CUSAS 32, 32a

SEAL no. 7068

  • MS 2822 (CDLI P251869)MS 2822 (CDLI P251869)
  • George 2016, Pl. LXXXIXGeorge 2016, Pl. LXXXIX
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Tablet Siglum
MS 2822
10.0 x 6.0 x 3.1
Schøyen Collection, Oslo
136 (II.E.12)
Genre / Classification
Incantations, Gastrointestinal problems, flatus

An incantation addressed to a fermentation vat which, with its typical effervescence, stands metaphorically for the blown, flatus-full, intestines. The namzītum, fermenting vat, is the grammatical antecedent of the feminine prefixes in the text. The magic strategy employed here is that of 'problem-remedy analogy': it is the wind which causes the (internal) trouble, hence (external) winds, the four winds of the compass, are called to serve as the solution. 



1       [x x x (x)]ḫi-a  ku-un [x]-ú-a

2        [ki-ir-ba-a]n eqlim(A.ŠÀ)lim za-ap-pi ša⌉-ḫi-im

3        [mu-ṣa]-a-am ú-ul i-šu

4       [dEn-l]íl ib-ni-ki dEn-ki ú-ra-bi-ki

5        [iš-k]u-un⌉-ki dNuska a-na ku-ši-ri

6        [a]-⌈na mu-uḫ-ḫi {ḪI} ta-li[m] ša É-a É-a ir-ka!-ab

7        il-qé-e-ki sà-bi-tum ku-ru-pu-ú-ki ma-aš-ḫu

8        ⌈ša-ak-na-a-at i-na ka-an-nim

9        ša-ak-nu ki-it-tu!? a-pa-ri-ku ù pu-ru-us-su

10      i-na li-ib-bi-[k]i

11      ú-še-et-bi-ki it-ti 8?-tár?⌉ a-pa-ri-ki !⌉-te-ṣi-a-am / ⌈⌉-ri-i-tam

12      pu-ru-us-sà-am aš-lu-um-ma ša-ra-am aš-ku-un

13      ut-te-e-er tu-uḫ-ḫi-ki a-na mi-nu-tim

14      me-e ša ra-as-na-at a-naši-ip-tim-ma aš-ku-un

15      i-na qí-bi-tim ša É-a ù dAsal-lú-ḫe

16      i-na pi-i ez-zi-im i-na ru-uḫ-tim le-mu-ut-tim / ša a-wi-lu-tim

17      šu-ú-tum il-ta-nu ša-ad-du-ú-um a-mu-ur-ru

18      it-bu-ú iṣ-ba-tu pi-i na-am-zi-tim

19      tu-en-ni-nu-ri


1         [In the ...], my [...] is placed.

2–3     Field's lump! pig's bristle! I/He have/has no [out]let!

4–6     [Enl]il created you(f.), Enki raised you, Nuska [ma]de you successful. Ea was riding over Ea’s litter:

7–8     The ale-wife took you; your cases for (soaked) grain are well-measured; you are placed on a stand.

9–10    You are furnished with kittu, a stopper (and) a plug.

11–12   I removed from you – with Ištar's (help) – the stoppers, (thus) made the feast go out; I pulled out the plug, (thus) created wind.

13–14   I turned your draff into a recitation; the water (with) which you have rinsed I made into a spell.

15–16   By the order of Ea and Asaluhi, by the furious mouth and evil sorcery of humankind:

17–18    The South-wind, the North-wind, the East-wind, the West-wind have risen (and) seized the mouth of the brewing-vat.

19        Incantation formula.

Word Translation Semantic Line
amurrum GN, west wind 17
aparikkum part of a bowl 9, 11
Asarluḫi/Asalluḫi DN Deities/Divine sphere 15
awīlūtum humanity, mankind Abstract concepts 16
banûm (v.) G to build, create; N be created, made 4
Ea DN Deities/Divine sphere 6, 15
Enki DN 4
Enlil DN 4
eperum (SAḪAR.ḪI.A) earth, soil, dust Materials 1
eqlum (A.ŠÀ) field, terrain Locations/Buildings 2
ezzum furious, angry, fierce 16
ištānum, iltānum north wind 17
Ištar DN Deities/Divine sphere 11
išûm (v.) G to have 3
kannum I vessel-stand, large vessel (kind of), pot stand; jar 8
kânum (v.) to be firm, to maintain and preserve the rule; D establish firmly 1
kirbānum lump Nature/Cosmological phenomena 2
kittum II part of a bowl 9
kuruppum basket 7
kušīrum profit, success 5
lemuttum evil, wickedness Abstract concepts 16
leqûm (v.) G to take, take over; Š caus. of G 7
libbum (ŠÀ) heart, mind; inner body Body/Body parts 10
mašāḫum (v.) G to measure 7
minûtum (ŠID) form, physique, recitation; counting number Body/Body parts 13
mû I (A(.MEŠ)) water Food/Drink 14
muḫḫum skull, top, head Body/Body parts 6
mūṣûm exit, way out, outlet 3
namzītum mash tub Food/Drink 18
Nuska DN 5
pûm I (KA) mouth, statement, command, opening Body/Body parts 16, 18
purussum plug 9, 12
qerītum banquet, feast 11
qibītum speech, command, utterance, word Verbal expressions 15
rabûm (GAL) II (v.) G to become large, great, grow; Gtn to grow constantly 4
rakābum (v.) G to mount, ride 6
rasānum (v.) G to soak, steep 14
ruḫûm sorcery, philtre Rituals/Religious practices 16
ṣabātum (v.) (DAB5) G to seize, take, hold 18
sābītum ale-wife, female brewer Social status/Groups/Professions 7
šadûm II east wind 17
šaḫûm (ŠAḪ) pig Fauna (domestic) 2
šakānum (v.) (GAR) to put, place, lay down 5, 8, 9, 12, 14
šalāpum (v.) G to pull out, unsheathe 12
šārum (IM) wind, breath Nature/Cosmological phenomena 12
šiptum (ḖN; KAxUD) incantation, spell Rituals/Religious practices,Verbal expressions,Written texts/Literary terms 14
šūtum II south wind 17
tallum II vessel for oil 6
târum (v.) (GUR) G to turn, return, become again; D to bring, send, give, pay back 13
tebûm (v.) G to get up, arise, set out 11, 18
tuḫḫū bran 13
tûm incantation (-formula) Rituals/Religious practices 19
waṣûm (v.) G to go out, depart; Š caus. of G 11
zappum comb; tuft of hair; the star cluster Pleiades Body/Body parts,Fauna (domestic) 2
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