CUSAS 10, 1 (Bazi)

SEAL no. 1551

  • MS 2758 (CDLI P251785)MS 2758 (CDLI P251785)
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1 (copy, photo)
Tablet Siglum
MS 2758
Schøyen Collection, Oslo
Genre / Classification
Epics, Bazi

CDLI No. P251785.


1       wa-a-ši-ib am/ne (-x)-x⌉ ni[m …]    

2       [k]a-az-zum bu-ku-ur dEn-ki⌉ x […]

3       di-lum ba-a-ri te-né-še20-e-tim

4       mu-⌈ú-de li-ib-bi-im za-wa-nim ù i-ša-ri-im

5       ⌈i-na qé-re-eb ZU.AB na-bi šum-šu

6       ša-ru-ti-iš di-li dEn-ki iš-ši-i-šu

7       ši-i-ib lu-ú šar-ra-a-ti i-na i-li-i-ma

8       be-el di-i-in ma-a-tim e-li-iš ù ša-ap-li-iš

9       iš-tu eṭ-lu-ú-ta-am im-la-a i-da-a-šu

10      is-sà-qar a-na a-bi-i-šu dEn-ki

11      a-bi ma-a-ḫa-a-za-am a-li a-ša-ak-ka-an

11a    ka-az-za-am im-me⌉-[er]-tam a-li uš-ra-ab-ba

12      ṣa-ab-t[u-(ma)] úḫ-ḫu-zu pa-ra-ak-ku

12a    [ša wa-aš-b]u dA.NUN.NA i-lu ra-bu-ú-tum

13      [i]s-sà-q[ar-šu]m ma-a-li-ik ì-lí a-bu-ú-šu

14      wa-a-ši-⌈ib ZU.AB be-el ši-i-ma-a-tim

15      a-na dBa-zi dEn-ki a-bu-šu še-e-ri ta-ak-li-ma-a-tim i-ta-wu-ú-šum

16      ad-[d]i-ik-kum Ša-aš-ša-a-ar ù Ba-ša-a-ar ša-di-a-am-ma

17      a-a-ma-a-an ša ta-ra-a-a-mu-ú-ma šu-ú-ma i-de-e

18      aš-[š]a-aš-ša-a-ar ú-ṣi pa-ra-ak-ku a-na <...? > RÁ.GABAmeš         

18a    šu-ú-li-i-ma wu-di-ma an šar-ri-im

19      el-le-tim šar-ra-tim ma-a-ar-ti a-nim

20      it-ta-as-ḫa-ar ša-di-a-am ki-i šar-ra-a-tim

21      iṭ-ṭù-ul a-lam la ki-šup-pa-šu

22      a-lum-ma la ru-ú-uq-šum da-an-ni-iš

23      im-ḫa-aṣ ša-di-a-am er-ṣe-ta-am uš-pe-el-ki

24      bi-i-tum [b]a-ni mu-ú ú-ba-ú-nim

25      i-na qé-re-eb me-e-šu ba-ni bi-i-is-sú

26      li-ib-na-a-tum na4ZA.GÌN da-la-a-tum eb-bu-um

27      as-ku-pa!-a-tum ša KÙ.GI ba-aš-mumušmeššu-ku-ú ša gišIG

28      ḫa-ar ṣi-pa-sú qé-e di-ba-a-šu

29      DINGIR BA!.UG7  ú-ka-al gišSAG.KUL Ì.DUḪmeš  mu-ú-tum

29a    i-na qé-re-eb bi-ti-i-šu ib-ba-la-ka-tu mu-ú mi-iš-lum ba-la-ṭù mi-iš-lum mu-ú-t<um>

30      bi-i-tum ma-li ta-še-la-a-tim

31      i-na éPA4.PAḪ  dUTU i-na É dŠákkan

32      né-e-er-ma dŠákkan ša ru-še-e

33      dUTU ša da-mi d ÍD GAL ša ki-iš-pi {ras.}sà-da-ru

34      el-le-e-tim ni-ši i-bé-e-el

35      ka-az-zum e-te-el-lum ša a-li-i-šu

36      a-ma šar-rum be-el pa-ra-ak-ki

37      e-ed-dam qá-ar-ni-i-in mu-na-ak-ki-ip na-ak-ru-ti-i-šu




38       i-na qar-ni-i-šu ma-al-ki na-a-ki-ri ú-na-ak-ki-ip {ras.}

38a     ši-na-ma i-ka-an-nu-ša še-e-pi-šu

39       la ra-bi-a-at ki-it-mu-ra-at šu-pa-as-sú

40       ti-i-ru ti-a-me-tim ti-i-ru-ú-šu

41       ki-bi-ir-šu la e-li ša-ni-in ša-di-a-am

42       ú-ša-ap-li-iš er-ṣe-tam ù ša-me-e i-mi-id

43       a-mu-ur du-un-[ni]-i-šu e-li-iš-ša-qí-a-am-ma

44       ša la i-du-ú [ú?]-wa-ṣa-ar-ma ur-ra-[a]d

45       ú-ul ša-[p]e-e[l] qé-er-bu e-mi-id ki-ib-rum

46       ša li-i-ši-im [i]b-ta-ni x ba ra x-a-šu

47       wa-ar-ka-ta-a-nu x x x ša x x-ad-na?-am-ma

48       i-na me-e x re-e x ab x e ri i-[r]e-e-eq-qá ki-ib-rum

49       di-lum zu-x x x x x x-šum

50       la-ah-mu-um x x [ x (x)]-tab-ba-la-a-šu

51       ka-ta-x x x x x x [x]-tim

52       a-na bu-ur?⌉ x x x x [x x -t]am ú-ba-al

53       ka-rum x x id[x x x x] x-az-za-az

54       di-lum ša x[x x x] a-na tu-ú-šu

55       a-na be-el x x x [ x i-ši-i]m ši-i-im-ta-am

56       ù ši-i-im-ta-am⌉ [x x x] x-šu

57       li-⌈x x x x⌉[x x x x x]-i-šu





58       ⌈ši?⌉-[i?]-ir?⌉ [dBa]- zi ša i-nu-ú-ma ÉRINḫá

59       [i-na] UD [x (x) x] i-il-lu-<ú> iz-za-am-ma-ru


1       He who dwells in […]

2       ram, son of Enki, […]


3       god who surveys the human race,

4       who knows the wicked and the just mind,


5       in the midst of the subterranean water his name was given,

6       Enki elevated him to the kingship of the gods:


7       “Grow old! You may be king among the gods,

8       lord of the judgement of the land, above and below!”


9       After his arms were filled with manliness,

10     he spoke to his father, Enki:


11     “My father, where shall I set up a cult center?

11a    Where shall I rear ram (and) ewe?


12     The cult-daises are occupied and taken,

12a    [where resid]e the Anunakū, the great gods.”


13     He spoke to him, the counsellor of the gods, his father,

14     who dwells in the subterranean water, the lord of destinies,


15     To Bazi his father Enki said a song with instructions:

16     “I hereby give you the mountain Šaššār and Bašār.


17     Which one might be the one whom you love? Does he know it himself?

18     At Šaššār a cult-dais rose forth, for [abode(?)].


18a    Send messengers up and make it known to the king,

19     (and) the holy queen, the daughter of Anum.”


20     He kept circling the mountain as (if around) babies,

21     he viewed the city, the parts that were not fallow.


22     The city itself, it was not very far away from him.

23     He smote the mountain, opened wide the earth.


24     A house was built. Waters used to flow forth from it.

25     In the midst of its waters was built his house.


26     The bricks were lapis lazuli, the doors of shining materials.

27     The thresholds were of gold, dragons were the door poles.


28     Its (the houses) cone(?) was a palm leaf(?), copper its twin panels,

29     A dead god used to retain the bolt. The door-keepers were death.


29a    In the midst of the house waters used to cross,

         half were life, half were death.


30     The house was full of joy.

31     In the cella was Šamaš, in the house was Šakkan.


32     Slain is/was Šakkan, the one of witchcraft,

33     (whereas) Šamaš, the one of blood, and great Id, the one of sorcery, stand/stood in a row.


34     He (Bazi) rules the sacred people,

35     the ram, monarch of his city.


36     Behold the king, lord of the throne-dais,

37     sharp of horns, gorer of his enemies!


38     With his horns he gored the enemy princes.

38a    They (the people) bow down at his feet.


39     Is his dwelling not large (and) well stocked,

40     are (not) the eunuchs of the sea his eunuchs?


41     Is his brink not high, a rival to the mountain?

42     It pierced the netherworld and abutted the heavens.


43     Observe its fortifications, on high it is exalted(?).

44     The one that knows can ... and go down.


45     Is the interior not deep, the brink abutted?

46     ... he has built his ...


47     To the rear …

48     From the water … the brink recedes.


49     The god … to him.

50     A sea-monster …


51     …

52     To the well-spring of … he brings.


53     The quayside …

54     The god … ninefold(?).


55     For the lord of … [he determined] a destiny,

56     and a destiny … him.


57     Let(?) …


58     The [song(?) of] Bazi, which is sung when the people

59     go up [on] the day of […]

Word Translation Semantic Line
abum father Kinship terms,Social status/Groups/Professions 10,11,13,15
ālum (URU.KI) village, town, city Locations/Buildings 21,22, 35
Anum DN Deities/Divine sphere 19
Anunnakkū, Enunnakkū DN 12a
Apsûm (ZU.AB) underground water (cosmic) Nature/Cosmological phenomena 5,14
arum, erum, ḫarum branch, frond (of date palm) 28
askuppum, askuppatum (I.LU.KUN4) (threshold) slab 27
atûm (Ì.DUḪ) gatekeeper, porter 29
ayyum, ayyûm which? 17
Bašār GN, mountain 16
Bazi DN 15
bēl dīnim opposing party (in court), “prosecutor” 8
bēlum (EN) lord, master, proprietor, owner Social status/Groups/Professions 36, 55
bītum (É) house Fabricated objects,Locations/Buildings 24, 25, 29a, 30, 31
bukrum son, child, first born Kinship terms 2
būrum I cistern, pool 52
daltum (GIŠ.IG) door Fabricated objects 26, 27
dāmum blood Body/Body parts 33
dippum twin panels (kind of wooden door) 28
dunnum strength, force 43
Enki DN 2,6,10,15
erṣetum (KI) earth, land, netherworld Nature/Cosmological phenomena 23, 42
etellum (NIR) lord, prince, pre-eminent Social status/Groups/Professions 35
eṭlūtum manliness Human activities/actions 9
ḫurāṣum (KÙ.SIG17; KÙ.GÌ) gold Materials 27
idum (Á) arm; side; strength; wage Body/Body parts 9
ilum (DINGIR) god, deity Deities/Divine sphere 3,6,7,12a,13, 29, 49, 54
immertum ewe 11a
išarum I straight, correct, normal 4
kārum I (KAR) quay, port 53
gazzum, kazzum shorn 2,11a, 35
kibrum (UB) bank (of a river), shore, rim, brink; quarter of the world Locations/Buildings,Nature/Cosmological phenomena 41, 45, 48
kišpum sorcery, evil spell Rituals/Religious practices 33
laḫmum guardians of sea, sky, earth, apsû; hairy, mythical beings Diseases/Demons 50
libbum (ŠÀ) heart, mind; inner body Body/Body parts 4
libittum (SIG4) brick, mudbrick Fabricated objects 26
māḫāzum shrine, cultic centre 11
mālikum advicer, counsellor Social status/Groups/Professions 13
malkum I prince, king Abstract concepts,Verbal expressions 38
mārtum (DUMU.MUNUS) daughter, girl Kinship terms 19
mātum (KUR; KALAM) land, country Locations/Buildings,Nature/Cosmological phenomena 8
mišlum half, middle, centre 29a
mû I (A(.MEŠ)) water Food/Drink,Nature/Cosmological phenomena 24, 25, 29a, 48
munakkipum butting, goring Qualities/Attributes 37
nakrum strange, foreign, enemy Social status/Groups/Professions 37
Nārum (dÍD) DN, GN, Divine River 33
nišū (UN.MEŠ) people, humanity, population 34
papāḫum (éPA.PAḪ) cella, shrine 31
parakkum (BÁRA) cult dais, sanctuary, chapel Fabricated objects,Locations/Buildings 12, 18, 36
qarnum (SI) horn Body/Body parts 37, 38
qerbum centre, interior Abstract concepts,Locations/Buildings 5,25, 29a, 45
qûm II (SÌLA) measuring-vessel Fabricated objects 28
rakbum (RÁ.GABA) mounted messenger 18
rusûm, rušûm sorcery, witchcraft 32
ṣābum (ÉRIN, ÉRIN.ḪÁ) people, troops 58
šadûm I (KUR; ḪUR.SAG) mountain, open country Nature/Cosmological phenomena 16, 20,23, 41
Šakkan (dŠakkan, dŠákkan) DN 31, 32
Šamaš, šamšum (dUtu) DN, sun Deities/Divine sphere 31, 33
šamû I (AN) sky, heaven Nature/Cosmological phenomena 42
šāninum rival, of equal birth Social status/Groups/Professions 41
šarratum queen Social status/Groups/Professions 19
šarrum (LUGAL; EN) king, lord Social status/Groups/Professions 18, 36
šarrūtum kingship, reign Kinship terms 6
Šaššār GN, mountain 16, 18
šēpum foot, leg Body/Body parts 38a
šerrum young child, baby 20
šērum III song, chant Abstract concepts,Time concepts 15
sikkūrum (GIŠ.SAG.KUL) bar, bolt (as locking device) 29
šīmtum (NAM) fate, what is fixed, destiny 55, 56
šina I they Abstract concepts 38a
ṣippatum III (pine-)cone 28
šubtum, šuptum abode, dwelling, place, seat Fabricated objects,Locations/Buildings 18,39
šukûm doorpost 27
šumum (MU) name; son; line of text Abstract concepts,Verbal expressions 5
taklimtum revelation, instruction; display 15
tašīltum celebration Human activities/actions 30
tenēštum mankind, people; human kind 3
tiāmtum, tâmtum (A.AB.BA) sea, lake Nature/Cosmological phenomena 40
tīrum courtier 40
ūmum I (UD) day, daily Abstract concepts,Time concepts 59
uqnûm (na4ZA.GÌN) lapis lazuli, turquoise Materials 26
warkatum rear, estate, legacy, background, affair, backside; after Locations/Buildings 47
zāwiānum enemy Social status/Groups/Professions 4
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