UET 6/2, 396 (Anum, Ea, Ištar)

SEAL no. 1553

  • U.16890 obv. (British Museum)U.16890 obv. (British Museum)
  • U.16890 edge (British Museum)U.16890 edge (British Museum)
  • U.16890 rev. (British Museum)U.16890 rev. (British Museum)
  • Gadd/Kramer 1966, 396Gadd/Kramer 1966, 396
  • Gabbay 2002, 125Gabbay 2002, 125
  • Ludwig 2009, 245Ludwig 2009, 245
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245 (copy)
125 (copy)
Tablet Siglum
British Museum, London
Genre / Classification
Epics, Anum, Ea, Ištar

CDLI No. P346439.



1       [x x x x x (x)] x-ma an-nu-um a-bi i-li ra-bu-tim

2       [x x x x x (x) i-na] (KA) d+En-líl la ú-ṣi-a-am iš-tum da-⌈ar

3       [x] x [x x x (x)] x [x (x)-q]á?-at qú-ra-di-im é-a la iš-ru-uk UD? ši? x tim? / ú-ṣi-a-am i-na pî(KA)-šu

4       x x [x x x x x x (x)]-na-ku a-šar é-a pa-nu-šu su-ḫu-ru ma? x (x) zi? ša?

5       [x x x x x x x x (x) a]r-nam mar-ṣa-am a-na é-a ub-la?⌉ x x

6       [x x x x x x x x (x)] x li-pu-la!? šu-na-a-at-ma a-wa-tum / a-na tāḫāzim(MÈ) la i-⌈lik

7       x (x) [x x x x x x x (x) b]i? lu qá-ti-ša? še ri da pi da? x ([...]?)

8       x [x x x x x x x x (x)](-)ik-šu-ud mar-ṣa-ti-ia li x [...] / x x ri

9       x [x x x x x x (x)] x-bu-šum mar-ṣa-ti [x] x ⌈ú? na?⌉ x x x (x) tim?

10     [x x x x x x x x (x)] -el ma-[tim? x x l]u?--ku?-nam? ma!?-aḫ-ri-sa?°

11     x [x x x x x x x (x)] x ⌈a?⌉ am x [ x (x) a?]-qá-bi un-⌈ni-ni-ia

12     [x x x x x x (x)] x mu [q]á-ba-ša? ṣé-ri-?!-šu?!⌉ ma-gi-ir-ma / ša-lim!?-tum!? ka ab? ša lum?

13     [x x x x x (x)] x ri 8-tár ip-pa-al-sí-ha-am ka-qá-ar-šu / di-ma-tu-ša i-la-ka ṣa-ar-p[i-]

14     [x x x x x x (x)] x ⌈ti li⌉ ik ka ar x am x [...]

14a   x im zu ri ia [...]



15     [x x x x (x)] x [x x x x (x)] x zi zu li nu x [...]

16     [x x x (x)] x ša [x x x x x x (x)] x tum ba-lu-ki ⌈ú?⌉ x [...]

17     [x] x x ⌈a-di ma-ti i-x [x x (x) tu?-uḫ?-t]a-di-ir pa!-ni-ia ù ar x x x

18     [MIN?].KAM? a-di ma-ti é-a i-še-[x x x x] (vacat)

19     ⌈šum⌉-ma-ma-an iš-tum da-ar x [x x (x)] x-ti-ma ma-ru-um a-na a-bi-šu / [(…)? l]u?- ⌈ub?⌉-lam?

20     ki-ma ar?-ni-ia te-te-ep-ta? ia-[ši?-im? i?-ta?]-ar-ku UD-mu en!?-né-ti-ia ik-[ta-ri n]a?-pi-iš-ti

21     iš!-me-ma 8-tár an-ni-a-am qá-ba-a-am x x x [x x (x)] ti da? x ⌈ir⌉ x x x

22     ú-la il5-ta-ba-aš li-ib-šu pa-ag-ri-ša ú⌉-l[a?...

23     di-ma-tu-uš! ḫu-ṭù-pa-at i-la-ak a-na a-lim el!-lim a-šar é?⌉-[a?...

24     iṭ-ḫe-e-ma ip-pa-al-sí-ḫa-am ma-ḫa-ar-šu un!?-ni-nam i-ta-š[i? x (x)] x

25     ú-la a-bi-i ú-la ta-mu-ra-am ša-a-ti!? ša-qú-mi-iš wa-aš!-ba!- ⌈at-ma⌉ / i-da!-mu-ma-am ki-ma su-mi-[i]m

26     [ú]-la é-a ú-la ta-mu-ra-am an na na a na ki (vacat)

27     [x] x ma la i-ṭe4-ḫe-a-am ka-ti e-li i-na pî(KA)-ka ú-ṣi-a-am a? šu? ti di/ki?

28     [x x x] ša-ḫi-iṭ pa-ga-ar-ša li-ib-šu-ša la zu-ku-ma ša-a-šum pa-al-ḫa-at

29     [x x x x x (x)] x e-né-en-ša li-tu-ur-ši-im li? ba? ud? ta? li-ṣi-ši-im nu-ur-šu

30     [x x x x x x x (x)] x na du? x ú ḫi-me-e-ta-am ḫa am li x x

31     [x x x x x x x (x)] x šu ru? wa? bu? pa-nu-ka at-ta



1       [......] Anum, (or: who is) father of the great gods.

2       [.....] it was never uttered [by] Enlil.

3       [......].. of the warrior, Ea did not present..., it was uttered by him.

4       [.....] I(?), where Ea’s face is turned away...

5       [.......] com[mited] a grave [s]in against Ea.

6       [.....] … he shall reply; The word was repeated and he/she did not go out to war.

7       [......].. her hands?....

8       [......] arrived; my misfortunes..[…] … […]

9       [......] misfortunes...

10     [....] lord of the l[and?.. may] I put(?) before her(??).

11     [.....]....[..I] will say my pleas.

12     [.....]... her(?) speech was accepted by him(?).. well-being(??)...

13     [.....].. Ištar prostrated herself to the ground, her tears flowing bitterl[y].

14     .... […]



15     .... […]

16     .... without you.. […]

17     [...] how long... [... you have made(?)] me [s]orrow(?) and I(?)...[…]

18     [Seco]ndly(??), how long, Ea..[…]

19     If only from time immemorial..[...]... son to his father [...]...

20     When you have revealed my sin, [for] me, the days of my punishment have [been l]ong(?); my [d]eath is n[ear](?).

21     Ištar heard this speech .....

22     She did not wear her body’s garment; di[d not(?)...

23     Her tear being wiped, she went to the holy city where E[a(?)...

24     She approached, prostrated herself before him, and pleaded...

25     “No, my father, haven’t you seen her?”, silently she was sitting, moaning like a dove;

26     “No, Ea, haven’t you seen?...”

27     ... did not approach; as to you(?), except for what came out from your mouth (to me?)...

28     [...]..her body stripped (from clothes); her garments not washed for him; she is scary.

29     [.....].. her favor; may... return to her; may his light come out to her.

30     [.....]... butter(?) ...

31     [...].... your face, you.



Word Translation Semantic Line
ālum (URU.KI) village, town, city Locations/Buildings 23
arnum sin, guilt, misdeed, punishment, fault, penalty 5, 20
ašrum (KI) place, site Locations/Buildings 4, 23
awātum, amātu (INIM) word, matter, speech Abstract concepts,Verbal expressions 6
dimtum II tear Body/Body parts 13, 23
Ea DN 3, 4, 5, 18, 23, 26
Enlil DN 2
ennettum sin 20
Ištar DN Deities/Divine sphere 13, 21
libšum clothing; garment Fabricated objects 22, 28
maḫrum II front, presence Abstract concepts 10, 24
marṣum sick, troublesome Human activities/actions 5
mārum (DUMU) boy, son, descendant Kinship terms,Social status/Groups/Professions 19
maruṣtum, maruštum evil, distress 8, 9
mātum (KUR; KALAM) land, country Locations/Buildings,Nature/Cosmological phenomena 10
napištum (ZI) throat, life Abstract concepts 20
nūrum I (ZÁLAG) light 29
pagrum body, corpse Body/Body parts 22, 28
pānum I (IGI) front, face, earlier times Body/Body parts 4, 17, 31
pûm I (KA) mouth, statement, command, opening 2, 3, 27
qabûm speech, command 12, 21
qaqqarum (KI) earth, ground Locations/Buildings,Nature/Cosmological phenomena 13
qurādum hero, warrior Human activities/actions,Social status/Groups/Professions 3
šalimtum well-being 12
summum dove 25
tāḫāzum (ME; ME6) battle, combat 6
ūmum I (UD) day, daily 20
unnīnum, unnēnum supplication, petition Verbal expressions 11
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Gabbay, Uri
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Wasserman, Nathan
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Streck, Michael P.
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