LAOS 4 No. 11 (Moussaieff Love Song)

SEAL no. 1638

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Copy / Photo
142–143 (copy)
144–145 (photos)
Shlomo Moussaieff Collection (private)
Genre / Classification
Love Literature


1          i-naa-la-ki-šu iš-ša-ka-an na-wa-ar-tum ki lu-di-ir-ka ki lu-ú-ra-am-ki

2          [a]-(ab?)-bi-li-iš da-di-ka lu-um-šu-ú i-na ma-ti ap-pi la-le-ki lu-ú--ḫa-[a]m?

3          [x x e]p?-te9-ki ta-am?-ṣi-a-tim ù mi-iṣ-ra-tim ša-la-lam ra-ma-ka šu-ul-li-il? aš-ši


4          a-ku-ud a-ru-ur-tu-ú-a ri-bu-ú!-um na-ši ši-it-ti a-we-er bi-tam a-du-ul as-u-ur

5          mi-im-ma ú-ul ú-ta-ḫa!-di te-e-er-ma ur-ri im-ta-ḫar ša a-qú-ul-la-ku-ú-um

6          pi-ia a-na-a-ṣa-ar ka-at-ma i-na-ia? li-ib-bi e-er ṣa-al-la-kui?-na <bu>-sú-ur-ra-tim i[]-[d]u-ú li-ib-bi


7          pi ú-ṣi-ia ra-ab-bu?-tim-ma an?-nu?li?-bu-uk da-di ú-ma-al-li-i

8          a?-na pa-ru-uš-ši-im e-er-x? ú-te-er-ra-am al-ki-im-mi ši-it-tum la-ḫi?-išṣi-a-amši-it-tum

9          a-la-lu-ú pa-as-pa-sí-im ú-úr-ri-iš mu-ši-tumil?-li-ik-ma a-na-ku er-de-e-ši

10        úr?-ši ki-i-ma ṣa-ab-[ra?]-a-tim ka-ba-at-ti im-i-i


11        [ti?-i?]-bi et-pe-er ti-i-bi et-pe-er i-a-ti-ia sú-ú-ni ki-i-ma ul-ša?-[ni-i]m

12        [ú/ù]-ra-ab-ba-kum in-ba-am eš-ša-a[m]


Lo. Ed.

13        [a? or: in]-bu rēʾûm(SIPA) il-lu-ru-um na-as-qum ša ša-di-šu ša-ru-ú-ru li-ib-bi-ni ša x-[x x x]

14        ?-ma-ti NI id-ra-an-ni i-ma-lu-ú ta-wa-tum? ša ú-uḫ-ra-ti-im? [x x]

15        ga-a-na lu-ú-ša-li-a-am lu-ú-ud-bu-u[x x x (x)]-nu?



1          [?]-ab?-li-tam mi-nam tu-ú-ub-ba-lam ia-ši-im šu-um-ṣi mi-i-u-ri ù ki x […]

2          [du?]-mi-iq ma-di-iš šu-um-mi-ḫa-an-ni ḫu-di?-a-an-ni lu-mu-ur kirî(gišKIRI6lam!-mi x-[…]

3          [li-i]b-bi li-wi-ir ú-ur-ri lu-ri-iš lu-u-du lu-ú-ba-a-ma ú-ú-ḫi- ri-bi-it x?a-lim


4          ú/ù?-la a-ma-ni-šu lu-ub-lam li-ib-ba-ki lu-ú-ḫa-ad-di na-ši-ap-pa ru-um-mi lu-mi-id-ki

5          pi? šu-ul-mi ba-AZ-ki pa-as-pa-sí kirûm(gišKIRI6i-ni-ib-šu eqlum(A.ŠÀ-lumšeʾ(ŠE)-a-šu ù-ša-ar-ba-ni (x?)

6          ḫi-mé-tam li-iš-dam na-šu-ki-im ma-ri um-mi-a-ni-im ta-ma-ra-tu na-šu la-le-e-ki


7          a-na!-ku i-na bi-tim lu-ú-ma-i-ir-ka na-wa-ar ka-ba-at-tim ku-uz-ba-am ta-ar-ta-ma-am

8          ù-tar pa-pa-am qà-ta-tam el-ka ša ta-ra-am-mu ú-ri na-di!-kum bābum(KÁ?ra-ap-šúm(SUM) šu-ud-du-lum

9          ú-ga-rum e-ri-iš-ki ti-i-di ma-ni-a-ti-šu a-ar-pi-iš e-ri-iš-ki ta-wi-ra-ti-šu


10        i-li-lam le-e-lam li-ib-bi it-ta-wi-ir e-re-ed-de u4-mi


11        ni-kur-ru-um up-pu-la?-ka nap-pi-il-lum ḫa-ar-šu-ú el-la-a-ku ú-ma-ša-aš du-um ṣú-u-u-um

12        ni ib bu-nu-ú la?-lu i-ip-pi-a-tim a-ar-pi-!(Text: LUM) kasap(KÙ.BABBAR) ša-di-šu

            wu-ud-di la re-a-tum!(Text: TIM) uk-ku-la šu-lu-um-mu-um? ik-kí-ir


13        [ni-(i)-iri-mi-it-ti-ka ù ni-i-ir šu-m[e]-li-ka šu-ta-ta-a na-ag-bi bé-e-li ú-du?-ul x

14        [dal]at([gišI]G) ša? ú-li i-mi-it-tim ù šu-me-lim la-ṭá-a-ma ti-i-di ši-ib-qì-ši-na-ma? / sa-an-ta-ak




1          (Chorus:) [In] his coming brightness is brought about. (She:) –

            How I want to embrace you! He: – How I want to love you!

2          (She:) – Like [robb]er I want to plunder your

            attractiveness! (He:) – When may I pull out your clitoris (lit.

            the nose of your desire”)!

3          (He?:) […I have ope]ned for you entrances(?) and borders.

            (She?:) Take (me) captive by your love! (He?:) I carried away.


4          (She?:) I got worried in my hunger, trembling has carried

            away my sleep. I woke up, I went through the house, searched around.

5          (He?:) Do not get worried at all! (She:) Return (it to me)! My

            day has arrived in which I am paying attention to you.

6          (He?:) I avoid talking, my eyes are drawn, my heart is awake

            (though) I am sleeping. My heart rejoiced in the good news.


7          (She:) My speech turned to tenderness. Indeed: I filled your

            hea[rt] with attractiveness.

8          (He:) Because of(?) the goad I am (Text: he is) awakeI

            repeat: ‘Oh sleep, come to me like to a baby! Go out from me, Oh sleep!’

9          (He:) By day-light – there are joyful calls of the duckWhen

            the night has gone I have pursued her.

10        (He?:) My bedroom (is) like twittering (birds); my mind went crazy.


11        (She:) [Become er]ect! Feed yourself! Become erect! Feed

            yourself with my lovemaking! My lap is like best of oils.

12        (She:) I will grow for you a new fruit!

13        (Chorus:) [Fru]it, shepherd, the chosen flower of the

            mountain, gleaming of our heart which …

14        (She?:) My dove, ... embrace me! (Even if) the (malicious)

            speeches of the young girls will fill the…

15        (He:) Come on! I want to plunge (into your love)! Let me

            tal[k (sweet words to you!)]



1          (She:) In the middle watch of the night, what do you carry for

            me? (He:?) Let me attain the offering and …

2          (She:) [Ma]ke (me) beautiful! Make me greatly flourish!

            Make me happy! (He?:) Let me see the orchard of the almond trees!

3          (She?:) May my [he]art be bright! May I be happy in my

            inside! May I rejoice! May I walk along with laughter in the street of the city.


4          (He:) To whom should I bring the best oil? May I make your

            heart rejoice! Leave aside the reed-basket! Let me lean upon you!

5          (She:) A word of greeting (is) the squalling of the ducks. (As)

            the orchard – its fruit, the field – its grain, (so) did he make me grow.

6          (He:) The craftsmen carry for you butter and ghee. Audience-

            gifts – they are carrying for your pleasure.


7          (She:) I, in the house, let me make you accept happy mood,

            attractiveness, mutual love.

8          (She:) I make excessive the thin curl over you. That which

            you love, my vulva, is laid down for you: wide, spacious gate.

9          (He:) The field is plowed up for you. You know its

            dimensions; it is plowed early for you; (You know) its meadows.


10        (He?:) Hurrah! At evening time my heart became pure for me,

            turned bright! I will continue my day.


11        (She?:) What was denied is paid back to youCompensated...

            I am pure, I am wiping clean. The smile is darkened.

12        (Chorus?/He?:) ... the pleasures of the orchards are pleasant in

            early time. (Chorus?/He?:) Distinguish the silver of its

            mountain, (even if) the slag (lit. leftovers) is             not darkened.

            What (formerly) was favorable has become hostile.


13        (She:) [The yoke] of your right and the yoke of your left are

            facing each other; My source, Oh my lord, is locked

14        (She:) The u.-door of the right and (the u.-door) of the left are

            curbed. You know their (= the rival women?) plans regularly.


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