BiOr 75, 19f.

SEAL no. 7063

5.8 x 3.9
Private collection (anonymous)
Genre / Classification
Incantations, childbirth

Rev. not inscribed.



1 [l]i-ti-mi


2 [l]i-ti

3 li-ti tu-la-da-am

4 li-ti iṭ-ḫe-am?

5 [l]i-ti i-qá-da?-da?

6 [q]á-qá-ra i--r[a-aq]

7 li-ti i-sú-u[q?]

8 ar pa ḫa ap-pi-ša



9 i-mu-<ur>-ši dEn-líl i-ba⌉-[ki]

10 dEn-líl i-la-ka di-ma-šu

11 a-mi-ni-midEn-líl

12 a-mi-<ni> dEn-líl i-ba-ki

13 ṭa-ba-at

14 li-ti-ia la pé-ti-tim

15 ú⌉-ni-qí-ia la wa-li-tim

16 {x x} ma-na-mi lu?-⌈⌉-pu?-ur?


Upper Edge

17 [lu-wa]-e⌉-ra-[am]

18 [l]i-im-qú-tam qá-qá-ar›-šu


Left Edge

19 li-tum

20 li-li a-na a-aš-[…]



1 Oh my cow!


2–4 My cow, my cow is giving birth, my cow drew near (the appointed time).

5–6 My cow is bending down?, she is sprink[ling the gr]ound (with her tears?)

7–8 My cow brushes the … with her nose.

9–10 Enlil saw her (and) was crying, Enlil, his tears were flowing.

11–12 – “Why is Enlil, why is Enlil crying?”

13 – she is good! –

14–15 – “(Over) my cow, not deflowered, (over) my kid who never gave birth”.

16–17 – “… Oh whom should I send and instruct?”

18–20 May it fall to the ground! The cow, may she rise to […]!

Word Translation Semantic Line
alākum (v.) (DU) G to go, walk; Gt go off, away; Gtn wander, go repeatedly, roam about, walk 10
amārum (v.) G to see; catch sight of; N pass. of G, be found 9
ammīnim why 11-12
ana I to, for 20
appum nose, tip, crown (of tree) 8
bakûm (v.) G to weep, cry 9, 12
dimtum II tear 10
elûm (v.) G to go up; D exalt; Š caus. of G 20
Enlil DN 9-12
esēqum (v.) G to incise, carve 7
not 14, 15
lītum, littum II (ÁB; GU4.ÁB) cow 1-5, 7, 14, 19
mannum who?, who 16
maqātum (v.) G to fall, drop; Š caus. of G 18
petûm I open (in: lā petītum, not open, unmated) 14
qadādum (v.) to bow down 5
qaqqarum (KI) earth, ground 6, 18
šapārum (v.) G to send, write 16
sarāqum (v.) G to strew, sprinkle, pour 6
ṭâbum (v.) to make good, to improve 13
ṭeḫûm (v.) G to approach, be(come) near to; D bring close to, affect 4
unīqum female kid 15
walādum (v.) G to give birth 3
wālittum one who gives/has given/is about to give birth 15
wârum (v.) G to go (up to); D instruct, govern 17
Revision History
Wasserman, Nathan
Tulaikova, Yulia