CUSAS 32, 7e

SEAL no. 7072

  • MS 3097 (CDLI P252106)MS 3097 (CDLI P252106)
  • George 2016, 7 obv.George 2016, 7 obv.
Copy / Photo
Tablet Siglum
MS 3097
25.0 x 24.0 x 5.0
Schøyen Collection, Oslo
Genre / Classification
Incantations, demon? anger?

Edition and Notes: A. George (private communication).

ii 7'–23', incipit ag-ma ša-ap-ta-šu ka-lu-um pa-nu-šu “its lips are angry, its face is a skull- cup”: beginning of an Akkadian incantation addressed to a demonic force injurious to health. The description of the demon in ii 14'–15', ma-ḫi-iṣ ⌈mu⌉-uḫ-ḫi-i[m] mu-bi-il li-[iq pi-i]m “who smites the crown, who parches the palate”, survives in the first-millennium incantation compendium KAR 88 frag. 4 i(?) 4 (“Gattung IV”, ed. Ebeling 1953: 417), and in the incantation-incipit cited in a Lamaštu ritual (Thureau-Dangin 1921: 165 l. 26).


NW: for the incipit agmā šaptāšu kalûm pānûšu, see the OB inc. YOS 11, 10 (descprition of a demon/disease).


CDLI P252106


ii7' ag-ma ša-ap-ta-šu

ii 8' ka-lu-um pa-nu-šu

ii 9' ⌈pîšu(KA?)⌉-šu mi-[iq-tum le-em-n]u!?-um

ii 10' ⌈ki-ma?⌉ pi-it-n[im] ⌈ša-x-šu

ii 11' [x (x) ka-ra-šu?⌉

ii 12' [i?]-ka-al ḫa-šu-ta-am?⌉

ii 13' ni-ra-am [x x] ⌈x x⌉-am

ii 14' ma-ḫi-iṣ mu-uḫ-ḫi-i[m]

ii 15' mu-bi-il li-[iq pi-i]m

ii 16' ma-ḫi-iṣ bi-ir-ti a-ḫi-im

ii 17' mu-ra-am-mi ši-ir-ḫa-an a-ḫi-im

ii 18' e ta-am-ḫa-aṣ mu-uḫ-ḫa-a[m]

ii 19' e tu-ub-bi-il li-iq pi-i[m]

ii 20'  ta-am-ḫa-aṣ bi-ir-ti a-ḫi-im

ii 21'  e tu-ra-am-mi⌉ ši-ir-ḫa-an a-ḫi-im

ii 22'       ⌈a-li-ik ⌈x⌉-li-[(x)]-ma

ii 23'       traces


7'–8'      His lips are angry, his face - yellow paste.

9'–11'    His [mouth(?)] is an [evi]l mi[qtum-disease], his … is like a box, hisis

12'–13'  [He] is eating .-plant, a yoke(?) …, the ….

14'–15'  Who strikes the head, who scorches the palate,

16'–17'  Who strikes the middle of the arm, who paralyzes the sinew of the arm –

18'–19'  Do not strike the head, do not scorch the palate,

20'–21'  Do not strike the middle of the arm, do not paralyze the sinew of the arm.

22'        Go away…

Word Translation Semantic Line
agāmum (v.) to be furious 7'
aḫum II arm, side; bank (of river) Body/Body parts 16', 17', 20', 21'
alākum (v.) (DU) G to go, walk; Gt go off, away; Gtn wander, go repeatedly, roam about, walk; Š caus. of G Written texts/Literary terms 22'
birti between 16', 20'
ḫašūtum a plant Flora 12'
kalûm IV yellow mineral paste, phps. orpiment 8'
līqum (in: līq pîm) palate Body/Body parts 15', 19'
maḫāṣum (v.) G to beat, strike; Gt to fight with each other 14', 16', 18', 20'
māḫiṣum hitter, smiting 14', 16'
miqtum, meqtum fall, collapse; kind of desease, epilepsy 9'
mūbilum carrier, carrying 15'
muḫḫum skull, top, head Body/Body parts 14', 18'
nīrum yoke, crossbeam; "yoke-star" Fabricated objects,Nature/Cosmological phenomena 13'
pānum I (IGI) front, face, earlier times Abstract concepts,Body/Body parts 8'
pitnum box; a musical instrument Fabricated objects 10'
pûm I (KA) mouth, statement, command, opening Body/Body parts 9'
ramûm III (v.) G to slacken, become loose; D release, let go 17', 21'
šaptum lip, rim Body/Body parts 7'
šer'ānum, šir'ānum (SA) vein, artery, ligament, tendon, nerve, sinew 17', 21'
wabālum (v.) G to carry, bring; Š send, deliver, make bear; Št pass. of Š 15', 19'
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