum (TI) life, vigour, good health Abstract concepts 9, 46, 47, 58
bāštum dignity, pride Abstract concepts 16
bēltum (NIN) lady, mistress, proprietress Social status/Groups/Professions 2, 4
biblum present, (marriage) gift Abstract concepts 53
bu(')ārum happiness 15
dadmū the inhabited world; villages, settlements Abstract concepts 51
Ea DN Deities/Divine sphere 54
gegunnûm, kikunnûm raised temple 38
ḫammum I family head Kinship terms 36
ḫasīsum ear, wisdom Body/Body parts 35
ḫāwirum husband Kinship terms 45
Igigû DN, the (ten) great gods 2, 4
iltum (DINGIR) goddess Deities/Divine sphere 1, 3, 13
inbum fruit, flower, sexual appeal Flora 6, 8
īnum (IGI) eye Body/Body parts 12
irimmum charm, love charm Abstract concepts 11
iššum woman, wife 4, 32
Ištar DN Deities/Divine sphere 3, 7, 23, 27, 48, 57
kibrum (UB) bank (of a river), shore, rim, brink; quarter of the world Locations/Buildings,Nature/Cosmological phenomena 50
kullatum totality, all of ... Abstract concepts 30
kuzbum attractiveness, sex appeal Human activities/actions 6, 8
lalûm plenty, exuberance, wish, desire, emotion Abstract concepts 53
Lamassum (dLAMMA) (female) tutelary deity Deities/Divine sphere 16
lī'um bull 44
mašraḫū good health ? 16
mēleṣum excitement, exhilaration Abstract concepts 5, 7
mēqûm cosmetics 6, 8
milkum advice, counsel, resolution, intelligence Abstract concepts 13
mitgurum (previously) agreed ? 18
nannārum light of the sky, moon 31
nanzāzum, nazzāzum position 25, 27
napḫarum (ŠU.NIGIN; PAP) total, sum, (the) whole, entirety 51
naplāsum look, glance Human activities/actions 15
narbûm greatness, pl. deeds Abstract concepts 21, 23
nēmequm wisdom, sagacity Abstract concepts 35
nīqum (UDU.SÍSKUR) offering, sacrifice 42, 43
nīrum yoke, crossbeam; "yoke-star" Fabricated objects,Nature/Cosmological phenomena 52
nišū (UN.MEŠ) people, humanity, population Social status/Groups/Professions 2, 20
parakkum (BÁRA) cult dais, sanctuary, chapel Fabricated objects,Locations/Buildings 37
parṣum office, (cultic) ordinance, divine powers, rites Deities/Divine sphere,Locations/Buildings,Rituals/Religious practices 22, 24
puḫrum assembly Social status/Groups/Professions 33
pûm I (KA) mouth, statement, command, opening Body/Body parts 9, 40, 54
qabûm speech, command Verbal expressions 33
rēšum (SAG) head; beginning; slave Abstract concepts,Body/Body parts 11
rīštum rejoicing, celebration Human activities/actions 38
ritūmum love-making Abstract concepts,Human activities/actions 17
ru'āmum love-making; sexual charm of a woman Abstract concepts 5, 7
šaptum lip, rim Body/Body parts 9
šarratum queen Social status/Groups/Professions 29
šarrum (LUGAL; EN) king, lord Social status/Groups/Professions 34, 41, 56, 57
šattum (MU) year Abstract concepts,Time concepts 47
šēdum protective deity, luck; spirit (representing vital force) Deities/Divine sphere 16
šēpum foot, leg Body/Body parts 50
ṣīḫtum laughter, pl. flirtations, amusements, delights Human activities/actions 10
šimtum mark, token; colour, paint, burn 12
šīmtum (NAM) fate, what is fixed, destiny Abstract concepts,Rituals/Religious practices 14
simtum appropriate symbol, characteristic Abstract concepts 10
šubtum, šuptum abode, dwelling, place, seat Abstract concepts,Fabricated objects,Locations/Buildings 38
šumum (MU) name; son; line of text Abstract concepts,Verbal expressions 20
tanittum, šanittum (hymn of) praise Verbal expressions 55
tartāmū love-making, mutual love 17
tešmûm attention, listening; compliance 17
ṭūbum goodness, happiness, prosperity Abstract concepts 17
ummum mother Kinship terms 19
uznum ear, wisdom, understanding Body/Body parts 35, 40
wardatum (KI.SIKIL) girl, young woman Social status/Groups/Professions 19
zamārum (ŠÌR) song Verbal expressions,Written texts/Literary terms 53
zikrum, siqrum utterance, name; mention of the name; reputation Verbal expressions 29, 49, 54
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