UET 6/2, 404 (Nanāya)

SEAL no. 7504

  • UET 6/2, 404 (British Museum)UET 6/2, 404 (British Museum)
  • Gadd/Kramer 1966, 404Gadd/Kramer 1966, 404
Copy / Photo
7.6 x 6.1 x 3.1
British Museum, London
Genre / Classification
Hymns and Prayers, Nanāya

CDLI No. P346445

1       bi-ir-bi-re-et ka-la ni-[ši x x x]
2       bi-tum li-iš-pu ù li-wi-[ir x x] 
3       dNa-na-a-a ti-ba-am ša-mu-r[a-at?]
4       lu-uz-mu-ur we-ti it-ti-ku-[nu x x x]
5       ma-ar-ti A!-ni-i[m?] (ras.)
6       ka-bi-iš-ti e-qé-el ni-š[i x x x]           
7       za-ri-tu wa-ar-ka-at té-[?-še?-tim]
8       ša-ru-um wa-aš-ṭù-um ki x [x x x]
9       dNa-na-a-a lu tu-um-[mu?-ḫa?-?]
10     gi-iš-pe-er-ru-[um x x x (x)]
11     dNa-na-a-a x [x x x x x]
12     la a-⌈aḫ⌉-[za?-at?x x x x x]
13     la ki [x x x x x x x]
(Rest broken. Reverse uninscribed)
1       She is a shining light, all peop[le look at her].
2       Let her flare up in the temple and shin[e ...].
3       Nanāya is very fi[erce(?)] in her attack.
4       Let me sing of my unique one, together with y[ou let me praise(?)],
5       the daughter of A[n],
6       (let me sing) of her who tramples the field of the peo[ple ...],
7       of her who sows the affair of ma[nkind(?)].
8       As for the stubborn king, like .[..]
9       Nanāya has [seized him(?)].
10     A tra[p ...]
11     Nanāya … […]
12     She is not …[…]
13     Not l[ike(?) ...]
Word Translation Semantic Line
birbirrū radiance, sparkle, flash Nature/Cosmological phenomena 1
bītum (É) house Fabricated objects,Locations/Buildings 2
eqlum (A.ŠÀ) field, terrain Locations/Buildings 6
gišparrum, gišperrum trap, snare 10
kābisum who tramples 6
mārtum (DUMU.MUNUS) daughter, girl Kinship terms 5
Nanāya DN Deities/Divine sphere 3, 9, 11
nišū (UN.MEŠ) people, humanity, population Social status/Groups/Professions 6
šamārum I (v.) G to rage, be furious 3
tībum arousal, attack 3
warkatum rear, estate, legacy, background, affair, backside Locations/Buildings 7
wašṭum stiff, difficult, stubborn; tough 8
wēdum single, sole, alone, unique 4
zārûm, zērûm scattering; winnower; begetter, progenitor 7
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Wasserman, Nathan
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