Atraḫasis OB II-III (Larsa)

SEAL no. 1518

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Tablet Siglum
MS 5108
Schøyen Collection, Oslo
Genre / Classification
Epics, Atraḫasis

Ms. C0


The Flood Section only.


C0 iv 1'            ⌈i-na-an-na a-a iš-me-a a-na a-wa⌉/{AT{-ta

C0 iv 2'            i-lu-ú iq-bu-ú ga-ma-er-tam

C0 iv 3'            ši-ip-ra-am le-em-nam

C0 iv 4'            a-na ni-ši i-pí-iš dEn-líl

C0 iv 5'            i-na pu-úḫ-ri-im iq-bu-ú

C0 iv 6'            a-bu-ba-am a-na ú-um wa-ar-ḫi-im

C0 iv 7'            {ú-ba-lu-ú} ni-pe-iš / ši-ip-ra-am

C0 iv 8'            Wa-at-ra-am-ḫa-sí-i-sí

C0 iv 9'            ka-ma-s[í-i]š ma-ḫa-ar É-a

C0 iv 10'          i-la-kadi⌉-[ma]-a⌉-šu

C0 iv 11'          É-a pa-a-šu i-pu-ša-am-ma

C0 iv 12'          i-za-kà-ra-am-ma a-na wa-ar-di-/šu

C0 iv 13'          iš-ti-ta-am a-na ni-ši / [t]a-ba-ki-i

C0 iv 14'          ša-ni-ta-amka-am-ša!(TA)-ti

C0 iv 15'          a-di-ri at-ta

C0 iv 16'          i-ba-aš-ši ši-ip-ru-ú

C0 iv 17'          a-na e-pe-ši-im at-ta

C0 iv 18'          a-na aš-ri-im tu-ra-šu

C0 iv 19'          la ti-di-i


col. iv

C0 iv 1'            “Now, they (the people) should not hear the matter,

C0 iv 2'            (for) the gods have commanded an annihilation –

C0 iv 3'–4'       an evil act Enlil will do to the people.

C0 iv 5'–6'       In the assembly they decided about the Flood:

C0 iv 6'–7'       “By the day of the new moon we shall do the task!” (they said).

C0 iv 8'–10'     Atra-ḫasīs, kneeling in the presence of Ea, his tears were flowing.

C0 iv 11'–12'   Ea opened his mouth, addressed his servant:

C0 iv 13'–14'   “Firstly, you are crying for the people; secondly, you are kneeling (in prayer):

C0 iv 15'          You are (indeed) the one who reveres me!

C0 iv 16'–17'   There is a task to be done ­–

C0 iv 18'–19'   but you, you don’t know at all how to bring it to its completion”.

Word Translation Semantic Line
abūbum flood, deluge C0 iv 6'
adārum II (v.) G to be afraid, fear, be worried, disturbed; Š to cause annoyance, frighten; Št to become frightened, worried C0 iv 15'
ai, ē, â not C0 iv 1'
alākum (v.) (DU) G to go, walk; Gt go off, away; Gtn wander, go repeatedly, roam about, walk; Š caus. of G C0 iv 10'
ana I to, for C0 iv 1', 4', 6', 12', 13', 17', 18'
ašrum (KI) place, site C0 iv 18'
Atra-ḫasīs PN C0 iv 8'
attā you C0 iv 15', 17'
awātum, amātu (INIM) word, matter, speech C0 iv 1'
bakûm (v.) G to weep, cry C0 iv 13'
bašûm (v.) G to be, exist; Š bring into being, create C0 iv 16'
dimtum II tear C0 iv 10'
Ea DN C0 iv 9', 11'
edûm (v.) G to know; D to cause to know C0 iv 19'
Enlil DN C0 iv 4'
epēšum (v.) G to do, make, build; Gt to do throroughly; Št be active, work on; N pass. of G C0 iv 4', 7', 11', 17'
gamertum total annihilation C0 iv 2'
ilum (DINGIR) god, deity C0 iv 2'
ina in, on, by, from C0 iv 5'
inanna now C0 iv 1'
ištēn (DIŠ) one, single, the first one, first C0 iv 13'
kamāsum II (v.) G to kneel, squat down C0 iv 9', 14'
not C0 iv 19'
lemnum (ḪUL) evil, bad; evil person, enemy C0 iv 3'
maḫrum II front, presence C0 iv 9'
nišū (UN.MEŠ) people, humanity, population C0 iv 4', 13'
puḫrum assembly C0 iv 5'
pûm I (KA) mouth, statement, command, opening C0 iv 11'
qabûm (v.) (DUG4) G to say, speak, command C0 iv 2', 5'
šanûm I second, next C0 iv 14'
šemûm (v.) G to listen, to hear; Gtn to hear, to listen again and again C0 iv 1'
šiprum sending, mission, work, messenger C0 iv 3', 7', 16'
târum (v.) (GUR) G to turn, return, become again; D to bring, send, give, pay back C0 iv 18'
ūmum I (UD) day, daily C0 iv 6'
wabālum (v.) G to carry, bring; Š send, deliver, make bear; Št pass. of Š C0 iv 7'
wardum (SAG.ÌR; ÌR) slave, servant C0 iv 12'
warḫum (ITI) moon, month C0 iv 6'
zakārum (v.) to speak, say, name, mention; talk; swear C0 iv 12'
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