CUSAS 32, 31e

SEAL no. 7053

  •  MS 3103  CDLI P252112) MS 3103 (CDLI P252112)
  • George 2016 Pl. LXXXVIIGeorge 2016 Pl. LXXXVII
Copy / Photo
Pls. LXXXVI, LXXXVII (photo, copy)
Tablet Siglum
MS 3103
12.5 x 11.5 x 3.5
Schøyen Collection, Oslo
145 (II.H.2)
Genre / Classification
Incantations, baby

CDLI No. P252112

8        ib-ki ṣe-eḫ-ru-um id-da-li-ip
9        a-ba-a-šu
10      ḫa-ar-ra-an la ni-lim
11      u[m]-ma-šu uš-ta-li-ik
12      ⌈i-nu-ú-ma i-na li-ib-bi
13      [u]m-mi-ka tu-ši-ba-am
14      []a-al-pa-at re-e-ma-am
15      [l]u-ub-bu-ša-at ša-li-ta-am
16      ⌈a⌉-mi-i-ni ki-ma i-na-an-na
17      [wa?]-⌈ṣí?⌉ kārim(KAR) ḫa-il⌉-ti
18      [la? ta?-q]ú-lam-ma ki-ma qá-ni pa-da-ni-im
19      [lu-ka-a]b-bi-is-ka
20      [ki-ma] as-ku-up-pa-tim
21      [lu-te-t]i-iq-ka
22      [ . . .] ⌈x x⌉-di-im
23      [ . . .]-tim
24      [. . .]x

8–9     The little-one cried: woke up his father.

10–11  He made his mother take the road-of-no-sleep.

12–13  When you sat in the belly of your mother,

14–15  when you were enveloped with the womb, wearing the placenta – 

16–18   why [don't you ke]ep silent, once you are out on the quay of labor? 

18–19   [I will tr]ead on you like a reed of the path!

20–21   [I will cr]oss over you like (over) the threshold!

Word Translation Semantic Line
abum father Kinship terms,Social status/Groups/Professions iv9
alākum (v.) (DU) G to go, walk; Gt go off, away; Gtn wander, go repeatedly, roam about, walk Written texts/Literary terms iv11
ammīnim why iv16
askuppum, askuppatum (I.LU.KUN4) (threshold) slab iv20
bakûm (v.) G to weep, cry iv8
bēlum (EN) lord, master, proprietor, owner Social status/Groups/Professions iv18
dalāpum (v.) G to stir up; N become restless; to be sleepless, to be kept awake iv8
ḫalāpum (v.) G to slip into, through; Š to make slip into, through; to clad in iv14
ḫarrānum (KASKAL) way, road, journey Locations/Buildings iv10
inanna now iv16
inūma when, at the time of Time concepts iv12
kārum I (KAR) quay, port iv17
kīma like, as; when; that iv16, iv17
kīma inanna right now iv16
labāšum (v.) G to clothe, put on; D to clothe iv15
libbum (ŠÀ) heart, mind; inner body Body/Body parts iv12
nīlum I lying down Body/Body parts iv10
padānum way, path Locations/Buildings iv18
rēmum womb, compassion Body/Body parts iv14
ṣeḫrum I ((LÚ).TUR) little, young, junior-; small, child, servant, baby Qualities/Attributes,Social status/Groups/Professions iv8
silītum afterbirth, womb iv15
ummum mother Kinship terms iv11, iv13
wašābum (v.) to sit, dwell iv13
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